The calorie diet for weight loss: table

Certainly in the land that there is not a man that want to lose weight have not heard the word calorie. For slimming is the word fear. After all, the unwanted pounds to appear is of calories, and for all those who keep the diet, a significant reduction in calorie menu necessarily the ideal proportions of the body.


Unfortunately, as the calorie count, I don't know all, and this is a mistake: it is this type of diet is more effective in comparison with the other, in this case, there are still many positive aspects:

  1. There are no restrictions in food choice. The dishes are prepared exclusively from their own preferences.
  2. Calculating the calories, there is the possibility of self-adjustment, the score of food, t. e. amount of servings.
  3. The man, that counts the calories per day you can easily keep track by the oscillation of the weight, normal nutritious diet will remain in the same around of calories, or possibly a reduction.

How to count calories for weight loss: table

  1. The first thing you must understand is that for the burning of 1 kg of mass of the body is necessary to spend 7700 kcal. The same amount of calories necessary to recover 1 kg.
  2. The best option is to keep a journal of weight loss. It needs to capture all the results obtained, as well as the plans, which will be an incentive to reach it. The whole day will make the recording with portions of the ingested, so it will be more convenient to follow the correct feed.
  3. At the same time, it will be necessary to record and all the physical activities that are held throughout the day.
  4. In the third table are reported the data about the lost weight.

It's also worth mentioning that the weighing process is performed daily, in the morning, immediately after waking up. Drawing comparisons notes on the three tables. The person has the opportunity to decide on the right diet and amount of physical exercise that complex to help get rid of the extra pounds.

The table of calories for weight loss: the amount of calories in 100 g of product

Fruit Kcal Vegetables Kcal
Bananas 90 Boiled potatoes 60
The grapes 70 Chives 18
Cherry 25 Onion 43
Grapefruit 30 Carrot 33
Pear 42 Cucumber 15
Melon 45 Sweet pepper Bulgarian 19
Blackberry 32 Salsa 23
Kiwi 50 Tomato 20
Apricots 47 Eggplant 28
Avocado 100 Peas 75
The quince 30 Zucchini 18
Pineapple 44 Cabbage to belocochona 23
Orange 45 Cabbage color 12
Watermelon 40 Sauerkraut 28
Strawberries 38 The red cabbage 27
Dogwood 41 Rhubarb 16
Cranberry 33 Radish 16
Currant 48 Radish 25
Lemon 30 Turnip 23
Raspberry 45 Lettuce leaves 11
Mandarin 41 Beet 40
Peaches 45 Pumpkin 20
Drainage 44 Dill 30
Currant 43 Horseradish 49
Cherries 53 Garlic 60
The blueberry 44 Spinach 16
The apples 45 Chestnut 27
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Pastries Kcal Dried fruit Kcal
- Flavored bread 301 Raisins 270
"Donut" 330 Figs 290
Bread black 206 Sultanas 310
Bread PNestaircase 266 Dried apricots 290
Rye bread 213 Dates 290
Flour Tortilla rye 375 Plums 220
Sugar 295 The apples 210
Meat and poultry Kcal Dairy products Kcal
Lamb 316 White cheese 261
Ham 366 Yogurt 51
Carne guisada 180 Kefir bold 61
Meat 170 Kefir (1,5%) 39
Chest 475 Yogurt without fat 31
Goose 301 Milk (3.2%) 62
Peru 150 Cow's milk whole 68
Sausage options. 250 Ice cream creamy 220
Sausage n/a 380 Sour milk 59
The pork loin 430 The business, cultural,enka 85
The rabbit meat 115 The cream (10% fat) 120
Chicken welded 131 The cream (20% fat) 300
Roast chicken 212 Cream (10%) 115
The liver meat 100 Cream (20%) 210
Rim 66 Dutch cheese 357
Sardelike 160 Cheese Lambert 377
Pork cutlet 265 Parmesan Cheese 330
Roasted pork 350 Cheese Russian 371
Heart 87 Cheese sausage 267
Sausages 236 The cheese curds tVoronye 380
Veal 90 Curd cheese (18% fat) 225
Duck 405 Cottage cheese low-fat 81
Language 165 Cottage cheese with sour cream 261


Mushrooms Kcal Nuts Kcal
Mushrooms, dry white 211 Seeds 580
Mushrooms cooked 26 Nuts nuts 652
Mushrooms to the cream 230 Nuts for earth moving 470
Mushrooms fried 165 Nuts, cedar 620
Mushrooms 20 Almonds 600
Ponдto bepetwiki 30 Pistachio 620
Aspen 30 Hazelnuts 670


Fish and seafood Kcal Oil sauces Kcal
Caviar grainy 250 The fat tOPLeNY 930
Caviar pollock 130 Ketchup 80
Lula 95 Mayonnaise 625
The carp grilling 145 Light mayonnaise, the 260
Shrimp 85 Margarine creamy 745
The crabs 70 Margarine to bуtepto bponдNY 670
Hake Polish 70 Margarine for baking 675
Marine cabbage 16 The corn oil 900
Perch 95 Olive oil 825
Eggs   Butter 750
The chicken egg 1pcs. 65 Soybean oil 900
Egg powder 540 Melted butter 885


