Proper nutrition for weight loss: a menu for each day

The diet for weight loss system appropriate power (PP) can be treated differently. You can criticize and find faults or fanatically stick to it throughout life, getting the pleasure of your appearance. But what the system PP effective and has helped thousands of fat that have fallen from the hand – in fact, proven time and confirmed by nutritionists.

the power to lose weight

Proper nutrition is not only cabbage salads and cooked a couple of fish. Under the system of PP created millions of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, many of which meet the needs of the body and worthy to enter into a diet plan appropriate for each person!

The program PP

  • Focuses on the "food pyramid", according to which 40% of the dishes on your desk should contain complex carbohydrates (these include whole wheat bread, all types cereal, in addition to meal, in addition to cereals), 35% are fresh and processed by ferry or bake fruits and vegetables and 20% — this is helpful in protein (lean meats, any type of poultry and fish, milk and dairy products). The remaining 5% can be in fats and sugar.
  • Mix the meat with vegetables and fruits.
  • If you really want, then it can be a little sweet. But do not exceed the limit of normal sugar products night — 5 teaspoons. And best of all, replace the sugar by honey. The desserts can be consumed only in the first half of the day, to catch a ride until the night of the burn obtained calories.
  • Be careful that your body has received a sufficient amount of protein (man it requires a minimum of 100 to 150 g per day). Protein is the building blocks, are the cells and support muscle performance. If you gave up meat and poultry, should be consumed to base of vegetable proteins, which in large quantities are present in vegetables, nuts and soy.
  • Go around the side of the semi-finished products, fast food and sauces and canned goods. The sugar and the salt in large amount is added even in the ketchup.


Every diet can only be applied to a limited period of time. To achieve the result should move forward to a healthy diet. If you start out to adhere to a proper diet, to abandon the beloved and harmful food and does not need to. But it must be well control the time and amount of consumption of such products, as well as to offset their caloric physical activities.

The proper nutrition is so correct, and beneficial, which can be and even need to keep throughout the life, in the name of a slender figure and healthy appearance.

Is the time to get to a menu!

How to create an eating plan to lose weight

Individual planning of your own menu of the day, week, month, you can develop the habit of eating properly and strictly certain way. Float – at least 3 times, and the best of the 5-6 times per day — feed mode is essential to nurture the discipline. It's not worth breaking or rebuilding your usual mode of the day. Stick to your style of life when your plan.

Mode of meals for the "early bird" (people who agree, for example, 6.00 hours, and adapt to 22.00)

  • At 7.00 in the morning breakfast
  • At 10.00 indulge in the second cup of coffee of the morning light
  • 13.00 go to lunch
  • 16.00 hour for a snack
  • 19.00 dinner

Food for the "owls" (people, placed after 9.00 hours and go to sleep around 00.00 night)

useful food
  • At 10: 00am in the morning breakfast
  • 13.00-time for lunch
  • At 15.00 it's time for dinner
  • At 17: 00, go for an afternoon snack
  • At 20.00 dinner time

Therefore, to adapt the mode of reception of food in your daily routine.

Main recommendations

  • breakfast should be an hour after lifting
  • morning fasting drink 250 ml of warm water
  • between meals keep time in 2-3 hours
  • sit down to dinner before or up to two hours before sleep

For the correct weight loss must keep a record of the calories from all the eaten products. To do this, slide the notepad or an app on your phone and place the marking, even on the amount of water or juice that they drank.

What is important when suppers

  1. Painting, weekly menu, immediately prepare the list of purchases in supermarkets. And, immediately, distribute the day on which it will cook. In a few days should, for example, enter chicken and fish. In a day should be light vegetable salad for dinner and a generous steaks of meat at lunch and t. d.
  2. It is not possible to skip the breakfast, even if there is no feeling of hunger. Each breakfast should be balanced and nutritious to 50% of the daily value of carbohydrates should lean for breakfast, proteins stop 30%, fats 20%.
  3. The dinner should contain mainly proteins. For example, the low-fat cheese, baked meat, chicken or fish in the steam.
  4. FloordNicky, the second breakfast – the correct and balanced snacks between meals food. But they should not turn into a complete meal. Forgontonвьte a snack of fruit (can be a banana, 150 to 200 g of grapes, a large apple), fresh or steamed vegetables (cabbage, tomato, carrot, radish, and PR.), dried fruits or nuts (the latter to be non-salted and, in volume, of not more than 30 g per reception).
  5. When the calorie count to have a burn during physical activity. For example, if you are going for a full-day hike moving through the city or planned for cyclocross in long distance, increase that the day of the diet. Schedule a certain amount of carbs and protein, and before you leave the house, take a coffee in the morning as well.
  6. Drink plain drinking water — not chilled and not the boiling water (it cleans the gastrointestinal tract and carries out the metabolic processes). It is useful to Hudeющandх green tea (it speeds up the metabolism, fills a need of the body in antandonксanddantOh and it is well, cushioning the appetite).
  7. Drink coffee-it may be, but the high calorie content of its variations (latte or cappuccino) only eat until lunch time.

