Lose weight quickly and effectively: how?

To give your appearance worthy of view, the woman need in a matter of minutes: to model the hair, the makeup and the selection of the times she will not need more than an hour. And here is the put in order the way in such a short time, no one can. But if the girl or wife has left for a few days or weeks, then lose weight quickly and effectively is quite real.

effective slimming

Express-weight loss through the excretion of body fluids

If you stay with the right tactics, then get rid of from 1.5 to 3 extra kilos, you can even by night. And this is not science fiction. The most effective thing for your weight loss for a matter of hours can be accomplished by means of the release of the excess fluid, which, in beings full of people, it is present in overabundance. Especially a lot of its sediment of cellulite. For all people interested in how to lose weight quickly, you may be advised to try to get rid of excess water in the fat stocks.

The simplest way to become more easy due to the loss of liquid — well, sweat in the sauna or steam bath. Before visiting the steam rooms, the woman must drink a diaphoretic tea with the mother and stepmother, mint, false color, leaves of currant or raspberries. After the tea party need to take a hot water shower and only then sent to the steam room. For a long time it becomes not worth the effort, it will be enough for a few minutes. Pour cold water after you steam rooms is not recommended, otherwise it is necessary to weight loss diaphoretic effect to achieve success.

After visiting the baths can become more easy of 0.5-2 kg. But weight loss fast about this methodology will be short-lived: once the water balance in the body recovers, the weight will go back to their earlier positions. Method is justified only when the girl need to urgently to lose weight in a short time for the purpose of, for example, to climb a little tight for her night clothes. Often, to become involved with this technique is not worthwhile, because it can cause dehydration.

Lose up to 1.5 kg per day can be activating the functioning of the kidneys. How to do this correctly? Need to brew the diuretic tea, field horsetail, shrubs, leaves, lingon, strawberries, bear eye, bearberry, or of nettles and drink it several times a day. The principle of weight loss you diuretics method is not different from the previous one: the body gets a strange liquid, that at the first opportunity and filled the weight back on again. Often use diuretic method, it is not worth, as well as the use kidney feel a great load of work.

Rapid reduction in weight, restriction of food and the cleaning of the intestine

To make it easier to 0.5 to 1 kg per day may be due to the restriction of food recipes. The common man, only eats up to 500 grams of product, but there are those who are able to swallow much more. If you reduce each one to have its share of one-half, per day, you can lose up to 500 grams of weight. It is worth noting that, when a significant decrease of the number of ingested in any case you can limit the intake of fluids.

Become slimmer as possible, if a couple of times a week to give, a day of fasting, during which eat about a pound of apples, and drink liters of yogurt. Supplement download diet can be still and mineral water, green tea, and drink which can be, without restrictions.

In the digestive system the human adult is on average 5 to 7 kg of products at different stages of its processing. If you remove from the intestine, at least, half of its contents and, then, on the day it is possible to reduce your own waist of a few centimeters. Free yourself from the waste of food is possible with the help of reinforcing the work of the intestine. For this, during the day, before each meal should drink 15 ml of the infusion buckthorn, has action laxative (manufacture of beer, she needs it in the calculation 2 tablespoons of the fruit into a cup of boiling water). The bowel cleansing is a useful procedure not only for the shape, but also for the body in general, however, perform your best end-of-week, as well as the laxatives can play with a man of a bad joke and far from a toilet, preferably not deviate.

diet for weight loss

All of the methods mentioned above express weight loss allow a person to effectively and quickly lose weight for a short time. However, the test itself can only be absolutely healthy for people who do not have problems with the work the digestive, cardiovascular and urinary systems. None of these techniques, it is not possible to apply a long time, the better your duration — 1 day. In this case, the relief obtained by the body, you will as well. It is worth considering that, when the elimination of the excess of the net and the liberation of the intestine and all the fat will be in your place. To cope with it will need more time and in other ways.

A one-week course of thinness

If a woman has plenty of week before the trip by sea, night, output, or other important event, where she wants to parade with his slender figure, so you can quickly and lose weight effectively, coming in contact with the center of aesthetic and reconstructive clinical. Weeks of the weight loss program, these consist of materials of the diet, composed of a professional individually for each patient, a variety of massages, a sting of needles, body wraps, gymnastics and other procedures, with the aim of reducing weight. These methods allow weak, semi you lose weight effectively and long lasting.

SPA services-beauty salons and clinics may not be assigned to cheaper, therefore, are only available to people insurance. But to be slim dream of all women, regardless of the thickness of the wallet. Let's see how to lose weight effectively per week, without resorting to specialists. Any complex short-term weight loss has 3 main components:

  • a low calorie diet, or a limit on the consumption of food;
  • daily loading in the morning;
  • hiking.

