Massage of the belly to lose weight at home

In an attempt to have a beautiful shape, women resort to various methods of weight loss: are you strict diets, day by day, attending the academy. And gives their results. Is well going to the fat of the face, raises the chest. And it is only the belly that will not go away.

You are familiar with this type of situation? It's no wonder. After all, in the line of the waist are the fats that contain the necessary amino acids to the man. That is why the body is so reluctant to part with them.

To speed up the process of elimination of excess inches in the waist area allows for the massage of the belly to lose weight at home. This method, due to excellent results, enjoys the most enthusiastic comments. Fully approved the medical and, often, recommend to their patients in case of stagnation processes in the internal organs.

The effect of massage on the body fat

Massage of the belly to lose weight at home allows purposely to fight with the body fat.


To understand what is dictated by its effectiveness, let's see how it affects the procedure for the body:

  • A mechanical action on the skin helps to remove dead cells. This improves the breathing, the epidermis, stimulates the functioning sebaceous glands and the sweat glands. As a result of improving your metabolism and the faster you are presented with the toxins, the toxins.
  • Is stimulated, venous, arterial, circulation of the blood. Improves лимфоток. The curtains of the skin to receive the food excellent. As a result the skin acquires elasticity, smoothness.
  • The own massage on the adipose tissue does not have a direct impact. However, the stimulation of the metabolism, which increases газообмен, decreases the number of urea in the organism, accelerates the process of oxidation of lactic acid, acts directly on the subcutaneous fat, removing it and contributing to its completion.
  • Massage to lose weight the belly and on the sides as well acts on the cellulite. After all, the basis of education of the orange peel is the emergence of a set of jumpers between the fat cells. Mechanical impact to the veil helps to attract the проблемному phase of certain substances, conducive to clear the data of a jumper.
  • The procedure actively struggling with the phenomena in internal organs. It improves bowel peristalsis.


Despite the high efficiency of this event, do not rush to resort to it. Initially, make sure that the procedure does not affect your health.

Make sure you talk with the doctor, is admissible if you for the application of massage.


The procedure is contra-indicated for people who suffer from:

  1. the increase of the temperature;
  2. acute inflammatory diseases;
  3. skin diseases, lesions in the epidermis;
  4. predisposition to bleeding;
  5. benign or malignant tumors.
To not expose the procedure of the regions where they are nevus.

During pregnancy the event categorically contraindicated, and can even be dangerous!

The technology of massage

There are many types of massage:

  • with the help of щипания;
  • water;
  • баночный;
  • moon-of-honey;
  • chinese;
  • lymph drainage;
  • hand.

Each of them has its own characteristics. In the following, we will see them. But there are rules that should be run for any type of procedure. Read with them, before resorting to an effective weight loss method.

The execution rules of massage

Doing massage of the belly to lose weight at home, be sure to note the recommendations of the experts:

  1. The favorable result will bring only those procedures that are performed on a regular basis. Massage daily, within the course.
  2. The event is not held after the meal. Choose a time for the procedure by up to 1 hour before eating or 2 hours after it.
  3. The technique of execution implies a movement in a clockwise direction.
  4. Significantly improve the results allows you to follow a diet. It is advisable to exclude from your diet fried, spicy, sweet, and lots of it. In addition, refrain from alcohol and carbonated beverages.
  5. Do not forget physical activities. The sport will not only as well get rid of inches extra, but is well "consolidate" their results.
  6. Do not massage overly! If you are tired, you should not worry. This approach will not bring the desired effect, and will only harm.

Салонные procedure

If you prefer, you can enroll in a special beauty salon, which will be held the massage course.

In this case, you can count on:

  • the individual approach;
  • the ease and fluidity of the movements;
  • the fulfillment of all the rules of massage.
  • filter abdominal massage

Estimation methods

Салонные procedures do not apply to the cheap activities. Why many women practice the massage of the belly to lose weight at home.

After being familiar with the technique of execution, such procedures absolutely easy to spend alone.

The variety of massages

Let's look at which methods you can fight with the body fat in the waist area, to eliminate cellulite, free the body of toxins and improve the functioning of the internal organs.

The techniques do not require any knowledge or skill. Familiarize yourself with the main proposals and you need to stay to solve saggy belly and make your waist slender.

The method with the щипания

This massage for weight loss belly and sides can be used as a basic procedure. It is often used as preparation for other types of mechanical impact.

The main goal of the massage with the щипания is kneading the fat deposits and abdominal muscles. The procedure, as well eliminates the stagnation of the phenomenon, struggling with stretch marks and cellulite.


The procedure is thus:

  1. Lie back and relax to the maximum.
  2. On the surface of the belly is chosen, apply a massage oil or cream for cellulite. You can perform a massage, and without the use of tools of date.
  3. With the tips of his fingers take to the crease and start slow to sort with the skin, as if щипания belly. Do not forget to cover the mouth.
  4. After the first lap (clockwise) a little to strengthen the momentum. With each new round must be more energetic пощипывать the curtains. After the procedure the skin should be reddish, but the bruises she should not be.
  5. Once the event finished, rub the surface with a towel.

The procedure should last 10 to 15 minutes.

Water massage

It is a simple procedure, which allows to achieve excellent results. For it, you can use the shower.

Water massage as well acts on the fat tissue, gives the skin softness and smoothness. In addition, it energizes, invigorates and stimulates the functioning of the digestive system.

