Time to lose weight the belly - a reliable way of losing excess weight

The presence of a beautiful flat tummy — the dream is, without a doubt, many women. Each one would pay any outfit, the smaller their size, have a clear the shape of the body — without invagination of the belly and of the sides, alluring way. Unfortunately, if in youth the majority of the girls do not have the need to lose weight, then with age, the figure begins to "swim", especially after childbirth, often as a result of poor diet — seizure from the stress of the cakes, low physical activity, and other "delights" of urban life. The lack of time — after all, there are a lot of time, women many times, only one time deal with still, and your figure, by selecting the slimming a few hours in the gym.

time slimming

But there is one that saves you the time and the output power. Belt is a slimming. This modern device allows you to lose weight, not leaving parts precious time of the trip in the fitness club. Lose weight with the help of the belt can be homes, fulfilling their routine duties. Time weight loss allows you to:

  • To get rid of wrinkles in the areas where most of the women in the first place is deposited the excess. This is the waist, abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs.
  • Tightens up the skin tone.
  • Thermo-time can be used with several objectives: it heats up the lumbar spine and treat sciatica.Now, there are a variety of different schedules of weight loss. Arises a reasonable question — what to choose for it to optimally respond to all that is necessary features. We will understand.

Working principle

The principle of operation the hours of one account quickly, the friction and vibration that they increase the temperature of the body in which it is processed batch and reinforce the blood circulation and, consequently, occurs an acceleration of the metabolism, and the body fat quickly deleted. Along with this the active displays the excess water from the body, along with old slag and poisons, which remained in the cages.

Weight loss with the time to the belly, it is not possible to forget a diet low in calories. It is important to maximize the eliminate of your eating useless carbohydrates, and other excesses in the form of smoked, salty, sweet, canned food, as well as semi-finished products in large quantities. A good tip: do this as a daily food, which will help adjust the food and not to eat superfluous and harmful.

Physical exercises

Do not forget to this kind of diet, and pro-the normal physical education or simply load. And if you frequent a gym, the term-time to help you lose weight much faster. Models of devices, there is absolutely different — you can pick up the time from the active, practical and unnoticeable under clothes instrument to identify, to monitor the movements and does not prevent it from performing domestic tasks. You can still engage in physical activity in the routine of life:

  • Leave the elevator the lift. It is natural exercise, in fact, it is very effective and allows the way to lose weight, and tighten the muscles of the buttocks and of the abdomen.
  • If you go the short road in various neighborhoods, with good weather, can be made to walk — it is preferable that the shape, that a trip on transit. Alternatively, you can walk — lots of exercise, which is useful for the entire body.
the use

Types of time


Works on electric base. Other than its name — thermo-time. The effect is achieved through the heat of the body, between the waist and the body creates a layer of air, heated up to the temperature ideal and which creates the effect of presence in the sauna. Due to this, occurs the increase of perspiration, and the person slims.

Rules for the use of time in the sauna:

  • Maximum Total time of use on a day to 50 minutes.
  • Each such a slimming process, you must do at least after an hour after eating.
  • To strengthen the effect of burning fat is to drink during the use of the device of hot drinks: morsy, teas, herbs, and rates.
  • It is not recommended to lubricate the treated surface before the procedure of creams, as this sometimes leads to allergies and dermatitis.
  • If the skin is prone to irritation and, generally, is different than a special sensitivity, it is best not to use the term-time on your naked body. Use simple x/b t-shirt as a layer between the skin and the belt.

Massage time

This time a important device to bring the body back to normal — and in the region of the tummy, waist and thighs. It promotes weight loss, toning, and, in general, acts ozdoravlivayuschim throughout the body.


  • It is effective for weight loss.
  • As and term-time, to cure the pains in the lumbar region, as well as back pain.
  • Helps to adjust the posture.
  • Resolves problems of the spinal column.

Method of application: daily 10 to 15 minutes. The only warning: avoid eating during the procedure, and also for a half hour until she because active the impact of the belt can influence negatively in the process of digestion.

Kettle time

This type of schedule is ideal for women that the fat rebelled, not only in the belly area, but also in other places. The principle of its action — vibration. Active vibration, and it does "wiggle" of the muscle cell, accelerating the they metabolic processes. You can adjust the intensity of the treatment — low for a walk without hurry, up to a maximum for practice on simulators.

Myo is a stimulant

It is a special type of belt slimming, which operates in the problematic areas with the ease of electro impulses. To the body, for example, the region of the belly fed, kiss electrodes to that location, where it will be worked by another muscle group. These electrical impulses are similar in their action with the nerve impulses natural to the human body. Under his directed the influence of intensifies the circulation of the blood, the faster you start to go to the metabolic processes and the most active of which in general is a process of weight loss.


Develop the application of myo-stimulant necessary with the small "doses" — the first enough time of 10-15 minutes per day. Then, by increasing the time in the day in a few minutes, you can bring to the daily session before half-time. Thanks to such "soft"enter into the work load of the muscle can naturally get used to the stimulation.