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Мария Иванова


  • The article deals with the main characteristics of the diets for women to lose weight. The following are the main rules of the diet, for women, the menu and the results.
    23 September 2019
  • How to lose weight free - simple and effective tips that can help you without effort and cost invisible and lose weight effectively
    21 December 2018
  • Soups to lose weight – the best recipes, list of recipes, user comments, and buyers, add-ins, tips, expert opinion.
    6 December 2018
  • There are many different diets, but they all do not work as we would like. Many times people are faced with problems: the lean muscle diet, the efforts that you are to give a minimal effect. What do you do? In the article menu appears on the right-power-to-weight-loss.
    21 September 2018
  • The use of the water of a diet for slimming and well-being of the organism will be the maximum, and if you follow the following recommendations: drunk before eating a glass of water, reduce the appetite and leads in the stomach place. This means that during the intake of food will be consumed in less quantity.
    14 September 2018