Exercises for beginners for weight loss

If to the sides, and stomach accumulated excess body fat, you will help exercise for weight loss beginners. Fulfilling the complex, non-systematically, you will not get results.

Competent technique combined with the increasing burden to help deal with the excess body weight. So, how to do with the volume of the legs, the belly and thighs less?

exercises to lose weight

Fitness-exercises to perform at home

Metabolism which results in increased body mass. To return to the thinness, women are often limited to eat, and the men, on the contrary, he resorted to the physical effort. In fact, to reach a certain possible way, combining the correct diet and with the exercises.

The exercise consists of several steps:

  • warm-up complex;
  • the main part;
  • stretching or trailer.

How much will it last occupation, depends on the preparation of the athlete, that trains. For children enough for 30 minutes of charging, and an adult needs about 50 minutes to the burning of body fat. To warm the muscles and speed up the pulse, start with a simple block of jumps and runs. Necessarily develop the ligament with the help of rotations and inclinations.

Perform exercises, moving from top to bottom, the hands, the chest, after rotation, the press, hips, buttocks and legs. Do not forget about the final stage. The elongation is characterized recovery of the ligaments and of the muscles after the load. Video lesson will help you to run vacation properly and learn how to relax after a workout.

The complex of bodybuilding for beginners

In the complex there are exercises for all the muscle groups. With the help of regular exercises, you will be able to get rid of the reservoirs via the subcutaneous and visceral fat.


Many users do not know is that the squat differ from subsidence in their heels.

Before performing the exercises, read carefully with the technique:

  • the straight support, with the feet shoulder-width apart;
  • by flexing the knees, go down;
  • recovering the feet, go back to the original position.

While you are accustomed with the correct technique, you will seem that you fall back. Squats perform as you can in the following, the body remains smooth. Do not forget that you are doing the hips and buttocks! In addition, connect the work back, calf muscles, from the press office. In an approach of 15 repetitions. As resistance increases the amount of repetitions increases to 25.

Fold for the press

This exercise requires correct techniques. Usually beginners cannot simultaneously make both the top and bottom of the body.

Perform a fold like this:

  • get down on your knees buttocks;
  • the leg bent in a 90 degree angle and the hands along the body;
  • simultaneously, straighten the legs to the front and turn the body to the back;
  • return to the starting position.

One more option easy folds is an exercise with a focus on the palm of the hand, behind his back. Working on balance can only prepared athletes. Force your muscles to press the maximum and monitor the position of the feet. They should not touch the ground!

Exercises to lose weight beginners. The elevation of the pelvis to the top

The cycling buttocks and biceps of the thigh during the execution of the elevation of the pelvis up from the lying position.

The exercise is done this way:

  • lie down on the floor, legs folded in the lap, with emphasis on foot;
  • the hands are located along the body;
  • lift the pelvis before you straighten the body in a line;
  • lower to the original position.

Push-ups at home

Make the shoulders and hands beautiful, you can at home. To perform a complex hand will need a chair and the weights. If the house is not of dumbbells, please refer to our links plastic bottles filled with water or sand.

Push-ups from chair

  • the hands on a chair, with emphasis on the heels, legs folded in the lap;
  • lower the body down by bending your elbows until a 90 degree angle;
  • in the original position, again using only the strength of the hands.

A common error is the connection of the hip joints in the work. In an approach of 20 reps.

Push-ups with a narrow staging

how to lose weight correctly
  • place your hands on the edge of a chair;
  • accepted the position of board in the hands elongated, with an emphasis on the exaltation;
  • do a push-up support.

Be careful not to let the elbows move parallel to the trunk, and they would not go to the side. Enough for 20 repetitions in one approach.

The elevation of the masses of

Strengthen the biceps to help lift weights in the standing position.

  • take the weights in your hand and lift alternately to the top and lower yourself down;
  • you can do an exercise, simultaneously, with both hands.

Attention: the hands pressed to the body! Enough for 20 reps for each hand in a approach.

Extender with weighting

  • From the straight support, follow the slope to the front;
  • The knees a little flexed, the back maintains the system of deflection;
  • Perform the flexion-extension is achieved the total of the hand at the elbow, stretching the triceps.

Do not drop the hand-up idiot. The effort must be more gentle. Make one for each hand, 15 reps on one approach.

Biceps with the support of the

Surprisingly effective exercise to strengthen your hands.

  • take a knee, to find support in the chair;
  • a hand abstain for exaltation, to maintain balance;
  • to your other hand, take it to the front, and follow extender.

