Exercises to lose weight at home each day for women: tips

Regardless of gender, age and nationality, all people want to stay as long as possible, beautiful, attractive, have a strong, more youthful and a toned body, and just feel well, because of the excellent physical shape. However, it is worth to understand that if a such a gift of fate given the nature of the other may require a lot of effort in a serious and systematic lessons. If you even talk about extra weight, it is already very long ago became a widespread problem of humanity that needs and can be a struggle, but how to do this, when I entered the fitness center or a gym, a house, and you can be alone learning exercises for women at home, it is a personal choice of each one.

exercises to lose weight at home

It is not mandatory to visit the gym: workout at home for weight loss female

Many people today complain of excessive weight, however, to take any measures to fix it without hurry. It is understandable, after all, not everyone has the opportunity to go regularly to the gymnasium, where the classes give professional instructors, after all, their services are giving is not cheap, and some that are not ashamed to show their excess of increase under a sports top. They are trying to lose weight, various diets, treatments fasting, special pills, but all of this turns out to be ineffective and sometimes even harmful.

Scientists have long confirmed that the application of the most varied, from the classic, the buzzword, diets will not give the expected result of resetting of the weight. The simplest and also effective method to get rid of the extra pounds will be from a balanced diet and the correct (and healthy eating), cleverly combined with the fact the selected complex of exercises for weight loss at home in each day for women.

However, upset is not worth, and to actually lose weight, not necessarily, regularly go to the gym sports, every girl or woman is able to self-build his own body, examining the question of the structure of the body and regularly chasing. Here the main thing is not to be afraid of never giving up and strictly follow all the instructions to get truly amazing results.

  • Focus on self-discipline, positive attitude, build a plan that will strictly follow it and everything should be done to actually lose weight.
  • To you and you saw the result, you need to deal with no less than three to four times per week.
  • Build the mode of your day, therefore, for the time of training fell in the range between 11 o'clock in the morning and the time of day, and after lunch, around five to seven. This time is the most suitable for the physical culture.
  • Try not to eat right before exercise, for it will not bring any benefit. It is better to wait for two hours for food to completely dissolved.
  • Not worth to force, force yourself to train and, by this, to think about the motivation for the lessons.

As in any business, it is very important that it is the regular and systematic practice, so that it is worth not to forget about the training, otherwise the results that you do not like.

We gathered in the inventory

If you have decided that it is in urgent need of a program of nutrition and exercise to lose weight for women, and, without doubt, means that you are mature enough for "adult" decisions and actions. Only have to purchase the inventory, that represents the things and equipment that you will use during the workout.

  • Would be good to have a home of dumbbells, from one, up to five pounds. The men do not stop and in 7-16 pounds, but the women kind of weight for nothing.
  • You should buy sports mat, which will facilitate the execution of the exercise, and, to a certain extent, protect against injury.
  • Natural clothing for physical culture – a factor far and away is not important. He should be comfortable and not cramp movement.

Good purchase will be the gym and the ring. For exercises with him, in order to be effective, it must have a lot of not less than one pound. Get ready effort to the practice, it will be difficult and hard, but the result you will like.

Exercises for women at home

Each professional athlete can confirm that any exercise should always begin with a warm-up. Only when you are satisfied, you can get to the main exercises, then the exercise program and diet to lose weight for women will be safe and effective. If you do not act, you can hurt seriously and even get hurt, but the real result of the be able to will evil.

Exercise – the beginning started any training

In fact, very simple, just first, a good rub the hands over one another, until they don't seem to be really hot, and then grind them to the neck, hands, and even the face. The entire body requires quality petrissage, if the loved ones has the ability to massage, and it will not hurt.

  • First knead the shoulders, neck, and hands. For this, you need to make a rotation movement of the neck, then the shoulders. Shake the hands if they are wet.
  • Then, you need to mash back, and for that, it is better to lift in a straight line, and then run curves, gradients. Remember that your body needs to function only above the waist, and all that is below, to maintain without movement.
  • After that I knead the lumbar spine and pelvis, making circular and rotational motion.
  • Left a couple of times to sit down, to run several Mach the feet to the front, back, and side to side, and you're ready for the full training.

