How to lose weight at 10 kg. 3 efficient methods

Forget the excess pounds, and not to think about what to wear, to be thin, always, put favorite swimsuit and without embarrassment and go to the beach... this is the dream of many representatives of the beautiful sex. So, each day, during the world-wide web", you can find new ways to get rid of excess weight for a short time, and many times the ideal amount of pounds of junk mail is in figure 10. We have selected for you 3 of the most effective techniques of weight loss.

to lose 10 kg


To dietary days did not cause body damage, needs a preparation gradual. 4 weeks before the start of any selected system of weight loss begin to follow the simple rules:

  • fully cease the bakery, except you can become whole wheat bread in small amounts;
  • forget the sugar, do not abuse the tea and coffee, it is best to drink those drinks with honey;
  • start to prepare all the dishes in a pair, or at least in the furnace;
  • delete salted, fried, smoked food;
  • get rid of the habit of eating late in the evening, all meals should end at 19 hours;
  • do not eat packaged soft drinks and juices;
  • start to practice physical exercises every morning.

Quickly lose weight 10 kg, method 1

One of the most effective ways for quick fat burning is the protein diet, which is based on the consumption of the two products: meat and yogurt. These products contain a lot of protein and give the opportunity to get rid of ten excess kilos in just 10 to 15 days. The diet is transferred very easy, virtually no complications and the sensation of hunger.

The recommendations for a diet the following:

to lose 10 kg diet
  • in the morning, drink 1 glass of purified water to the water stop, the stomach began to work, and during the day also drink water every 3 hours, at least 250 grams, is right;
  • you will have to give up salt, but you can use other spices to improve metabolism (curry, turmeric, red pepper, and Dr);
  • the meals are not limited to;
  • the last meal should be no later than up to 7 hours;
  • each day take a walk in less than 1 hour;
  • drink vitamins throughout the diet;
  • cook the meat in a couple, boil or bake in the oven.

Diet: lose 10 kg, method 2

The famous nutritionist French Pierre Dukan has developed effective diet helping to lead the way to normal, and when this start properly and eat in a balanced way, which always ensure the completion of the result. Diet Dukan has four phases:

  1. The "attack". This phase lasts for about 7 to 10 days, and is based on the use of protein products. All the dishes you need to cook without oil and salt, every day the ride is about an hour and drink a large amount of water.
  2. "The cruise". The alternation of protein and vegetable for meals.
  3. "Fixing". The repetition of the first and second phases.
  4. "Stabilization". Prevents the rescheduling of weight.

This diet helps to normalize metabolism and clean the body.

Method 3

If you do not hurry, and may pay for long-term weight loss, then follow the following recommendations, will be able to take your figure in excellent shape, without any type of diets and specific restrictions. In fact, if all the people will adhere to the basic rules of power, the problem of excess weight will disappear by itself:

  • to delete synthetic products, fast-food and semi-finished products;
  • one to two times per week in the imagine discharge days;
  • try to eat slowly, carefully chewing food;
  • serving size for women should be no more than 250 grams;
  • eat at least 5 times per day;
  • watch out for the calorie content of the diet, not more 1500-1700 calories per day;
  • necessarily exercise;
  • avoid eating the night.
to lose 10 lbs menu

Remember that the weight loss quick is a stress to the body. If you really decide to lose weight, then have patience. The lazy and those who have pity of yourself, people will never achieve success in this field.

Urgent to lose 10 kg, you need to know

There is a huge probability that after a short period of time, after very quick to get rid of extra pounds, you will return to your collection. In this matter the most important thing — to lose weight, with the mind and do not rush. The best of all a good rethink and choose the most convenient way of slimming. And still an important condition is to believe in yourself and do not stop in the middle of the path.