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Cereals and legumes Kcal Ready for salads Kcal
Polka dot green 280 The carrot is a woman 134
Wheat flour 348 Marine cabbage 80
Rye flour 347 Salad with squid 240
Cocoa 375 Salad with crab sticks 217
Wheat 346 Lettuce mimosa 183
Oats 374 Salad 198
Pepлonвка 342 Vegetable salad (tomato. cucumber, sweet peppers) 30,7
The wheat 352 Vinaigrette 130
Barley 343 Salad with herring 179
Corn 369 Radish with milk cream 103
Masses 350 Caesar Salad 303
Figure 337 Greek Salad 188
The soy 395 Salad refuteeconstant cabbage 77
Beans 328 The herring under a fur coat 193
Lentils 310 Salad of young cabbage 120

The consumption of calories per day

Little for those who do not know the so-known statement that the number of calories consumed must be less than your consumption. The person who leads a sedentary lifestyle, you should follow a diet of calories which is 1200 calories per day, for a party active of the cycle of rhythm, which is involved in some type of sport, the menu should be composed of accounting 1800 calories per day.

How to calculate the calories for weight loss? A middle-aged man, who occupies the position of manager, passes the 3000 kcal per day. The woman equivalent, with the age rating, for the same job spends 2400 kcal.

To physically perform a complex job, the man is going to spend about 3200 kcal, woman — 2700.

How to count calories per day? The basis of this diet — calorie calculation. This is an effective way to significant weight loss, the result will be more stable than in other types of diets.

Consider how correct to count calories to lose weight. To do the calculation, you must use the table of calories of the products. It's not worth going into a panic, if in different sources, the numbers will be different — it is an average, therefore, the difference in some of calories is not significant. The best option is to use a spreadsheet, where there is an extensive list of products, and even easier, to print for visibility and place at a convenient time for the use of the site as, for example, in the kitchen.

With time, familiarize yourself with the calorie content of the dishes will become a habit, will also become more easy to calculate the portion needed. For example, the average rate of sandwich with cheese, pork chops, wind patty and portions of follow-up, will be 370 kcal. A small portion of oatmeal, a specialty of coffee with cream and sugar, in addition to chicken egg cooked — 130 kcal.

200 ml of juice of vegetable or fruit juice, milk, and spring vegetables and cut — 120 kcal. Tea with sugar or coffee — 70 kcal.

It is worth realizing that the weight reduction will not be immediate. The result is clearly visible after a minimum of 5 days, from the beginning of the calorie count.

The taboo include snacks before going to sleep. The dinner should be after 18:00. For example, you can prepare vegetable salad, oats in water with raisins and green tea with jasmine. A few hours before sleeping you can drink kefir or natural yoghurt (200 ml). If the feeling of hunger does not come out, you can take a cup of tea with mint and honey and eat ½ an apple. You can also consume a small slice of cheese (20g).

A full breakfast is a very important aspect in the diet of calories for weight loss. It should be 1/3 of the daily norm of calories. A viable option will be cereals, ontваpныe eggs, fatty grade of meat in the steam and salad with vegetables.

For oneYestSya, and this means that the amount of a dose should not be SKUNee, than before the diet, it's worth completely eliminate sugar, white bread, products with high content of fat and oil. The best type of preparing any dish — ZapeKanie or in the steam.

Excluding from your menu more calorie points, the number of daily calorie consumption to decrease by 10% to 15%. Such products are: sweets, greasy meats, кonпчeнonсtand, fats and sugar. The food intake is split into 6 times per day, with the amount of servings reduced. This method reduces the reception of calories by more than 5-7%.

You need to know! After drinking 200 ml of fresh water, you can burn up to 50 calories. This method works and to diet, with calorie count. Standard — 2 liters of water per day. The liquid helps the body to free itself from the accumulation of waste and toxins.

How to count calories to lose weight

For the correct counting calorie dishes, it is worth to pay attention on the label of the product. It is worth remembering that the calorie content dry and the final product will be different. For example, the calorie content in 100 g of the dried mass is 300 kcal. When cooking your weight increases, therefore, 100 g of noodles boiled will have almost two times less calories.

Counting calories to lose weight — this means that the translation of each meal with numeric coefficients. Is not tiring, fasting, and the correct calculation of individual weight loss program.

table of calories

We count with the amount of calories per day to lose weight

Originally placed the notepad, on which along a week, you should record each meal, respectively, to calculate and calories of a dish. For the calculation of the calorie content of the meals, you must add up the calorie content of each ingredient, given their quantity.

Its caloric content it is possible to calculate, knowing that the mass of each product and the calorie content in 100 grams of the product.

The next step will be the reduction is the caloric of each portion, with the need to start the process of weighing daily. You should be able to get the result in 200 g daily of weight reduction. Before reaching this mark, you must stop and don't reduce the calorie content of dishes is and will be the individual, the rate required calories.

Continuing to eat in the mode established when this losing about 200 g per day of excess weight through a month pointers of the scales will show the result of 6 kg less than before starting the diet count calories.