Errors Hudeющandх

  • Disruption of candy, and flour (one should not exclude completely, but try techniques, so as not to impair the standard of days of consumption of calories).
  • Roasted and smoked. This thermal treatment of food is possible, if the frying without oil, fire, and smoke no more than 20 minutes natural not artificial smoke).
  • Cooked and roasted food PRedпonчtandte raw fruits and vegetables, consume the most vegetation of all varieties.
  • Heavy dinner, with large portions. The meat or the fish, boil, or delete, do not forget to fresh vegetable (for example, 200 g of beef with a fresh cucumber).
  • The frequent consumption of alcohol. Should be avoided, because it is very calorie and can trigger a strong feeling of hunger.
  • During the meal, drink water, is not possible. As well as tea or juice. Brew cup of tea just an hour before you eat and then half an hour later.
  • Careful with the salt, spices and sauces. This is very stimulates the appetite and can lead to the breakdown of mode and excesses.
  • The meals are not worth suffering for. You will always be the packaging of dried fruits, water with lemon or a handful of raisins. So you still the appetite and avoid excesses while drop-down food intake.

Example of menu for the week

The first day

In the morning, meal: rice 200 g butter 10 g, a banana or an apple, black coffee.

Snack: пondсушeнный grey bread, boiled egg, tomato.

The daily meal: mackerel on a pair of 200 g, a salad with beijing cabbage with peas and sunflower oil, with 180 grams.

The second snack is: non-greasy tвonрonжonк 120 g with a spoon of 10% cream, green apple, 200 ml of tea.

The evening reception food: steamed vegetables 220 g, a piece of boiled beef 140 g

The second day

Morning meal: a sandwich of a piece of whole wheat bread, cottage cheese, creamy and plastic, cucumber, grape, 100 g of tea or coffee with honey.

Snack: fresh cheese 50 g with a teaspoon of honey.

Daily meal: meat broth 200 g, fresh salad with beijing cabbage with cucumber and tomato, fluid, lemon juice.

The second snack: a red apple and a kiwi, green tea or herbal.

The evening reception food: lean meat 200 g, two fresh cucumber.

The third day

Morning meal: oatmeal cooked without milk — 210 g, a tablespoon of honey, avocado and coffee without sugar.

Snack: nuts, cedar, or 60 g of nuts, green apple, tea, circle of lemon.

The daily meal: rice powder 150 grams, the same amount of vegetables.

The second snack: cheese gratin cottage, monkey, 150 g banana, herbal tea.

The evening reception food: seafood peeled 200 g, two of cucumber and a tomato.

The fourth day

In the morning, the intake of food is: oatmeal in milk 200 g fresh raspberry, blackberry, blueberry or strawberry — 100 g.

Snack: one yogurt with no sugar 100 g, a teaspoon of honey and a freshly brewed coffee and black coffee.

Daily meal: cooked non-greasy fish 250 g sauerkraut 130 g.

The second snack: salad of tomatoes, cucumber, seasoned with low-fat cream of milk 200 g.

The evening reception food: roast chicken 200 g without shell, exceeded the 30 g parmesan cheese, in addition to two of cucumber.

Day five

Morning meal: mashed potatoes in water 200 g with the addition of 30 g of butter oil, a boiled egg, a cucumber.

Snack: green tea and two kiwi.

The daily meal: mushroom soup with barley, 260 g, пondсушeнный a slice of bread or croutons, and 10 g of cheese.

The second snack: home gratinée cheese, raisins and yoghurt to 150 g.

Evening meal: gratin of hake 200 g cabbage, 100 g.

The sixth day

Morning meal: cream omelet of two eggs and 150 ml of milk, freshly brewed coffee and black coffee.

Snack: grapefruit or grapefruit.

The daily meal: 150 g of baked potato with the mushrooms 100 g, the flesh of chicken, roast 70 g.

The second snack: a yogurt or a yogurt drinking 200 ml, a green apple.

Evening meal: low fat content of fresh cheese 150 g no added sugar, two baked in the oven of apple.


Morning meal: porridge of corn in water 200 g butter 30 g, a cup of black tea without sugar.

diet menu

The second morning meal: kiwi and banana.

Daily food intake: vegetables PRandпущeнная gratin + 20 g cheese — 250 grams, boiled chicken fillet — 100 g.

The second snack: ontварныe shrimp 200 g of carrot or tomato juice 200 ml.

The evening reception food: fish cutlet a pair of 150 grams of white rice, cooked 100 g, a tomato.