Academy of weight loss: the top 10 rules

Exercise to lose weight – a great idea, it does not matter, you will in aerobics classes or choose animal training. But it is important to remember that to get rid of pounds simply to engage in physical activity small, have to stick to certain rules and have patience and not give up after a week, not seeing in the mirror the result of two exercises.

fitness slimming

The more excess – the easier it is to play the

If you have 30 pounds after the beginning of regular exercise, you will lose very quickly – up to 5 kg per week. Another thing is when you play the game you need only 3 to 5 kg, after all, the less fat in the body, the more he strives to keep it. Most of the people in the second category fails to do exercise during the first month of training, so as not to see the result. But weight loss is not a matter of a couple of weeks, a gym and a proper diet should become a way of life, otherwise, kilograms, attracted by a couple of months with the sweat and pain to return back in just a couple of days.

Gradually increase the work load

To begin the process of slimming is worth a small. If you have never done any sports or been retired, the body needs time to regroup under the new pace of life. The first exercise should be very easy, for on the following morning, you will not regret of muscle pain on the slightest movement. In addition, a little bit of weight will develop the ideal technique of execution of exercises. Then, in each workout a little, increase the load of work can you do by increasing weight charges, amount of repetitions or even decrease the resting time between sets. The Regular increase in load can keep the body in good shape, not letting it get used to working.

The exercise of pleasure

To cope with the maximum efficiency, the exercise should bring you positive emotions, and not be a torment. Is, you don't like to run, substitute the run, the swim or the bike – these types of cardio is not the worst. Now, there are many types of gym for the weight loss, from which you can choose the one that would prefer for you aerobics, yoga, pilates, modeling, and so on.

Don't miss the exercise

The regularity of the training – one of the success factors. Involve need of 3-4 times per week, giving body to a maximum of two days to recover. Within two days after the exercise the muscles and cardiovascular system are in good shape, adapting under the propose them stress. But then they are ready for a new load starts to decline, and they are coming back to the level before the training, that is, the effect of the exercise lost.

The intensity and the duration of the

Exercise for weight loss should be long enough – never less than an hour. The fact is that the body has all the powers tends to keep the adipose tissue and the burning process it only starts after half an hour of training. Not less important is the intensity – time under load should exceed the time of leisure. Rest about a minute between sets, when security forces exercises and try not to make the pause more than a minute when the aerobic loads.

Do not try to lose weight locally

It turns out that girl lights up the goal of clearing the mouth and doing only abdominal exercises, neglecting other muscle groups. Remember, it is not possible to lose weight only in one or two parts of the body – to clean the mouth, the need to decrease the percentage of fat in the whole body, and, therefore, will have to do the exercises, and in the legs, back and chest. In addition, the press for the swing usually optional, enough to make the exercises for all other muscle groups, and when the percentage of fat tissue decreases, you will see that it has, and so it is.

exercises to lose weight

We believe calories

Without a proper diet academy weight does not work, therefore, we in the hands of calculators and begin to assume the calorie content of the daily diet. The average to maintain current weight need to eat the amount of calories, equal to the weight of the body, multiplied by 30. That is, for a girl weighing 60 kg, the daily value is around 1800 calories. To lose weight, reduce the number of calories consumed in 300, but not more, since otherwise, we simply do not have the energy to train.

Not counted calories

Many times people believe that they reduced the number of calories consumed, but not to lose weight. This can be explained by the large number of exemption from calories, to which it refers, for example, the bread. Sleeping, apparently, dietary salad of fresh vegetables, remember that a teaspoon of vegetable oil for 40 calories. In chicken skin contains a guarantee of 100 calories. In addition, few people take into consideration the calories obtained from drinks, but a glass of juice or soda 100 calories, even more in juice – 150, and the wine, 150 to 200.

Drink more water

To reduce the number of calories consumed, improve the well-being and speed up recovery after exercise, replace one of the drinks, which they drink during the day, in water. In the day-the person needs to drink at least two liters of water, and if you train, then by liter over.

Enjoy the services of a coach

Home fitness slimming, which is good, but far from all the people, it is suitable. Despite the existence of common rules, each person is different and needs its own training program. One can only professional, according to their data features, health, body type and other factors.


So, if you set a goal of losing weight and firmly determined to do gymnastics, do not forget to interrelated factors – adequate food, the drink, the recovery and, above all, patience. And as practice shows, with the right approach, through two to three months of training will become is not a necessity and an enjoyable pastime.