The history of weight loss, with a photo of the before and after of real people

In the period of weight loss is very important to find the motivation. It is she who is able to motivate a person to overcome their own laziness and the desire to break at any moment. As serious motivation for exilis often acts as a history of success of loss of weight.

After reading it in moments of imminent collapse, and seeing that everything that is desirable is quite feasible to implement, and renews our strength and keeps it the hard way. The following, are presented the best in the history of weight loss, able to motivate to achieve the goal.


My story of weight loss after the birth, 22 kg

Tatiana, 35 years.

My pregnancy was much desired and awaited. It is for this happy period of my life I have gained 22 kg, with incredible effort, had to reset later. Through the use of a discharge system days I found the female sophisticated in a way that could only dream of.

You can't say that to me are given, gracious nature options. In his youth, when low the growth of 160 cm, I have never weighed less 62 kg. However, at that moment, not caused the discontent of you, and Valentine's was enough..

10 years later, after the wedding, I finally managed to get pregnant. But here, things didn't go so well, as most of the girls. From the first month I had a threat of miscarriage. 9 months I had sat in the hormonal medications, and did no physical exercise, which was a prerequisite for the successful gestation of the child.

The appetite grew more each day. I would particularly like sweets and starchy foods. In the end, after the birth, I saw in the mirror the horrible flaccus and plenus body, which to me is not something I didn't like, and caused disgust... I made the decision to reduce your weight.

Unfortunately, breastfeeding in the weight loss process had no influence. I had the impression that the inches of purchase me pasted. In the end, I completely tried to play a accumulated of weight through a low calorie diet. But in the end, he received was not what I wanted: the full decline forces, the progressive state of depression and constant feeling of hunger and the weight, which came back with a vengeance.

After that, I drastically changed tactics, and chose the system of discharge days 2 times per week.

The download is going on:

  1. Fermented low-fat products – 1 l per day.
  2. Includes juices – 1.5 l per day.
  3. Fruits – 1 kg during the day.
  4. Vegetables – 1 kg per day.

Feeling, already abandoned the ease in the body, added to the physical load, that is, classes bodyflex after a long day of 25 minutes. The exercises were performed once, and the well-being has improved each and every day.

I liked that the classes visibly tight figure and disappeared sagging of the skin. Finally, for the first month I lost 12 kg, while that for the second – the remaining 10 kg. the Result exceeded all my expectations.

The figure has become almost a model!

If someone wants to lose weight, the application of a system of fasting days, I would like to give you effective tips:

  1. Begin to lose weight from 1 download per week.
  2. Switch menu days of fasting.
  3. In the case of a strong feeling of hunger, drink a glass of cold water.
  4. Include classes of any complex of physical exercises.
  5. And the most important – to not go with the planned path!

The story of a ideal weight loss system minus 60

After the transition of the education, and increasingly became similar to glomus. With the passing of the years butterball, gradually, became a huge carcass, which did not want to look in the mirror. But, like any girl, I dreamed of love, a beautiful young woman and a night of dating. Yes, who will pay attention to 110 kg casting?

When you have finished the institute, I made the decision to change yourself. After all, did not want to be old virgin for the whole life. Have tried all kinds of diet and discharge realized a weight of, at least, and it changes with the dead point, but after a short period of time back.

And then, one day, I found on the internet for information about the system of less than 60. Along with the information of how to perform the weight loss had stories of girls that, applying this method could play 20 to 50 kg. And I believed, that I can also!

The most important thing in the diet:

  1. The lack of any snacks (even the most innocent).
  2. System implies the transition to three meals.
  3. Up to 12 hours of the day , you can eat a little of everything I really want.
  4. At lunch time and for dinner from animals of a certain combination of products (required to strictly follow the recommendations).

According to the system, the evening reception of food allows the choice of electing any variation:

  1. Vegetable dish and croup.
  2. Pulp fruit dish combined with cereals.
  3. A few fresh vegetables and fruit.
  4. Some vegetables and milk productt (non-greasy).
  5. Meat or fish (consumed without additions of other products).

Necessarily provide the last meal, until 18:00. In fact, it was my main difficulty during the weight loss.

In addition to the system compliance of less than 60, I started to practice running 3 times per week, and the shedding of cold water in the morning. In the end, my weight 4 months left with 110 kg up to 60 kg. the Result I am very happy. Around for a long time were in a state of shock of my reincarnation.

Tips for those who want to lose weight:

  1. Clearly follow the recommendations of your system of loss of weight.
  2. Eat small portions.
  3. After the end of the diet adhering to a proper diet.
  4. Find an alternative to the clogging of stress. This can be a hobby, running, boxing, music. Vale tudo, anything, just to hand has not reached the next portion of the burger after the first failure fund.