Do not go to one side. Adjust the position of the hand during the execution of the exercise. Enough to 15 repetitions for each side in one approach. To master the correct technique, helps to lesson from an expert in this video.

Exercises to lose weight beginners. The hand strap

Strengthen the muscles and increase the strength of the will help the belt.

  • take the emphasis lying;
  • climb up into the palm of the hand, placing them under the shoulders;
  • keep the position of the board, avoiding fallen in the back.

The more complex it is the plank on elbows. Static do the exercise within 30 seconds, increasing the time gradually.

These exercises to lose weight for beginners will help you master the key techniques and start your path to a slim figure. Enhance your physical shape possible and at home: the most important thing – the desire and willpower!

Exercise for weight loss for beginners | WHO?WHAT?WHERE?


Exercise for weight loss for beginners will be the best helpers for people, which meant that excess weight. We offer ten simple and options made in house.

The correct discharge of weight possible without the loads physiological. You must regularly upload yourself, not only to get rid of the uncomfortable pounds, but and beautiful. There are different effective exercises to lose weight for beginners, among which we will choose the most suitable.

Trims: the classic and the side

The plank is an exercise for weight loss for beginners, which helps to maintain the tone and the muscles in shape. It also increases strength and improves posture. But the most important is the removal of excess fat from the lower part of the abdomen. By following the correct technique of execution minimizes the risk of injury and will give the best result.

Now let's talk about how to do exercise at home and do this exercise for weight loss for beginners. Take some carpet. Let's get to it, supported on your forearms, elbows – under the shoulders. The body straight, his head in a single line. We look to the cuffs.

Main – follow the back, it should be straight with no deflections. The feet do not bend and stay as much as you can. At first glance, it may seem that doing it is easy, but after a few seconds you find that you balance the voltage.

Yes, and do not forget to stretch the muscles of the belly is an important goal.

Then start experimenting – do side the option, in straight hands, and so on. To start, 20 seconds, 3 times a day. Comments on the surfboard as on the exercise weight loss for beginners – strictly positive, the newly-arrived recommend.


For weight loss is a philosophy of life, which not only relieves the weight, but leading the mind in order. The essence of yoga exercises for weight loss, which we recommend for beginners, it is the special acceptance pos.

Still here it is necessary to breathe properly and take into account the psychological state. Feature here is that, when the correct to perform the pain doesn't exist, in spite of considerable burden.

The strap with the ball

This ball of a simulator for those who for a long time and without success, it sits in the diet. Exercises with the ball for slimming, that are designed for beginners, to help in the fight against the disturbing body fat.

The simplest solution – to make it to the bar. We put the forearm on the fitball, the shoulders over the elbows, fingers crossed, we put the feet in the width of the hips, the body pulling in a straight line. Initially, on your lap, there is a bending, breathing, we make them exactly, we arrive and go back to the first posture.

Circles with the ball

Still will help the traffic the feet in circles. To master this technique, we put a fitball between your legs and go in the back. We lifted the foot up and starting to make circular movements squeezed between them the ball. You can see the video for beginners, where people, professionally, running exercises to lose weight with the ball.


It is a series of exercises for slimming, which is ideal for beginners.

One of the few systems that gives you the opportunity to achieve results in the short term, without causing the slightest damage to a body. A corset is evolving rapidly, and this helps to protect your back.

Exercises to lose weight, you can easily recommend it for beginners, if something is in doubt, see the video with exercises.

  • Need a chair with arms. We sit down together, bringing the body and make the back smooth.
  • We are, between the legs about 30 cm. Retract the belly, raise your hands. Then, start all over again the feet and hands pulls to the front, as we want to something violent. Then, pull them back, pushing to the front of the neck. We intend in each of these positions to stay at least a minute. We do 5 approaches.
  • We are hand produced to the side and to raise the height of the shoulders. Keep with the palms up. We try to maximize, minimize and the shovels, and then put the arms back up to touch the fingers, the elbows don't start all over again. Do 100 times. To make it easier, it is best to perform the exercises to lose weight with music, for beginners it is especially important.
  • Lying, pulling the hand up vertically, the same we do with the feet, and then try to lift the body. This posture should be, not less than 20 seconds. We run 15 times.
exercises for beginners

For those who don't know where to start with the exercises to lose weight that you want to perform in-house, start from a plank. All the rest follow in a random order. Do not overload yourself, and after each training, let the body relax.