Experience of use One Two Slim

Your story said that the Antonella-Valencia. The girl spoke, the issues that I had with the husband, and as drops of One Two Slim finally, helped the two reset more than 100 kg of excess weight in just six months.

The experience of using One Two Slim

"Excess weight is a ticking time bomb, that small steps will take you in the direction of the cemetery". These thoughts came to my head, when the pointer of the balance has long passed for 100 kg, and me was a team of doctors, in an attempt to stop the hypertonic crisis. To tell the truth, the fear was no longer indifference to himself, by which from a fine renewal of beauty and I turned into a fat carcass.

When my condition stabilized, the doctors said that if I don't throw weight, then again the attack may be the last of my life. The cardiologist explained how it is difficult for the heart to pump the blood through my body, it just плескалось internal fat and killed with each blow. At that time, for some reason I wanted to take in hands and to change his life. It seemed to me that this is the chance of a normal life, after all, the doctors managed to save me and, therefore, is not as simple as that.

My first good weight loss, and the return of the return of weight

In general, I decided to take severe mono diet. The only product that I ate was wheat. All it took was me as it always briefly – 10 days, after I fail, наелась different high-calorie food, but I decided I'm not going to stop and simply continue forward. The state was terrible: it always revolved the head, nausea, it was a weakness, in the evening, went up the temperature, but I was sure that you have that continue, that it's not worth.

A friend, to see me after 3 weeks of my weight loss, went into a panic. A pale girl with purple spots under the eyes that can barely chew of buckwheat – that I not protested. She invited me to go to the fluid power, supposedly, is a great way to get rid of the extra pounds. It was possible for all, but only in liquid form. Juices, broth and even yogurts have not given me a feeling of fullness, so I just stopped sleeping – sense of hunger, and we could not dive into the sleep. Then I read on the internet about vegetarian diet and decided to try to join one of their rules. To the exclusion from the diet all products of animal origin, I started eating cereals and salads. It was a little more easy after drinking mode, but the well-being leaving a lot to be desired. Tachycardia, excitation, insomnia and migraines have become companions of my life.

For a month and a half I managed to get rid of 12 kg, although I expected a much larger number. I've read that the low results are possible due to the slow exchange of substances and to speed up, it should work out. With my dimensions and the state of health of the sport to me was contra-indicated. But I started taking laps around the house. On one of these walks I met a man. Its shape also were far from ideal, and we decided to work together in the reduction of weight.

On the one hand, we are supporting each other, weight loss, and has passed more easy, and with the other I ripped secretly. Could get up in the night and simply to empty the fridge. 3 months of our co-weight loss we have received the results, they were satisfied. But an even greater joy gave us the unexpected news – I'm pregnant. The doctor immediately warned me that the starvation diet me are counter-indicated, but continue to reduce the weight is necessary, otherwise, I just don't have the child. I with her then husband, became the comply with all recommendations of the doctor, in addition to one – I needed to leave for work, as well as the excess of physical activities were dangerous for the fetus. But the financial question did not allow me to exit in the decree. We have become very to fight with the husband, because I wanted him to found a second job or another way to get out of the situation. Eventually, however, that the experiences about to ensure the future of the child became the reason of the abortion.

Tantrums, fights, mutual accusations, lack of motivation has led us to the fact that both of them became seizure stress and because the previous games with power score higher than the initial weight. At some point, we realize that it is time to stop and pull yourself together, go back to the diets of sense, since it was not the result already in the was family.

How can we reset the two more than 100 kg

So we decided to go to a nutritionist, who gave us the simple eating and drinking drops of One Two Slim. I could not believe that my weight just as quickly falls away, despite the fact that I don't feel hungry. My sensation is great, the energy in full swing, the mood was excellent. The disruption was not, as it was not acute feeling of hunger. In general, we with the husband were delighted One Two Slimand , after all, drop, helped us easily give up on healthy products, appetite control, dispersed metabolism and the energy that we received was just needs a place to spend it, and we started to go to the gym. In this mode, only 6 months we both took the your weight back to normal and the two fell more than 100 kg and, at the same time, and established a relationship. Besides, the doctor said that I can now give birth to a healthy baby, without risks to health.

In fact, thanks to the weight loss also been able to resolve and financial issues – husband became a personal trainer, and helps people with obesity to get rid of the extra pounds. All of his clients, he recommends that the droplets One Two Slim. And I wrote this comment in the hope that someone in the medicine so will save the life, health and the family, as it helped me.