The duration of the exercise should be about ten to fifteen minutes. If there is a place, it can be a bit of a run, jump, and you can begin.

Exercises to lose weight at home for women: squats

On the way to lose weight, there is no more decent and effective exercises than the squat is a fact. An approach is advisable to run at least twenty repetitions. The hands, check the waist and the legs, as expected, the width of the shoulders. The back is necessary to maintain directly, and if you do not lean to the front. This exercise also shapes and the shape of the buttocks and thighs, so it's worth a try.


An important role plays the breathing: deep squat breathing, getting up, along with the exhalation. Gradually, each day, increase the number of approaches, until you reach the three, that are made with an interval of a minute or two. Where-the-day through the quire already can complicate your task, and squat with dumbbells.

Long thrusts feet: we train the muscles of the calf and not only

Take a large step forward with one foot, and the second touch the ground. Arise, in the original posture, and then repeat all that you need, but it is already the second with your foot. The hands then it is better to hold in the waist, but also can dilute the side, to give greater stability. At the beginning, enough for a approach of fifteen reps, but then gradually increase the number up to the two approaches.

Hands, and also the chest muscles: lying on the back

For this exercise, you already need a bank, or, at least, a gym and a carpet, because you first need to lie on your back, and dumbbells. On inhale, slowly, move your hands with dumbbells in hand, and inspiration, simply take him by the head. An approach should be twelve repetitions. Also the number of approaches you need to bring up to three, with the time, you can increase the weight and dumbbells.

The top and bottom of the muscle press

This exercise is also run from the same, the old-which is good, lying position, with the legs should be folded in the lap, and feet fixed in one position. Slide the hand directly to the head, interlock the fingers and lift the body so that the blades were sticking out of the surface. If the first few times you start to go up three times, this is already good. With time, the number of lifts may increase arbitrarily, which means, how much strength is enough.

Later in the same position need to take your hands for something heavy, for example, this can be the foot of the sofa, and raise the folded legs to the belly, trying to suppress them as high as possible. With time it will be possible to do this kind of exercise, with legs stretched out. We recommend the same schedule as that for the abdominal.

Single belt: a magic wand of kilos

It was impossible not to include this exercise in comprehensive exercises to lose weight at home for women, is unique in its properties. While in the static position, you can work many muscles, even without doing anything.

It is also useful to do the exercise, under the name of "Horizon", which is exactly similar to the swallow, however, implies a fixed position and tension of all the muscles. If you do not succeed, do not worry, with time, you will be able to.

Hoop, weighing in at a kilo

Very useful for carrying out the exercises with a hoop, who, during the rotation does massages and kneads the muscles. It helps to eliminate the cellulite in the initial stage, will help drive excess fat from the waist and the hip, trains the legs and even the belt strap.

Experts recommend to twist it throughout fifteen minutes twice a day. If that is the desire, the appetite, as it is known, comes in time to eat, you can increase this time by half.

Some simple tips and recommendations

To do a set of exercises for weight loss at home each day for women more effective and efficient, it is necessary to consider some nuances. To know your is going to need someone who has never practiced physical exercises, as well as represent basic tips that can give any amateur athlete.

  • Do exercises only in well-ventilated room, however, you should take care so that there are no air currents. The fresh air helps to get more pleasure from doing, and also helps the body to get enough oxygen.
  • Need to create your own workout plan, for example, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and not to lose the practice. The regularity and the system of your best aids in weight loss.
  • In addition, make sure you do the warm-up before starting the training session.
lose weight at home

Already day ten, you need to mark, as he began to change his body and kilos will dissolve much faster if you take care also healthy and full of nutrition, the correct mode and the renunciation of bad habits.