Exercises to lose weight fast - at home

The problem of excess weight is relevant today. Men and women constantly mistreating yourself download days and starving diets, but clear cm waist, everything does not happen. The question is – why a person who eats little, but do not lose weight? It has been proven that the same is the most effective diet will not give good result, if you neglect the minimum of physical activities.

exercises to lose weight at home

Exercises to lose weight fast at home – is a complex of activities, to realize that the power of all. A simple training plan, in combination with a proper diet will get rid of extra pounds so that they, then, turn not back.

The frequency of training, and inventory

If the person has not previously practiced exercises to lose weight fast at home each day. The muscles are not accustomed to the pressure, so excessive lead to the fact that they will immediately begin to ache. The Ideal frequency of workout for beginners – 3 times per week for 30 minutes. When you do this, ideal for the practice are considered the time intervals from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 19:00 to 20:00.

It is necessary to stock for training

  1. The carpet or the trash. The floor is very solid, you may experience pain in the back. For this not to happen, it is advisable to put some kind of small carpet and engage in it.
  2. Alter. For beginners ideal dumbbell weight 1-1,5 kg each.
  3. Comfortable clothing that will not immobilize the movement.
  4. It is close to the small bench. If not, to the developments of the abdominal muscles, feet you can "hide" under the couch.

Basic rules for the conduct of the exercise

  1. Each lesson should begin with a warm-up to prepare the muscles. This can be crunches, push-ups or run in place. The total duration of the exercise – 5 to 7 minutes.
  2. Perform exercises to lose weight fast at home, it is recommended two hours before a meal or one hour after.
  3. Observe the correct mode of food and not eating too much. This is not a diet, and on the elementary rules. The diet is desirable to maximize the eliminate the products of high-calorie, do not eat after 18:00 and, of course, to observe the regime of drinking (about 1.5 liters of water per day).
  4. The first 4 weeks of the load should be the same. After this time, the muscles used and the intensity of the exercise you can increase.
  5. Positive attitude – exercise, necessarily, should be fun. Person it is important to tune the result and to understand what of regular classes to help you deal with the problem of over weight.

Exercises for the abdominal muscles

The belly is one of the most problematic areas, here is where it builds up more body fat. To get rid of wrinkles and saggy skin don't work no diet. Suffer the spool of the press and acquire a beautiful belly – task with which to deal with regular exercises. However, the result does not worth it to wait a few days. It is a meticulous work, which, with time, necessarily give you the desired result. The most effective exercises for the tummy muscles

  1. Twist. Exercise directed to work the abdominal muscles, the important thing is to do it with small amplitude. You should lie on the floor and firmly snuggle your back to it. The elbows are routed to the sides, the feet are folded in her lap. It is done in a deep breath and, simultaneously, the head rises and the blades, at expiration, returning to the initial position. The number of approaches – 10 the first 15 days, and then little by little, to increase.
  2. The exercise with a chair. You must sit in a chair, with your hands firmly to lean on it. The feet stretched forward. Slowly they bow in your lap and extend in the direction of the trunk. Then, exhale and feet return to original position. The number of approaches – 15.
correct exercise

The training for the feet

The first thing you need to do is to decide what part of the feet is not satisfied with the man. Exercises for the muscles of the thighs and calves are different, so it is important to build a series of exercises correctly.

Exercises to lose weight fast at home legs:

  1. Starting position – standing, feet on width of shoulders, hands are at the time. Alternately, running lifting up of the feet, folded in his lap. Here the important thing is to not be in a hurry, the person must if you feel like working your muscles. The number of approaches – 15 on each leg.
  2. Many times from the inner part of the thighs accumulates cellulite, due to the fact that women formed so many complex. Make the skin more taut and beautiful helps simple exercise. You should lie on your back, legs up and slowly dilute them from both sides. In this position, the man is late 1 minute, then back to original position. After 15 seconds of exercise is repeated.
  3. Do jogging in the local – universal and the most effective against the excess fat in the region of the feet. Only 15 minutes per day, and after a month of waiting pleasant surprise. The skin becomes tense, you remove the sagging and the cellulite.

Exercises for the thighs

Beautiful and elasticated thigh is the dream of every girl. However, it is not always the man has to want to. The excess weight is delayed in this area, for several reasons – because of a poor diet or inactive lifestyle. To resolve the problem, you need not complain of their presence and take measures. Exercises to lose weight fast at home to the hip

  1. Starting position – the horizontal. The hand must be positioned in the buttocks, legs, necessarily, must be straight. Slowly the legs, getting up before the formation of a right angle with the trunk, the divorce and are transferred back 10 times.
  2. Starting position – standing. The feet it is necessary to push wider in the shoulder, socks put the parts. Now, carefully, made of abs, the hips and buttocks are tense. The number of approaches – 10. Regulate the execution of a particular exercise eliminates cellulite and promotes skin lifting.
  3. Initial position – lying on his side, head resting on the arm. The first rises to the top of a leg, then it is necessary to getting to the other side and complete the exercise with the other leg. The number of approaches the 10 to each side.

Exercises for the glutes

Making the buttocks firm and beautiful is not difficult if you train regularly and do not forget proper nutrition. The exercise for the glutes: the universal lessons of each day

  1. Initial position – sitting on a chair (on its edge). The feet were getting divorced to the sides, up between the legs, it will not be possible to place a soccer ball. The ball should impact the legs, stretch the muscles of the buttocks. So hold out for 20 seconds, and then relax for a minute and then re-compress the ball.
  2. Starting position – kneeling, hands are at the time. Alternatively, you should use the legs and sit the first one buttock and then to the other. Do a exercise to be necessary to, will not begin to hurt the muscles, but not least 5 total approaches.
  3. The squat. Simple squats allow you to pull the skin is not just for the thighs, but and on the buttocks. Enough for each day, do 10 crunches in the morning and 10 at night, for a month after you get rid of cellulite and see the result of slimming.

Exercises for the hands

Skin stained hands many times, does not allow women to use these clothes as you want. At any age, the situation can be corrected, if you train regularly.

Exercises to lose weight fast at home for your hands

  1. Training with weights. The use of the inventory allows you to quickly be spooled muscles and get rid of the man in the saggy skin. Alter the weight of 1.5 kg) is carried with both hands, and then the hands moving slowly in front of you, then on the head, and then returned to the original position.
  2. Push-ups. Of course, the girls do them, it is much more difficult than men, but and all the charm. Need to train yourself to try every day to do 10 pushups in the morning, to the working muscles. After a few weeks, the skin will become tense.

Exercises to lose weight fast at home regularly, you will never have problems with excess weight and saggy skin.