20 pounds in 30 days

Since adolescence, I was used to the attention of the opposite sex. Still less! The figurine was simply perfect, thanks to the artistic gymnastics. During the next competition I received an injury that was stuck to the bed for almost 4 months.

After such a long period of time, I started to walk again. This period, in addition to migrated for the joy that I once again I brought negative emotions. I don't have any kind of outfit that I wore to the hospital.

Rising in the scale, it was a surprise to see instead of the usual 48 kg whole 73. Already not the day, I began by starvation. Unfortunately!!! The state even hungry syncope, but the volumes have not decreased. Therefore, the decision was taken to change tactics of struggle, that is, to lose weight through proper diet and practice jogging.

The basic principles of my diet were:

  1. The basis of the menu – fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Float food intake.
  3. The taboo on the use of foods rich in starch and sweet.
  4. 20% of a daily diet – kashi or lean meats/fish.
  5. The last meal before 17:30.

Jogging spent per day, in the evening hours.

To highlighted some important principles that are worth considering the introduction of a lesson:

  1. The implementation of the practice race , exclusively, on the evening of the day. It is in these hours rushing to get rid of excess weight. At another time of the day of classes, which only strengthens the muscles.
  2. It is better for the race to choose the type of jogging. Ideal for practicing not least 45-60 minutes.
  3. To accelerate the elimination of body fat, it is recommended to practice speed interval run (a small distance of the sliding switch with the walk of 100 metres in the maximum speed of the race). This type of exercise is best to take about 35-55 minutes. After the practical speed range to move the body over a period of five hours of fat-burning, restrained in various parts of the body.

By this system, I lived 30 days. During this period, it is possible to play the 20 pounds and get back to the old a sporting manner. The most important thing – I did not have to suffer the constant feeling of hunger, unaware of the state and depression. The whole process of release of quantities once passed, and with benefits to my health.

Veronica, 24 years old


How do I lose weight with water

Working in a large company, I have gained plenty extra pounds and turned in an early age of a lady, with their curved shapes. When it came the desire to organize personal life and grooms on the horizon cannot be seen, I stayed and decided to take your body in shape lost. After all, the men, as the saying goes, love with your eyes. And my 88 pounds do not mix with grace.

The decision was taken and began the different hunger for days.

What I finally purchased:

  1. Harvested view.
  2. The bags under the eyes.
  3. Weight loss exclusively in the facial area.
  4. Depression.
  5. Eternal tiredness and lack of desire to live a full life.

To share their failures with the girlfriend, I received very valuable hint that she may, in time experienced by yourself, try water diet.

So, what I finally did:

  1. Each meal involves the pre-drunk a glass of clean water – that really helped to decrease the furious appetite and do not have family huge portions.
  2. Taking the water, he paid attention on its temperature (it is allowed only to the temperature environment in use).
  3. The taboo about the use of sweets or carbonated drinks.
  4. Day of the standard drunk of the water was 2.5-3.5 liters.
  5. Fulfilled three adequate nutrition in the period of water a diet.

This type of system has not caused much difficulty, so I was calmly about it over 4 months. To achieve the maximum effect, I added a common part of the gym in the morning, and after 4 months, making it on balance what I've seen dear of 50 kg. I again full of strength, health and energy, and most importantly – the eye dazzling. And, by the way, besieged by fans do not. Still, the men and the truth of love with the eyes!

My advice to all of weight loss:

  1. Reduce the size of the portions.
  2. Restrict the consumption of sweets, and the best and not discard them.
  3. No matter how I wanted to break down and eat something is the favorite, but highly damaging – save the willpower and not fall into the temptation. Although no man the food is not made you happy.
  4. Elaborating on the menu, go for fresh fruits and vegetables.

All to lose weight and I can!

Excellent results of images of alena, before and after weight loss in 33 years after the birth

After the birth, I had gained 15 kg. In the result, the balance sadly, showed the mark of 75 kg, which is unfortunately not added me mood and self-confidence. The decision was taken urgently redefine their fat mass. So as I am not a proponent of diets that only return me my extra pounds and yes with the reservation, but this time I chose the use of dietary supplements.

They are doing very well with the task:

  1. Clean the body.
  2. Reduce the cholesterol.
  3. Healing body.
  4. They take in the metabolism rate.
  5. Are derived from the excess of water and toxins.

In addition, the supplements are adipem stainless steel tube and blockers fat.

A big advantage is:

  1. The absence of side effects.
  2. The lack of pre-requirements for the compliance of the diet.

How to lose weight very anxious, I in addition to receiving dietary supplements still, went on to proper nutrition. And after 1,5 months he took away all of the excess volumes (15 kg). I am madly happy to feel again-if an attractive woman and catch the admiring glances. To pounds back, I still drink retention rate obtained from weight.

Council to all weight loss:

  1. Stick to the proper fractional power.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. More if you move.
  4. And the most important – believe in yourself! Let all that you have!!!