Ginger for weight loss: how to drink the ginger, in order to lose weight quickly?

Singular in form, with the unforgettable flavor of ginger is capable of substituting a pharmacy: relieves head pain, helps to revive the poisoning and even increases the libido of the opposite sex. It is not surprising that among the many talents exotic root it out regular. Recipe of ginger tea for weight loss — one of the most popular people's funds. Then, as to drink ginger to lose weight?

Ginger for weight loss — an ancient invention


Ginger — herbaceous plant, a close relative is not only a beautiful orchid but, and the other known as witness the figure of spices, saffron-of-land. As is the case with the turmeric, the fishing interest is one big juicy rhizome of the plant, and in which are concentrated all the beneficial properties of ginger.

About the Latin origin of the names of ginger, Zingabera, the researchers argue: in accordance with a point of view, is derived from the sanskrit word, which means "horn root", another opinion, the ancient indian sages used to represent the ginger, the expression "universal remedy". It seems that the second option, if not confirmed linguistically, this is true of truth: aromatic bites back in the past are used in folk medicine and cuisine from all continents.

Russian gingerbread, simply called "white root", is known since the times of the principality of Kiev. Your powder hidden sbiten and improved cakes and treated with infusion of colds, stomach cramps, and even hangover.

Talking about the benefits of ginger to lose weight, it is difficult to be called malaise, which he will be useless. The only components of ginger are special terpenes, essential oils of connection tsingiberen and borneol. They not only give ginger it unforgettable smell, but are carriers of anti-inflammatory and warming qualities of the root.

How to properly drink ginger to lose weight quickly? We chose the right product

Ginger diet, during which the healthy diet supplements ginger a drink — a well-known remedy for weight loss. Recipes ginger tea is prescribed to prepare your raw and fresh root. In recent years, this exotic product had become habitual inhabitant plant shelves in nearly any supermarket, buy your is easy. However, it is important to observe a few simple rules for the choice.

The most valuable in terms of composition and active substances is a ginger root, in addition, ginger is easier to clean, your skin could not harden. Visually, the young ginger is different than the pleasant beige-golden color, the touch is smooth, without lumps. In the face of the fiber of the root is clear, from white to cream hue.

The old ginger root can be found dried, wrinkled skin, often with nodules - the "eyes" and green. Purified the root has a yellow color, that is different of coarse hard fibers. Cut and rub on a grater old ginger significantly more difficult.

Fresh ginger is well, maintaining its remarkable quality for at least a month. Dried ginger is also very useful, but in the pickled ginger, well familiar to lovers of sushi-bars, a lot of flavor, but, unfortunately, the least use.

Ginger for weight loss: the four main talents

The ginger stimulates thermogenesis

The main pronounced effect of the ginger to lose weight driven by the ability of the root to enhance thermogenesis — the production of heat, in consequence, all the processes that occur in the body. Of thermogenesis, in truth, depends on your success, and that it is spent, comes in with the food, and stored in a "deposit" of energy. