Diet to lose weight the belly and on the sides

Hello, dear users of the site! Today we will talk about a wide variety of menu weight loss diet the belly and on the sides.

You have a beautiful figure, the slim waist is the dream of any sex. But often the fat deposits are deposited primarily in the belly and on the sides. Remove excessive centimeters of the waist is an easy task, but it is doable.

diet for weight loss

Get rid of the sticking to the belly will help you: proper nutrition, specialized services of diet and physical activity. Before we move on to the methods of slimming, let us understand what causes the appearance of fat deposits on the sides and in the stomach.

The causes of body fat

The main causes of the appearance of excess weight are:

The lack of muscular activities

This is a consequence of the inactive lifestyle. The body decreases energy expenditure, the blood supply and slow metabolism. Eventually occurs to muscle atrophy – muscle volume decreases and adipose tissue is growing and consolidating.

Poor diet

The harmful use of food leads to the clogging of the blood vessels, the body stops working normally, fats almost no spent energy expenditure needs and put it in the body.

Different times of the meals impairs digestion, the stomach can not change, and the worst of the digestion of food, you end up with the fats deposited more quickly and in greater quantity.

Hereditary predisposition to the fullness

If among your relatives, there are holders in the form of "apple" (sloping shoulders, the belly big, the lack of waist and thighs) and the majority, it is likely that when the weight gain does not prevent the formation of deposits of fat is in the belly and on the sides.

Do not run the situation, because with this figure, the belly and mouth to lose weight in last place.

The stress

In such moments, the man is not able to control the amount of food ingested and the time of your use.

Hormonal failure

This applies particularly to the increase of the hormone cortisol in the body. Is very large the selection of this hormone contributes to decrease the expense of fats from the food, and collect them in the region of the belly and sides.

In this case, to begin with, you must restore the hormones and then do weight reduction.


During this period, the fat cells are relocated to the arms, legs, thighs, and are located in the region of the belly.

The birth of a child

During pregnancy in the body occurs global restructuring, and the fats begin to accumulate in the belly and on the sides to protect the future of the child and to ensure your warmth. After the birth, continues to be bad, and flabby belly.

Some women regains its elasticity with time, and the rest has a lot to work hard to get back to his old form.

Adequate food – security deposit beautiful shape

What would the circumstances have led to a set weight, the solution of the problem will be competent to compose the diet of feed and increase muscle activity. Small body fat in the waist, it will be enough to eat healthy and increase your daily activity.

If your weight is strongly exceeds the values valid or do you have the sagging belly, then you can not do without a diet menu to lose weight the belly and sides, and physical exercises.

The main features of a correct diet

The proper nutrition not only helps you lose weight, but also to restore the health of the body. Correct food, ensures the proper functioning of many internal organs, it is useful for the skin of the integument, cardiovascular system, gastro-intestinal, bone and tissue, and Dr.

Eating correctly is not difficult, the important thing is to adhere to fundamental rules:

Total or partial exception harmful food and drinks

Harmful food contains:

  • trans fats: fast food, mayonnaise, biscuits, margarine, pastries, fried foods and t. d. them to excessive drinking leads to obesity, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, development of kholestarinovich of cards, as well as can serve the cause of development of type ii diabetes;
  • fast carbs: cakes, pastries, ice cream, candy, drinks and other products prepared with addition of sugar. They are quickly digested and turned into fat, through a short period of time, you want to eat;
  • a large amount of salt;
  • preservatives.

Useful food

exercises to lose weight

Daily diet should be based on the use of useful natural products with a high content of:

  • fibers: vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, seeds, wild rice, bran, dried fruit;
  • proteins of vegetable origin: fruit, seeds, mushrooms, vegetables and of animal origin: meat, fish, chicken, cottage cheese, eggs;
  • complex carbohydrates: cereals, pasta, exclusively from durum wheat, vegetables, fruits.

