Weight loss for men: men's diet for weight reduction

We are used to that, on television, on the radio and on the Internet advertise the means of weight loss, designed exclusively for the female audience. One may think that the extra pounds is an inheritance exclusively weak half of humanity. And, meanwhile, men also suffer from overweight (according to the statistics, about 20% of russians). When you do this, the representatives of the stronger sex much more difficult to select the diet, as all recipes for weight loss calculated, usually, for the ladies. If there is men diet? Today we're going to explain what kind of power should choose the representatives of the stronger sex, to achieve weight loss.

weight loss for men

Why do men diet?

Men are less likely to fullness — that is a fact. However, unfavourable environment, the passive life-style and inadequate diet lead to the fact that recently, among the male part of the population can occur splash of obesity. If, as a rule, the representatives of the stronger sex do not thought to use the diet how to deal with excess weight. Many choose recipes for weight loss, related to physical activity. Definitely, the sport is very helpful in combating excess weight, however, experts insist that diet will lead to faster and more long-term with the result. That is why the diet weight loss for men is very useful. The new type of food can help repair the metabolic processes in the body. Will improve the well-being, reducing cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood. And this means that the representatives of the stronger sex will be spared of such phenomena as unpleasant as impotence, diabetes, heart attacks and other diseases.

Male weight loss: feed characteristics for men

It is believed that the revenue loss for the stronger sex must, necessarily, include three meals with a high content of fast foods rich in fiber — this will allow you to save satiety. Useful and products that contain carbohydrates, as they give the necessary energy for activity throughout the day. When men diet will not degrade-being and loss of strength — of losing you will exclusively excess weight.

If you are having difficulty download the great intervals between one meal, we recommend that you drink tomato juice or yogurt or even eat a couple of spoons of ricotta and lean with a piece of rye bread. The appetite you still have not eaten anything superfluous.

Diet for men includes a variety of fish dishes, which proposes to replace meat. Fish and seafood provide the body the required amount of vitamins without a set of weights. Of course, if you are hard physical and intellectual work, leaving the meat should preferably only exclude from their diet meat in bulk, because it contains in its composition the so-called empty calories, that do not saturate the body, but, on the contrary, cause the sensation of hunger. Also in the time of fulfillment of the male diet has to abandon alcohol, strong coffee and tea. The truth, with time, you can afford to enjoy a glass of dry wine or a glass of cognac, but this should not log on to the system.

Men diet: helpful tips

So what is men diet, and what are the products that include this type of power? Previously, nutritionists talked about the fact that it is easier for the stronger sex is the Kremlin diet. However, more recently, experts have developed a new and more effective kind of power, that helps men lose weight much faster and done so that the result is entrenched for a long time. Men diet provides for the consumption of about 1500-1800 calorie per day. Based on this, and it builds your diet. We advise men to drink more than 2 liters of water daily. The water can replace the juice and tea.

the power to lose weight

It is very important to take care so that the process of diet for men weight loss that you don't want to obesity, and the saturation. One way or another, even if you are addicted to eat useful products, eating too much, you can't, no way. Leave the pork, salads top up with the lemon juice, and not the oil, soups and sauces pripravljena mashed potatoes to give the track thickness. Oh, but in time to meet the male diet has to forget about eggs scrambled in the fat, a grilled sausage, French fries, and other refined.

An example of a male diet and menu options for weight loss

If you want to lose weight, for the male diet, female site DietaClub offers you various types of power to reset the weight and maintain energy. To begin with, some general tips. Drink plenty of fluids, including tea and coffee, but the milk, try to consume the minimum. Naturally, all of the drinks should not contain sugar. Vegetables of preference is cheese or cooked form, salads, it is recommended to fill the vinegar, the lemon juice and the garlic. About the mayonnaise forget — during the diet for weight loss for men using it on forbidden food.

Breakfast options for the male diet:

  • fresh fruit, 200 grams of oatmeal without sugar;
  • toast bread with wheat bran, a cup of yogurt, 2 teaspoons of honey;
  • salad vegetables and fruit, toast with apples, 25 grams of low-fat ham, 90 grams of tuna, or 25 grams of cheese, 50 grams of chicken.

The dining options for the male diet:

  • 200 grams of potatoes in "uniform", 75 grams of any lean meat, 40 grams of grated cheese;
  • 100 grams of beef liver, baked with herbs, mushrooms and tomatoes;
  • 50 grams of spaghetti with tomato sauce, 100 grams of ground beef, lean, herbs, onion and garlic.

The dining options for the male diet:

  • 125 grams of cooked beans, 1 toast bread with bran of wheat, 25 grams of low-fat ham or 90 grams of tuna;
  • 150 grams of any white fish grilled, ½ grapefruit;
  • a plate of vegetable soup, a slice of bread, a steak with a cake made of flour and bran.

As an afterword...

lose weight

Try to eat diverse — thus, men diet will not deliver the discomfort. How much time is required to follow a slimming diet for men? It is advisable to practice this kind of power, at least, 2 weeks. The body has adapted to the new food, and after leaving the diet of man will continue to eat up in the same style. Needless to say, the extra pounds did not come back? Dear representatives of the stronger sex, test of male diet on yourself and make sure of their effectiveness!