Diet for weight loss side

From thousands of diets for weight loss only a few take into account the individual characteristics of each organism. It often happens that, instead of the long-awaited transfiguration lose weight only in the chest, which do exactly what should not, but areas remain unchanged. This article talks about how to get rid of the "rescue" circle of fat deposits in the belly area and sides. Easy will not be, but it will be subtle and very well if done correctly.

diet for weight loss side

For the belly do not lose weight: the reason for the problem areas

The problem of obesity in the region of the belly and of the sides is more concerned with the female half, the male rarely appears in a fraction of the fight with the curves of the thighs. This is the first reason for this problematic area of gender "injustice" of nature. With the school course of anatomy many know why this happens. The female body accumulates reactor where it is necessary for the gestation of the fetus.

The fat deposits on the sides and lower part of the abdomen perform, simultaneously, the function of protection and inventory of nutrients. To convince the body that it seems fashion is not impossible, but to correct the situation – completely.

Among the main causes of abdominal obesity registered and stress. Many this state is accompanied, on the contrary, the mass loss and lack of appetite. Another lucky less, in a period of stress, the adrenal glands secrete increasing the dose of the hormone cortisol. This component and affect the accumulation of fat in this problematic area.

Doesn't help the subtlety of the waist for a style of sedentary life, lack of physical activity causes obesity in general. Many times, even low-calorie diet does not relieve the reactor, because "waiting for fat" the car is very difficult. Therefore, the diet to lose weight belly and thighs, it only makes sense in conjunction with specific exercises.

The genetic predisposition many already causes laughter, but they laugh, usually, those who have this predisposition are not. In fact, if the rounded belly and the mouth are reviewed at least three generations, is a serious problem, that is the most difficult to resolve. Here it is necessary a set of measures that need to hold for a lifetime.

Less complex, but the most common cause of large side – which is common to bad food. In the abdominal cavity the "love" of accumulating sweets, fat and beer, this last one is particularly dangerous, both for men and for women. This situation fix is relatively simple. As already mentioned, if the belly already exists, get rid of it is difficult, but the right combination of products and exercise will not let the chance of "rescue circle".

Products to fine-tune the waist

There has not been caused by obesity, correct the situation need to, correction of nutrition and exercise. In the first place, it pays to know the products that cause the deposition of fat cells in the abdominal cavity. Efficient diet for the waist of your completely eliminate.

For slimming thighs and abdomen want to delete:

  • confectionery products;
  • white bread, rich cakes, pastry;
  • vegetable oil;
  • smoked and canned;
  • fat of meat: beef, lamb, pork, duck, goose;
  • industrial sauces;
  • pasta, semolina;
  • cereals;
  • cooking fats: spreads, margarine;
  • sweet aeration;
  • the alcohol and nicotine.

In addition, recommend the use of less salt or not to give up, she slows down to the water in the body and dehydrates the cells. The sugar is also a dangerous product in any diet, you can substitute honey or natural counterparts safe.

For the correction of the volume of the belly need to use:

harmful products
  1. Lean meats. You can use a bird, lean veal, beef. The meat is required for the replacement of stocks of protein, preferably combine it with fresh vegetables.
  2. Fish and seafood. They should also be lean, fit any seafood, carp, zander, whitefish, acne, karas, the pike.
  3. Vegetables. Should be just in menu of weight loss, there is the height or the cheese. The best-fit non-starchy types: zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, pepper, pulses, beans, carrot. Least of all should be potatoes.
  4. Fruit. For health snacks and desserts, you can use: pears, apples, plums, apricots, cherries. It is advisable to limit the use of grapes, bananas, nectarines, and figs. Eating fruit is better before dinner and before sleep to abandon them, because they increase the level of insulin and cause your appetite.
  5. The production of milk. To the diet suitable only lean types of cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt. Sometimes, for breakfast, you can eat cheese, full-cream milk, you need to drink moderately in a glass every two days.
  6. Green. She will give a flavor and aroma dietary dishes, in addition, the increase in the stock of vitamins. Special attention should be given to the green, he is well saturates, it is rich in minerals and has a negative calorie.
  7. The bean is a useful option of the protein product. For weight loss legumes are recommended, because your digestion the body expends almost all of the resulting energy, and, therefore, calories from grains will not stop fat.
  8. Eggs. You can use all types, the important thing is not roast them. They are only permitted in cooked boiled or cooked.
  9. Nuts and dried fruit. Your need to eat with moderation, best of all, they are suitable as snacks, you can add them in salads or to eat with cottage cheese, yogurt.