Balanced food intake

The meals should include a variety of foods rich in vitamins and minerals, in the right proportion:

  • Cereals and products of sound, solid grain flour – about 40% the day;
  • fruits and vegetables – about 30%;
  • protein products – about 20%;
  • dairy products – about 10%.

Consumption of fat, salt and sugar — can limit or exclude, in any case, your daily total proportion must not exceed 5%.

Small meals

Daily diet should include 3 main meals and 2 snacks between meals, with intervals of 2.5 to 4 hours.

Eating should be done at a certain time each day. Do not try to deviate from the expected graphical power.

For example:

  • 7:00 – breakfast;
  • 10:00 – small snack;
  • 13:00 – lunch;
  • 16:00 – second snack;
  • 19:00 – dinner.

Change the time, adjust your routine of the day, but remember that there are about 2 to 3 hours before bedtime — is not recommended.

If you feel a strong feeling of hunger and can not sleep, eat an apple or drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

The correct distribution of daily calories of dishes

We deliver calorie dishes to certain proportions. Nutritionists recommend to observe the following proportion:

  • breakfast — 25% of daily calories;
  • lunch time – 40%;
  • dinner – 20%;
  • snacks between meal 5 and 10%.

Other important tips

  1. Do not eat in the race. Try to eat slowly, carefully chewing food.
  2. Drink plenty of water. Need to drink at least 2-2,5 liters per day, about 1 cup each 1-1,5 hours.

By following these simple rules, you gradually decline weight without harming your health. If you want to speed up the process of losing weight without exhausting diets, 1-2 times per week in this download days.

Discharge days

Discharge day will help to clean the body and lose weight, which normalizes the acid-alkaline balance balance. They are very useful for the intestine and the unloading of the cardiovascular system.

Catch download days, should be based on the individual peculiarities of the body and to your liking. It's not worth to choose the products that unpleasant is an additional stress for the body.

The essence of the discharge of the day is the use of a given product throughout the day part, divided in 5 and 6 receptions, every 2.5-3.5 hours.

The most popular products to days of fasting and the amount of:

right diet to lose weight
  1. Kefir – from 1 to 1.5 litres per day, you can combine low-fat cottage cheese (150g);
  2. Apples – 1-1,5 kg / day;
  3. Grapefruit – 2 large fruit per day (have counter-indications!);
  4. Water with lemon – throughout the day you can drink only water, in unlimited quantities, with Vigatth it, the juice of a lemon;
  5. Fresh cucumbers – the number is not limited;
  6. Cooked chicken breast, without skin salt and 400 g / day;
  7. The rice, without salt and oil to 500 grams of rice cooked in the day;
  8. Watermelon – 2 kg per day, not in shell, and others.

More benign download days are recognized the day with a mixture of two products, for example: buckwheat and kefir, the chicken and the cucumber, apple and cheese, and others. This includes fruit, berry or vegetable days, including 3-5 types of recipes little bit of fruit, berries and vegetables, respectively.

To accentuate the flavor of the products, you can add: lemon juice, herbs, powder of ginger, or cinnamon.

Before you choose the day of fasting, check with your doctor because there are contraindications.

If the weight has normalized, and you want to save it, in this discharge days 1 time per 1-2 weeks.

Effective physical activities for the beautiful waist

Physical activity plays a very important role in weight loss. Combining a weight loss diet the belly and on the sides, or of a proper diet and physical exercises, you will feel your toned body, avoiding the sagging and sagging skin.

More walking the walk, and if you are outdoors. Avoid the use of public transport, coming back from work to home. If you work far away, out in 2 of the 3 stops home. It is advisable not to use the elevator. Are very useful the morning race.

An active life-style can complete effective exercises for weight loss the belly and on the sides:

  1. classes of hula-Hoop;
  2. abdominal exercises;
  3. the slopes with dumbbells;
  4. exercises on the ball;
  5. the classes on the incline bench, the wall, with a roller, and t. p.