Abdominal massage is performed like this:

  1. The jet of the soul aimed at the belly. Like to pass you to the surface.
  2. From time to time, change the temperature of the water and the jet head. Start with the low temperatures and go to the warm. Head — initially, strong, and, gradually, it becomes weak.
  3. In the early stages, it is recommended to maintain a temperature difference of 5 degrees.
  4. The duration of water of the procedure is 5-10 minutes.

Already after 7 days of regular sessions you will be able to enjoy the first results.

The procedure with the use of cans

For this massage you will need to silicone the banks. Easily purchased at any pharmacy.


It is made of an event according to the following rules:

  1. Occupy the horizontal position.
  2. The surface of the stomach, you should clean using a lotion or alcohol solution.
  3. On the skin, apply a massage oil. You can apply the cream cellulite.
  4. Secure the seats in the belly. Within must enter not more than 1.5 cm from the epidermis. Now, start to move the seats out of the circle.
  5. The procedure continues for 5-7 minutes.
  6. After the massage the belly cover with a towel or a blanket and more of the sauce for 15 minutes.

In a first moment this massage of the belly to lose weight at home you can leave your delicate skin, bruising and hematomas. Once the body will become accustomed with the procedure, they will pass away by itself.

If you are suffering from варикоза, this massage you is counter-indicated. In this case, it is better to resort to the procedures of water.

The method of moon-of-honey

It is amazing the enjoyable way to gain a slim waist. But for the procedure should be applied only to the real honey.

Honey is well displays the body of toxins, toxins. Massage provides excellent by dividing the reserves of fat. If your skin will take on a freshness and elasticity.

Procedure run thus:

  1. Take the honey -2 ч. л. Add the essential oil – 10 drops. You can apply мятное, almond, orange, lemon oil, or grapefruit.
  2. Obtained from the composition, apply in the palm of the hand.
  3. Now do pats belly. This massage continues 10-15 minutes.
  4. This time is enough for the honey damaged in a dense net of mass. This will allow for the pat to create an effect of a vacuum.
  5. To ensure a load balancing fabric, must be switched back pat and conventional, and the right.
  6. After the procedure обмойте the stomach with warm water. To hydrate the cover, use apple cider vinegar. This product is considered to be excellent for fat burning.

Massage honey from the belly, it is advisable to repeat one day. The course consists of 10-15 procedures.

Chinese massage

Only the chinese, the technique, based on the indian tradition, the medicine and the technique of massage of the East, allows you to deal effectively with the superfluous centimeters.

Perform chinese massage tummy for weight loss at home is easy if you stick to the rules:

  1. Place the left palm on the navel. Top cover with the right. Now follow the rotation and friction of the hands on the clock, for 1 minute. The following 60 seconds, and repeat the exercise in the other direction. The entire area should be warm.
  2. With both hands разминайте and lift the skin of the belly. The exposure time to 1 minute.
  3. Join the fingers (the large do not participate). Put them under the ribs. Push the belly for 2 minutes, from top to bottom.
  4. The hands are on the side of the stage lower belly. Take them to the skin and to shake the curtains of 1 minute.

It is a great massage to lose weight the belly and on the sides.

the lymph drainage procedure

lymph drainage massage improves the blood circulation in the tissues, provides the output of excess fluid from the cells with decay products, отравляющими person.

The procedure is effective not only for the completeness. She is a great help in dealing with obesity.


Do the following:

  1. Initially, heat the skin.
  2. Necessarily apply about the epidermis moisturizer or cream. If the tool enters the skin before the session ends, you must apply again.
  3. The procedure is performed lying on your back.
  4. Initially, do the stroking around the navel. Gradually increase the radius of impact. The motion only in a clockwise direction.
  5. Now go to the easy clicks. You have to act not on the belly, and only on the skin.
  6. The next step will give a knock and take пощипывания.

The duration of the session is 7-10 minutes.

Manual massage

This technique is often used before physical activities. After all, manual massage allows you to increase the efficiency of training.

Some women, meeting the manual of abdominal massage, using to the procedure of massager. The doctors forbid categorically that the application of this stimulant. Massager is able to disrupt the functioning of the internal organs.

The best is to use a towel, массажную glove or carry out the session with the hands.

The technology procedure:

  1. Rub the surface of the belly vertical. Then, repeat the movement, performing the horizontal impact. Do not apply excessive force. Sudden movements and pushing– is not acceptable.
  2. Control the force of the thrust. Very weak, the movement will not make the necessary impact. During the session, you should not feel pain or unpleasant discomfort.

The duration of your massage should last 10 to 15 minutes.


The frequency of performance of procedures of

An important point, which allows you to enjoy the results correct of massage is the frequency. You should visit regularly, the massage therapist, or compress the belly in the house on a daily basis.

All procedures should be carried out in exchange. Generally, a course has 15 to 20 sessions. A procedure that lasts about 15-20 minutes.

However, there are different techniques for length or interval of time. On such characteristics stated above.

How to speed up the positive effect

With the first favorable the results that you will find after 1 week. But, every woman wants to be thin, waist long before, to get a better result.

You can speed it up? Comments on massage to lose weight the belly and on the sides show that increasing the sweetheart dimensions as possible.

To do this, they must respect a series of recommendations:

  1. The scheme of drink. Necessarily eat night is not least 2 liters of water.
  2. Sport. Do not forget about the need of physical exercise. Even the simple exercises in the morning will bring benefits.
  3. Power. Balance your diet. Delete from the menu of harmful products. Adhere to a healthy diet.
  4. The mood. Approach procedures with only positive thoughts. Do not forget that the mental health prolongs the youth and has an impact on the beauty. The good humor helps you get great results, and for a long time, keep a beautiful figure.

In addition, to accelerate the positive effect it is advisable to combine different types of massages.