To prepare dietary can use any type of heat treatment, in addition to frying. To get rid of the belly and of the sides, gotta love it baked and steam products. In addition, you can stew vegetables and meats without any oil and bake in the oven to cook in the slow cooker.

The products sometimes, you can add cereals, although they are not desirable to the diet. 1-2 times per week, you can eat oats, it is well cleanses the intestines, and that can only help in the weight loss process, your can be for breakfast or lunch. Comments slimming recommend you add to the diet of horseradish, ginger and cinnamon, they speed up the digestion of fat and improve digestion.

To the accomplishment of the diet, in addition to the list of products you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the program. Full course of diet takes a long time, but the result surely will appear, and if you follow the recommendation.

The rules of the diet

List of products for this diet is made up mostly of vegetables, dairy products and meat is very limited, and the cereals in general, are excluded. So get in a food have to be careful not to get the opposite effect.

To reduce the size of the belly and hips must adhere to the general rules:

  1. To break his power. Therefore, the body will receive a small portion of food, and quickly with your spending, it will not be divested in the form of excess fat. It is advisable to give 4 to 5 small meals per day. Rules early dinner, remain in force and this time.
  2. Watch out for the size of the portions. If you eat many times and in many, the sense of crush will not be. A portion should be from 150 to 200 g.
  3. Drink clean water. Drink of tea of mineral water must be replaced by water without gas, all the good minerals remain in place. Sometimes, you can use of quality enriched water, but only occasionally. The right mode will eat less and, gradually, to clean the body, the important thing is not to get drunk before going to sleep, the next morning, not to fight with edema.
  4. Start sleeping well. Normal sleep will provide you with a positive attitude, that, during the course of a very useful program. Additionally the correct way a day will improve the general well-being and good looks.
  5. Practice exercises.

These rules will be based throughout the the diet. The program for the correction of the waist involves three phases, to easily enter into a diet, to bring back to normal the volume of the thighs and on the sides, and then delight you to keep the result.

The first phase

the correct food

Implies the, during this period, the body has to learn how to eat correctly, it is little and the fractional. In the early days it is possible to discomfort, if the diet, the feed mode has been exactly the opposite. Lasts this phase of one week, during which gradually eliminate prohibited products. During this time, the best is to learn to eat bread and salt, give up cereal.

The second phase

It is the main phase of the diet. During this period, will occur with the main weight loss belly and sides. The duration depends on the initial weight, you can follow a diet of 2 to 4 weeks. During this period, are completely excluded prohibited products and beverages, food strictly fractional, the regime of drinking in normal limits (1.5 to 2 liters per day).

The third stage

Consists of soft output from a strict diet and proper nutrition is still the long-term. This phase needs to fix and hold the result. In the first days after the diet, you can return cereal, but confectionery, alcohol and salt should disappear with the work for more than six months. It is also necessary to limit the production of bread, noodles. The meat fat, cooking fats, fried food and industrial additives remain under the ban until I need a waist.

Having a list of products and the sequence of phases, you can build a schema of slimming and your diet. The menu for the week it is better to be in advance to prepare yourself well and clear of the goal. For example, consider a menu for each phase.

The Menu for the first phase of the

Breakfast: salad of cucumber and tomato with solid, the cheese and the lemon juice, tea with milk.

