How to lose weight for the month of: statement

Doctors warn: weight loss fast dangerous, and dropped pounds, almost always come back "balance", because drastic calorie restriction makes the body "think" more or less like this:

"Help, we on a desert island! Stock up!" Once you stop the diet, it begins to fill with twice as much zeal.

statement to lose weight

Physiological weight loss of 1.5 to 2 kg in a month: this allows you to keep in shape and without problems, without stress come into a new power mode. We will explain how it is for the month to reset the size (that is, by the way, still more than 2 kg), and we will not shake for doubtful mono -, express service, weight loss, and so on.

Let this "lose weight in a month" will be just the first step to the life, where there is no place more kilograms. Here are a few ways, each one of which works, and by itself, but the best of all of them combine.

Leave the "crate of food"

Two news: one good and another better. Good: you are still full of breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner (and even at the request of kefir in the evening — as in sanatorium), dying of hunger, does not need anything.

The second news is the quality of the food needs to improve and choose with care products.

Daunting task: an entire month (and, if you like it, and more), there is a good meat, fish, wholemeal bread or wholegrain, more vegetables, vegetables and fruit, pasta from durum wheat, olive oil, fresh herbs, cottage cheese, and yogurt fat 2-5%, and almost — black, chocolate, honey, nuts.

Surely you've heard of "crate of food". Is the one that does not produce anything useful, but only loads the body of calories, harmful fats, fast carbs, as well as with an excessive number of salt, which slows down in tissue water.

If your diet of eating potato chips, cookies, candy, and soda, milk or white chocolate, cookies from the store, ready for sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, and so on), the meat or like semi-finished products (sausage, wieners, nuggets and so on), sugar in amount greater than 6 teaspoons per day — are you familiar with the crate of food. The first step here — stop to fill the stomach.


If you do not resist and bought fries or a cola soft drink, move closer to the nearest garbage and throw it out. A worth the money? Throw the force of will. Next time, do not buy.

Walk at least an hour's walk

The most common walking may very well become an alternative of fitness, walking is need very much and on a daily basis. Walking does not give an increased load on the joints (such as, for example, do jogging), walking burned more than 200 kilocalories per 1 hour.

The man with the weight of the body is 65 or 75 kg, walking speed of 5 km/h, spend 239-240 and 275-276 kilocalories, respectively. The more weight, the more you spend: consumption of kilocalories increases, along with the speed and with each kilogram of mass.

If walking with weights — for example, with a backpack — the reduced number of kilocalories will also be greater. Well, with the inventory — for example, with sticks of nordic walking, or climb even more.


If your whole path with the work/job or to study is only a journey in transportation, then scroll down about 2 to 3 stops to your and passes them to walk. You can gradually increase the number of stops: first a, then more.

Try not to use the elevator, when possible. For example, in the third or fourth floor of a best lift of the foot.

Find a hobby and an occupation for the joy of

More often than we eat too much so, when we try to "seize" a bad mood, stress and dissatisfaction.

Think about it: what you have long wanted to do for you? Can, learn to knit, or draw, or start to learn Italian? Go for yoga? Give yourself a new hobby, invest in self-development: now an abundance of opportunities to do this without spending a dime online: courses and lectures, video tutorials of everything. Just choose what you really like, about what was dreamed.


When a hand reaches out for anti-stress biscuits, ask yourself: "do I really want?" If not, if it's just to fill empty spaces, immediately write the 5 new words in Italian, we choose a standard for the future of batik or look at the lecture.

Look for products with the "negative calorie"

proper nutrition

There are foods with low calorie and high fibre content. This pretty much any cabbage, zucchini, the green, the celery and some other types of vegetables.

Sometimes called of products with "negative calories": supposedly your digestion needs more calories than they contain. This, of course, that is not so: instead, the body work "on a zero". To recover these foods, really, is not realistic: you can eat your heart's content, why is this so popular "soups for weight loss" based on green vegetables.

Just not worth thinking about that if you can learn kale chips: these products are not able to not burn up the calories.


Plan a menu and buy the products in advance: it eliminates the from a random sample of food waste and makes a varied diet. In general, the practice in the consciousness!

Decrease the portions

Even if you reduce the each batch of 20%, this will help not to eat too much. You can consciously put less, you can begin to use smaller dishes.

To deceive, to eat is not only a reduced portion, but do it slowly. Eat small pieces, carefully chew, taste.


Forget about the "society of clean plates: leave the food explicitly for you, the excess (the question of previous years: "I still want to eat or it just like that?") Throw away or store in the refrigerator under the film. The next time you put less.

Expert opinion

"I have a deep normal tract "diets in a month". Dropping a great deal of difficulty kilograms back on, as only you stop so spartan.

Change your eating behavior and physical activity, gradually, and for ever. When you eat, try to listen to the internal signals of the body — feelings of hunger and saturation and is guided by them to the source of the food and the comfort of saturation," advises Helena, nutritionist, author of a book about nutrition and the food industry behavior "My best friend is the stomach. The food is for intelligent people".

If you like to walk, the board walk will suit you best. If you do not find other, comfortable for you such as if you move, reminds the expert.