There are a large number of different techniques of weight loss, as effective, and do not bring any results, but there are and dangerous to human health ways to reduce the weight. So, before you ask about how to better and faster adjust your piece, he must first know a little information about how should be the process of weight loss.

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It is important to remember that the weight loss is the process of loss of weight, which is not caused neither psychological nor physiological injury to the general health of women, or men. In the material presented, review in detail the reasons which indicate, to actively develop and give more acceptable, method for weight reduction, which make the adjustment of a form, and also call attention to the actual methods of slimming.

The causes of weight reduction

There are three main reasons, when you have that it is worth thinking about, in order to keep a track of course, about indicators of its own mass of the body, and if you have a huge amount of extra pounds, begin immediately the weight loss. Consider them more.

The preservation of health

Some more tens years ago, it has been found that obese people probability of development of cancer pathologies, diseases of the cardiovascular system organs, diabetes and other serious health problems is much higher than in people with a slender figure. Therefore, the loss of weight will help to maintain your health.

Reduction of life

Based on the above, the item suggests the following conclusion, that people with excess weight, the expectation of life is also several times smaller.

The development of problems at the level of physiology and psychology

The number of physiological problems, developing the total persons, are:

  • the emergence of the lack of air;
  • decreased physical activity, as well as complete people cannot move much, walk the walk, climb the mountain, and t. d;
  • increase the level of perspiration development (hyperhidrosis).
Pay attention: in Addition to all this, people with excess weight develops a huge amount of psychological problems in the context of that wholeness brings to them the ethics inconvenient, causes the appearance of a man older than his age, and t. d.

And all of this is just a small part of the reason all full of people it is worth thinking seriously about the weight loss and the help of qualified professionals, who will explain in details how to lose weight quickly and efficiently, without causing any harm to your health. It is also worth noting that far from each man represents to himself, when yet it is already time to think about the adjustment of weight. The answer to this question is very simple.

If the general well-being of the organism, because of its weight it got a lot worse and the body mass index (BMI) is greater than normal, then it is time to start the search of the most effective ways of slimming. To calculate BMI, we need body mass in kilogram divided by the square of height in meters.

For example, the girl growth of 172 cm and a weight of 82 kg BMI will be:

1,72 x 1,72 = 2,96

82 : 2,96 = 27,8

BMI values the following:

  • 5 – 24.9, this is the norm;
  • 0 – 29.9, is the phase that precedes obesity (duis);
  • 0 – 34.9, this is the first stage of obesity;
  • 0 – 39.9, this is the second phase of the obesity;
  • Between 40 and more, this is the third and most difficult phase of obesity.
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Thus, investigated the girls the result of the BMI was 27.8. This indicates that she has already started the phase of duis, that is, it should be as the possible to start to adapt the most effective way of weight loss, which would be as soon as possible to get rid of the extra pounds and take your shape in a suitable type. For this, consider the most common and the methods of slimming.

The change of diet

It has been found that the body mass index, which is in the range of up to 30.0 25.0 just enough to balance own diet and stored fats by themselves racestVoryatXia. It is the easiest way to lose weight, the important thing here is to only understand one thing, that the change of diet should not be temporary, and, as the saying goes, "once and for all life. So, and the results obtained will be kept and burned at the kg already are not going to atdmilitary entirety.

Important! Effective weight loss at home by making changes in diet is mainly in a reduction of level of calorie consumption.

To calculate the required level of calories per day, the need to multiply the number 20 to the desired index weight, which should be reached at the end of the whole slimming process. Thus, for example, if the desired weight is equal to 65 kg, 20 x 65 = 1300 kcal is and will be a daily rate of calories.

During the weight loss should completely eliminate the following ingredients:

  • all types of oils and other products, that include in its composition of animal fats;
  • sweets and bakery products;
  • kopanostand;
  • canned;
  • dishes fried;
  • nuts.

In addition, the weight loss method assigned qualified nutritionists implies a reduction of half of the consumption:

  • leguminous crops;
  • natural juices;
  • pasta and potatoes.

It is also worth noting that the nutritionists during the preparation of the diet, pay attention to the following aspects of the functioning of the human body:

There are some secrets that can help you keep a diet and feel as the physiological and the psychological comfort. In the first place, not worth eating when not hungry. If there is a desire acute, snack, it is best to enjoy an apple, or fresh cucumber slices instead of a sandwich, and t. d.

Practical advice: To prevent possible excesses, the best is to eat often, but little by little, at least 5-6 times per day. The food is recommended to apply on a small saucer. It is very important, never eat food while watching tv, talking on the phone or by computer.

The switching power supply to work only with the people that the BMI does not exceed the phase of duis, and if the IMC already passes the value 35.0 in the process of slimming, in addition to following a diet, it is also necessary to increase the level of physical activity and use IUdandкаIUнtoznye medicines on the recommendation of an experienced professional.

Increase physical activity

The best way to lose weight total of the man is the variation of food and application of aerobic exercises, such as:

  • swimming;
  • cycling;
  • a quick walk;
  • participation in various sports games.

To perform the exercise, you should at least 3-4 times per week. If you have any deviations in the health, before your visit you should consult a medical expert, and during the practice monitor regularly the levels of blood pressure and heart rate.

Practice tip: Healthy and on-the-go women, who are the largest part of the house, you can participate in dances, oriental, during which you quickly get slim area of belly, legs, and hands, in addition to improving the coordination of movements.

Increase physical activity through the execution of exercises in a complex in accordance with the power supply correct help very quickly to get rid of the extra pounds.

Application of drugs

Drug therapy also applies to combat obesity. IUdandкаIUнtoznye methods of weight loss are more effective in the field of weight reduction at home, but for the assignment of a certain medicine, should before consult a qualified technician and to pass the research required for the body.

Operations, so

There are cases in which the patients should be to simply assign the operation, aiming to decrease the volume of the stomach, which in most cases, requires very difficult, when the BMI of a person exceeds the value 40. The realization of operation in the minimum time possible to help eliminate the enormous amount of kilograms, and in large part to improve the level and quality of life of a person. The only use of diet when 2-3 stage of obesity may simply become useless, in such cases, in addition to operations, often need psychological and patient.