Lunch: soup of green beans and sweet pepper, a slice of rye bread.

Afternoon snack: juice, pear.

Dining: room, cutlet, broccoli cooked, the tea of rosemary.

The Menu for the second phase

Breakfast: salad of kiwi and pear, tea.

Lunch: 150 g of yogurt without flavor.

Lunch: in the ear with the green (without potatoes).

Afternoon snack: a little bit of nuts or peanuts.

Dinner: fillet of turkey-cooked, salad of celery and boiled eggs.

Menu for the third stage

Breakfast: cereal oats in water, tea with milk.

Lunch: diet bites with a paste of spinach, tea.

Lunch: soup of chickpeas and vegetables.

Snack: a green apple.

Dinner: chicken breast cooked with carrot, tomato juice without salt.

On the third point, the need to come out of the diet, so, gradually, a week after the diet needs to follow the rules of a diet. After that, you can choose any a balanced diet to keep the weight off, ideal for the medical, the technical fix-weight – diet no. 8, or the PP, the system BOOCH.

For additional measures for the correction of the waist

The good results will be guaranteed only if you make the maximum effort. If the excess weight in the abdominal region a bit, you can just use a proper diet. But sometimes, when relatively shapely legs, belly, and thighs, are a real problem, for example, when the physical "apple". In such cases, there will be the need for additional measures.

In the first place, to clean the mouth, it is necessary to determine the complex of exercises. To flat belly and slim waist reviews weight loss recommend the standard exercises: "cycling", "scissors", "birch". In addition, to help you acquire the most coveted of shape even a little bit of exercise.

"Breathing": lie down on a flat surface under the head to place a small pillow or roll. The feet remove, put your hands to the side of the body, completely relax. To inhale the maximum drag to the abdominal cavity and holding the breath. Slowly exhale, repeat the exercise on 15-25 times.

"The knee-elbow": lie on a flat surface, hands behind the head, the legs are a bit folded in her lap. Right with the elbow drawn to the left to the tribe and freeze for a few seconds, exhale back to the starting position. Repeat is an exercise for 15-25 minutes.

"Laps": initial position – standing. Legs put of the hands, bend the elbows in and about the chest. When you exhale slowly spinning the box (as if you were trying to look for the back). The inhalation back to its original position. We continue to exercise up to 25 minutes.

The "circles": lie on your back, hands at her side, one leg pulled up vertically. Resting the hands on the floor, spin in a circle stretched out with the foot, as if drawing circles and the imaginary in the ceiling. The "draw" of 15 to 20 laps with a walk, and then do the same for the second.

Instead of regular exercises can choose special training-course work and video, better yet, perform physical activities in all muscle groups. In addition to the practice of sports activities for weight loss is recommended to make a break, apply the oil and creams. The anti-cellulite tool is better not to waste time and money, much better will be normal the oil of olive.

exercises to lose weight

Extra hydration and nourishment of the skin need to transform the belly seemed to be in shape and elastic. If the initial weight before the diet was very large, the loss of weight is better to stretch a little more, so that the excess weight was coming off slowly. The strong correction amounts can cause a long-term skin in the lower abdomen and stretch marks.

During the period of breastfeeding, in the midst of diseases of the digestive tract and in the liver keep that diet is only possible with the permission of your doctor.

In conclusion

The diet for the correction of the belly and on the sides help to bring back the beautiful waist and improve the body. The menu is composed of foods of plant origin and a small amount of protein, which allows you to clear the intestines, improve metabolism and the appearance. In addition, during the diet is produced the habit of eating less and more often, therefore, adhere to a healthy lifestyle after this program will be much easier.

To quickly recover the flat belly and the waist line, you can take advantage of and other effective diets: milk with tea, ginger, tibetan. The main thing is not to forget the physical effort and the own safety, you should choose the methodology that threatens the health of less.