The results of loss of weight – that they depend on?

Your girlfriend with an important aspect reports that to get rid of the excess weight that you need, is to just eat less and move more. It's a simple truth, apparently, and there is nothing complicated in the process of getting rid of the extra pounds. But it turns out that it is not so simple!

the result of weight loss

Even the doctors don't say about the methods of slimming. In addition, the competent doctor will not say never, which the weight will reset to the serious limitation of power and active sport. But really, no one knows exactly if a particular person with the power mode and sport visibly lose weight. In the process of weight loss affects a large number of factors is the mood, and characteristics of the organism, and the weight, and the body's response to a particular feeding system and a given load. After all, when you change the diet and the introduction of the sport in his life, the body may react differently. Well, if the calories actively divide through the consumption of energy during physical exercise. But it can even occur a other version, with a hunger the metabolism, which will try to save the nutrients of the last forces. In this case, the weight loss is going slowly.

When you reduce the weight – problem

Probably, you will find a friend or friend, which could excellent to lose weight in the kremlin diet. Every time you hear stories about how well he walked the slimming process, and how much it is possible to reset with the help of this power system. Obviously, such stories cause you try the Kremlin diet and you. And can even you have tried that option, but for unknown reasons, the effect is not the same. Don't be surprised. According to the statistics, the Kremlin diet gives the result of weight loss in only 5% of people. It would be otherwise, there would be no overweight problems at all.

Can even be noticed and when it goes the other diets. From thousands of people drive to relieve the weight, the rest did not indicate significant changes. But why is this so, that some noticeably relieve the extra pounds and other weight is going very slow? Of course, the main reason is that we are all different. Each person has their own characteristics of functioning of the body and, therefore, what is right for one, is not effective for the other.

The problem different results

On a wide range of results, respecting a mode of power speak for a long time. It is understood that each person is an individuality. But the weight loss people have a lot in common. And yet, if the nutritionist will bring together a group of slimming people up with the same parameters and offer them a nutrition, the slimming results of each group will be extremely unpredictable. Necessarily among the participants, there will be some people who will be more quick and simple to lose weight. There is also a group of people, that the elimination of excess weight will be given to very difficult and slow. And yet there are several participants that this diet is not efficient and will not lose weight or by the pound.

Browse for the cause is that someone slimming violates the prescription of a nutritionist, you do not need. Usually the feed is also prescribed by a nutritionist program. But one is fed by taste, it allows you to not think about the hunger, refuel yourself of energy and you feel great. And the other diet is boring, it is not delicious, tedious and does not bring the slightest pleasure, since the diet for them becomes a real torture.

What is the secret to slimming easy

the diet

The answer to the question, it seems, is actually on the surface. It's amazing, but people reduce weight not of diets and eating plans, and competence-designed complex of events. Not only with diet and sports influence the reduction of weight. Have value and engine daily activity, and muscle tone, the attitude of the man and of his purpose. The truth is that all of these factors can be very effective for human health and may interfere with and prevent the release of excess weight.

Each person has a set of factors that help you lose weight, and also the prevent to get rid of excess weight. Answer the questions, what exactly promotes weight loss, and what gets in the way, should every man for himself. To face these challenges is not easy. Here are some striking examples for the purpose of determining the influence of the above factors in the reduction of weight.

So, if two people who adhere to the same mode of feeding, but one has a factor of motivation, and the second is sitting on a diet of only one company. The question is, who would be able to reduce the weight faster? The answer is simple - of course, the faster success will be able to who has the motivation better. The fact is that the mind of man secular. And whether it is the pursuit of goals, the body increases the activity of noradrenaline and adrenaline. The activities of these hormones influences positively in the process of digestion of fats.

Another example of the different options of the sport. One gives preference to hiking in the vicinity of thirty to forty minutes, and the other strives to lose weight faster, and believes that will run. Who is that in this case you will achieve results more quickly? Many consider that to lose weight, most will be able to someone who chooses to jogging. But, in fact, the more fast the process of elimination of excess weight observed is that of a person who very much walks. The fact is that the execution of a person is not trained, does not cause the process of digestion of fats. Especially the work load and the like, can cause the division of carbohydrate. As well as the reservation of carbs is not great, and fill in your help is just food, after the race greatly increases the appetite. Here you can add and muscle fatigue, which causes the need for peace, which also does not contribute to the active burning muscle.

And more an example of two different people that refer to the time for dinner. A refuses to eat after six, and the second don't forget a light dinner. Who of these two will lighten the weight faster?


Here, in this case, responding to a difficult question, of course, the refusal to eat after six it is more noticeable in diet nutrition. But with this routine, the day will always be the feeling of hunger. If overcoming addiction is possible and this person has a excellent motivator, it is certainly faster to get rid of excess weight. But if the motivation is not, then, the fight against hunger will not be easy, and the man to live constantly on the collapse. Needless to say, in this case, wins the one who prefers a light dinner.