Download diet each woman can choose for yourself, based on your financial capacity and the like. For a week's course of thinness wrong apple, orange peel, cucumber, kefir, rice, and other diet. But one should consider that, for a rapid weight loss need to learn how to limit yourself to 1200-1800 kcal per day. Here is an example of diet menu, which can be used during a low calorie diet:

  • breakfast: 2 slices of whole wheat bread with low-fat cottage cheese and sliced apple;
  • lunch: 150 g of fish fillet lean varieties, salad vegetables, dressed with yogurt or sour cream reduced fat, 200 g of fruits;
  • dinner — 2 toast, a salad of apple, cucumber, and green with the addition of 100 g of grated cheese with low fat.

Between meals, it is recommended to drink water or green tea, but snacks should be avoided. Support the entire week on that disk out to eat is not easy, but the result of a diet to please to the end of 7 days the weight of the woman is reduced from 3 to 5 pounds.

The physical load, in quick weight loss

exercises to lose weight

With diets need to necessarily combine the gym in the morning, of a duration not less than half an hour. Do not need to force yourself to do very heavy physical exercise in the period of revenue little diets they are undesirable. And here is the regular easy work-out, slopes, abdominal and breathing exercises help the body to lose weight quickly and permanently.

Often the extra pounds on the side of a person accumulate due to lack of training of motor activity, therefore, in a period of weight loss need to try to take a style of active life. Not worth avoiding walks: every 2.5 km, spent at a rapid pace, "sai" of 200 kcal. So much energy is going to need a man, to swim in a pool of half a kilometre. And thirty aerobics class of the body have guarantee of 400 kcal. Between weight loss women is a very popular fitness, where the stretching exercises are combined with aerobic breathing — if daily activities in a very few days to become easier in 2 kg. If you combine moderate physical activity with the diet, then the result of a week of diet can reach 6 kg.

The Radical technique of weight loss — fasting

When the woman has sufficient time, the process of slimming, you can stretch for a month. The most complete women prefer to lose weight independently, looking for newfangled diet on the pages of magazines or on the internet. However, nutritionists warn that many diets modern are not balanced and when long-term use, are able to cause female-body damage. To all those looking to lose weight quickly and for a long time, you should consult a nutritionist, that the selection of methods of weight reduction will be to consider the individual characteristics of all their patients.

The most radical method of elimination of kilos — fast. However, to die of hunger who, under the supervision of a doctor. Before you completely stop eating, you need some time to sit on a vegetarian diet, in order to prepare your body for the big change. Throughout the fasting period the person needs to follow a normal drinking mode: water you should drink without restrictions. And, here, the practice of sports and physical labor should completely abandon the fasting that are not compatible.

Nutritionists warn the people, dared on an empty stomach, about the fact that, for the full functioning of the whole organism of man is necessary a complete range of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, the exception of the diet at least one of the components that leads to the breakdown of the rate of the process. Abandoning the consumption of animal fats, the man runs the risk of disturbing the hormonal balance in the body, lack of carbohydrates affect the brain activity, and the abstention of meat causes the development of anemia and decrease immunity. Fasting often causes the functioning of the intestine: after a long time of inactivity, it stops working normally.

It is not the best way impact of refraining from eating, it is the activity of the pancreas — it stops producing the enzymes necessary for the division of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and this can lead to the development of food allergies. Out of a hunger strike must be very slowly and carefully: it is not possible after termination, immediately, give yourself to the party, otherwise, you can enter the hospital. First the food, after a long period of the refusal of nourishment shall be juices, the diet should gradually expand, obeying the strict vegetarian diet.

Reviews women's, close monthly, starvation as a method of quick weight loss, predominantly positive weight loss per month was 10-15 kg. However, they all fought with excess weight under the scrutiny of medicine. At home, you can only perform short-term hunger strike, not more than 3 days. But this is only valid in the case when the woman is absolutely healthy. Starvation — the most effective way to weight loss in cases, when for a short period of time, you need quick way to lose weight, but before you venture into it, as it should think, after all, no one knows, as if stating that he had abundant and tasty to eat the body will react to the rejection of the food.

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Many times, after you finish the diet or fasting women gradually return to their usual food supply, they start to consume products high calorie content and re-gain weight, from which he delivered with great difficulty. To avoid such bad prospects for their figure, a woman should try to eat with small bowls, because the man is accustomed to eat as much as is put it in a bowl. Reducing the diameter of your dish just a room, it is actually reducing the daily ration to be around 500 kcal. So simple trick helps women for too long to stay lean, once you leave the diet.