For the fast result it is recommended 1 to 2 times per week, access to the swimming pool, a steam room or sauna.

Diet Menu to lose weight the belly and on the sides

Diet Menu to lose belly and side in 1 day

This is the diet menu for weight loss the belly and on the sides calculated by only a day. It will help those who need a short period of time, remove 2-3 cm on the sides and indulge in a favourite blue jeans.

In the morning, take 1 glass of water, after half an hour of eating an omelette, prepared from 2 egg whites, 50 g of tomato and a pinch of dried mushrooms. Take 200 ml of pomegranate juice.

After 4 hours of eating 100 grams of kale, collard greens, navy, and 100 grams of low-fat fish in the steam. Take a cup of coffee or tea without sugar.

Hence the 4 hours to eat 200 g of salad from fresh cucumbers and greens. Drink a glass of water with lemon juice.

More not to eat anything until in the morning. It is allowed to drink more than 200 ml of water without gas, but for 3 hours before bedtime to not drink.

Diet Menu to lose belly and side in 4 days

menu for weight loss

Easy chetirehdNina diet will help you adjust to the mouth and clear the middle, their so-called "Three diet".

During the day, the food should be divided into 5 parts, is recommended every 3 hours. The amount of water consumption must also be reduced up to 1 l per day.

  • Day 1: 400 g of boiled rice without oil and salt, and 1 liter of tomato juice;
  • Day 2: 400 g of cottage cheese skimmed milk and 1 litre of kefir of 1,5%;
  • Day 3: 400 g of baked chicken breast and green tea without sugar;
  • Day 4: 200 g of cheese and 1 bottle of dry wine, the wine can be replaced by 1 l of grapefruit or grape juice.

This diet will help you to reset from 4 to 6 kg) and pull the waist up to 6 cm.

Diet Menu to lose belly and side in 1 week

First day:

  • Morning: 150 g of any fruits and low-fat yogurt drinking;
  • Day: 100 g of wheat and 50 g of cooked chicken, without peeling;
  • Evening: 150 g of stews and vegetables, and 30 g of bread, a crouton.

The second day:

  • Morning: 100 g of cottage cheese and 200 ml of yogurt 1-1,5%, 50 g of fresh or frozen fruit;
  • Day: 150 g low-fat fish in the steam, 150 g of lettuce with cucumber and tomato, tea without sugar;
  • Evening: 150 g of vinaigrette, 100 g of boiled potatoes.

The third day:

  • Morning: 1 egg, 1 toast, and 200 ml of tomato juice;
  • Day: 250 ml vegetable soup with broth, 30 g of bread from wheat flour;
  • Dinner: salad of cucumber, the green and the radish, 200 g fried onpIt.

The fourth day:

  • Morning: 100 g of cottage cheese 100 g yogurt, 100 g of grape or pineapple;
  • Day: 100 grams of fish or chicken meatballs in a pair, 150 g of stewed cabbage, 200 ml of Iгondнonгon juice;
  • Night: to 250 ml of vegetable soup, 30 g of bread from wheat flour.

Day five:

  • Morning: 150 g of flour of oats in water with dried fruits and coffee without sugar;
  • Day: 200 g of vinaigrette, 150 g of potatoes and 200 ml of compote from apples;
  • Evening: 150 g of wheat grain and 1 tomato.

The sixth day:

  • Morning: 200 g of grape and green tea;
  • Day: 150 g of fish in the steam, 150 g of stewed cabbage, 200 ml of compote from apples;
  • Evening: 100 g of pasta of durum wheat, 150 g of stew of vegetables and tea without sugar.

Seventh day:

  • Morning: baked apple, coffee without sugar;
  • Day: 200 g of rice with seafood soups, stews, tea without sugar.
  • Evening: 200 g salad of cabbage and carrot, 200 ml of compote from dried fruits.

Drink water in unlimited quantities, it is recommended to drink a glass of 200 ml each time.