Methods for clean-up of the body in to a weight loss effective

In today's world, a growing percentage of people are overweight. And many of them want to lose weight. Many a times, it so happens that, as a result of the use of the home for some type of diet, a person lose weight. After a short period of time in kilograms, the newly-returned. The reason for this is the built-up toxins, and the toxins. To get rid of them, you should use it in a variety of ways to cleanse your body at home. The toxins that are the result of errors in diet, and the modern environment. Built for the purification of the body leads to extra weight loss.

weight loss in the body

There are special diets for your cleansing, that will help to effectively cleanse your body and lose weight. The purification of the body, and even in the home, it allows you to burn fat and lose weight faster.

The creator of one of the diet for the cleansing of Johann Bran and said: "a Man, after cleaning up she starts to feel a nice relief, as well as for the digestive process to occur more quickly, it removes the feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

The causes of excess weight

An understanding of the causes of the appearance of excess weight — the key to the cleansing and efficient weight-loss. What are the reasons?

  1. Incorrect eating habits: the habit of not taking breakfast in the morning, overeating in the evening, in the way of calories, in products and t. d.
  2. Low physical effort.
  3. The sleep is not enough.
  4. Disruption of the body's metabolism.

This is far from all-cause excess weight and, in some cases, it is necessary to consult an expert in order to carry out the cleaning of your home.

In the beginning of the purification of

The human body is self-cleansing organism, but in its current state, to purify him for help. The main rule of cleaning — to avoid the negative, stop eating junk food.

For you to clean up the body before you pohudeniem?

The result of the cleansing of the body before it pohudeniem us to achieve the following objectives:

  • To remove the excess fluid from the body,
  • To normalize a chair,
  • We have produced a useful dietary habits.

To remove the excess liquid

The accumulation of excess fluid in the body in relation to the availability of certain health problems. If this is the case, you need the advice of a physician.

Getting rid of excess water as possible in order to restrict your fluid intake, and get a diuretic is a drug. The use of a drug for weight loss is only possible under the supervision of an expert, but the grass may be applied. For the purification, use of wood, for kidney, chicory, fruits, fennel, and others. A good addition to the cleaning, it can be watermelon, cantaloupe, peach, cherry, and cucumber.

So the purification is very, very good for you apply the green tea, it not only increases the amount of urine, but it also increases the body's metabolism. A complement to cleaning, to lose weight you may be in the drink with a lime (with a glass of water and the juice of the two halves of a lemon or lime cake, beverage, ginger, and a quart of boiled water, to insist upon; to add, to the juice of the two lemons, drink a glass before a meal).

Infusions of the plant for cleanliness must not be used constantly, it's only a week of the exchange, the course may not be repeated.

Cleansing of the colon

The bowel cleansing will help you lose weight, and to normalize the body's metabolism. To clean your intestines in the home, encourage the consumption of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, berries, and whole grain products, and flax seed. To clean the body, and the proper use of the bran (especially oat). They not only clean the intestines, but to give you a feeling of fullness. The dust will combine with almost any dish, but it's best to add it to the yogurt, and the kefir starter (the rate of 2-3 tablespoons per day).

The indications and contra-indications for the cleansing is the disease of the intestine, dehydration. If you have any further questions, clean up the house, is in need of a consultation with a specialist.

Enema – a way to quick weight loss

The use of enemas – the most popular for home cleaning in the well. The cleansing enema for weight loss do in the evening, on the following day, after clean-up, can't eat, and to drink only water. After the application of enemas / cleaning, is often subjected to a variety of ailments: headaches, bloating, bowel, and other symptoms.

General recommendations on the use of enemas for cleansing:

  • The temperature of the water to lukewarm;
  • The number and-a-half gallons;
  • Before the procedure, drink a lot of water.

At home, I apply the enema to clean the intestine, it can be no more than 1 out of every 6 or 7 days.

Laxatives for cleansing

the cleaning of the body

For bowel cleansing, use a laxative:

  1. You can use the IUdикаIUнtoznye the drug, but you have to be very careful. Your body will quickly get used to the stimulus that is obtained.
  2. In particular, we highlight the tools of a mineral-based purification type (Glauber's salt). It is very difficult to clean, which is sufficient for the application. After this procedure, weight loss is it recommended to restore the intestinal microbiota.
  3. The activated carbon for the purification — to be harmless pills, which you can then use extremely when you ontyavleniyah. In order to cleanse the body at home, coal's useful for those with displays from the intestine all of the malware. Method of application: apply one tablet for every 10 kg of body weight. Like all other medicines, in general, it is not recommended for permanent use.

Vegetable oil, for cleansing

A good tool to get rid of the toxins in the vegetable oil. For cleansing, take 1 tablespoon of the oil to hold in the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes (do not swallow), spit and rinse your mouth. During this time, the oil absorbs the harmful substances in the body. The effectiveness of the procedure, " says mutнon-off-white, the color of the oil.

Any oil of plant origin (flax, olive, and pa.), you can use it, and within one (1) teaspoon in the morning and in the evening. In this case, from the intestine, they go to their old products. Especially, they recommend the use of oil is a protein-rich diet.

The purification of rice

For purification, it helps you to a method of cleaning the rice. On the rump a few calories, and it reduces your cravings for food, easy to digest. ОсвonбondIvshina the strength of the body would need to fight off these toxins.

Buckwheat porridge with yogurt

The method is very similar to the previous one. How to use: cereals and scalded, cover with one cup of yogurt. In the morning, the product is ready for consumption.


It is a very effective way to lose weight. After fasting, the body is up-to-date, it increases the workability. The refusal of the food is alternated with a period of recovery.

Types of fasting

  • The daily rate. Its best to start off with for the night. During the day, and drink only water (this can be done with the addition of honey, lemon), you can no longer drink juice, and eat some solid food (including fruit). The next day, it is better to start with lemon, salad: cabbage, carrot, lemon (yellow).
  • For two or three days of fasting and prayer. With this limitation, it is best to combine it with the rest of them, the one that gives you the ability to the body to harness all of the energy for the purification and recovery.
  • The fast, full-size (35 to 45 days) is carried out by a medical practitioner and under his or her control.
  • If you use the techniques that the weight loss is important is the regularity, of the awakened consciousness. The results don't come right away. Perseverance and persistence can help you achieve the goals.

As a result, you have to adhere to a healthy diet. This allows us to avoid additional procedures for cleaning and help you keep fit and healthy.