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Women in search of waists, thin, thin legs regularly try all types of diet, deny yourself, not only in that it is sweet, but, and eating, in general, experience, sweepstakes, weekly the Holodomor, end up getting digestive problems, shriveling of the skin, apathy to the food and the depression, as diet is a huge stress for the female body.

diet for weight loss

And, indeed, the security deposit, the harmony, lightness and good mood is not to limit yourself to eat, the disturbing hunger, is to eat properly, by separating the different products according to the complexity of the composition, energy value, cooking dishes.

The basics of a correct diet

Let's start with what to eat properly, to eat healthy food does not mean to do this when you want to, in particular at night.

Women with a tendency to fullness, it is recommended that you do not eat for two to three hours before bedtime, but the last meal should not be greater than the of the eight hours of the night. This same rule should follow the all.

Nutritionists believe that the best way to diet is 5 meals per day with a bachelor's degree from a hearty breakfast before a light dinner:

  • for breakfast should account for a large part of calories, and the lover taking a drink at the café in the morning a cup of tea have to teach yourself to eat fully every morning. The ideal is that going to eat tomorrow porridge, in particular the most useful grain – rice, buckwheat and oats;
  • after a couple of hours after breakfast to want to eat fruit;
  • at lunch, the acceptance of fatty foods, as well as meat dishes. Do not dispose of the diet of soups, and you do not reach the normal weight-loss digestive problems;
  • the dinner should be light, fast, easy digestion for the body. Ideally, the dinner should be the dishes of vegetables or non-oily fish. Remember that the more fruits and vegetables that will be used by you for your day healthier and more beautiful you will;
  • if the dinner occurred very early on, let yourself drink kefir or eat plain yogurt, cheese for a few hours before going to sleep.

Of course, the body must receive all the necessary nutrients. It is believed that, on the day that the man has no less than 2,500 calories. But for those who want to lose weight this standard need to be cut if not twice, half of what I need. But for this it is necessary to maintain the balance between revenue in the body, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Below chosen recipes dietary supplement for the proper and effective slimming, oriented to the final result.

Recipes diet for weight loss

Chosen recipes are balanced for energy value, protein composition, fat content and vitamins and mineral composition. They are easy to prepare, does not load even the most lazy lover, at the same time budget.

General rules for the preparation of all dishes:

  • the ingredients should be fresh and well washed;
  • how you can be more natural, less gmo and substitutes;
  • do not use a lot of food, it is better to a little bit of salt, adding salt after cooking, the excess salt will be postponed in the joints and bones, and can cause swelling;
  • delete the sugar, if not fully, then give preference to natural broken down to sugars, for example fructose;
  • give preference to cooked foods or foods cooked in steam;
  • to stop acute condiments.
recipes to lose weight

The ideal recipe for breakfast

  1. Oatmeal with plums. To make porridge suitable skimmed milk (up to 2.5% fat). Heat the milk to a boil, season with salt, add a little sugar to taste, and if possible, eliminate sugar in everything, or replace it with the fructose. When the milk boils, add a small amount of bran cereal. Note that the oats increase volume up to two times, the porridge should not be able to very dense. Pre-well, wash and cut into small pieces of plum. Add to the porridge while cooking. Oatmeal, enough to cook for 3 to 5 minutes, until they are fully present.
  2. The omelette protein with the vegetation. Separate the squirrels from the yolks, add a little salt, beat well. In the protein mixture, add a small amount of milk, mix well. Pre-cooked and rinsed green cut into slices and pour in the mixture, then pour it in the well heated pan.
  3. Squash pancakes. Well, washed and peeled zucchini rub on a grater thick, season with salt, add the egg and a small amount of flour. A mixture of pour into the heated pan with a spoon and fry on both sides until the appearance of light golden brown.

The recipe for the perfect lunch

  1. Vegetable soup with cauliflower and broccoli. In cooked meat with bone, lightly salted broth fall asleep chopped cubes of potatoes, tied in floretes of cauliflower and broccoli. The carrot, cut into thin circles, the onion into small cubes, lightly fry them in olive oil. Add the vegetables in the soup.
  2. Breaded chicken. Washed fillets of chicken cut into several parts, beats hammer, salt, dip in the egg and then flip the flour. Put chops in well heated pan and roast it in olive oil or corn oil.

The ideal recipe for dinner

  1. Cheesecakes with blueberries. Low-fat cottage cheese as well wipe through a sieve, add the egg, a bit of vanillin or vanilla sugar, and a little bit of flour to the loyalty. Then, we add the well washed, dried blueberries, and stir the mixture. Form cheesecakes and turn them in the flour. Fry in a frying pan quite hot in a small amount of olive oil or corn oil.
  2. Fruit salad. Clean the apple, the pear from the skin and bones, clean up the banana, you can add fruit to taste. Add a little vanilla sugar and pour low-fat yogurt. It is necessary to give the food with the fruit with yogurt within an hour.
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Properly the nutrition can be not only useful, but delicious stick simple, unpretentious rules of cooking, developed by nutritionists and proven by millions of women. Thanks to the nutrition appropriate, you will not only get rid of extra pounds, but and feel incredible ease, as well as their own attraction.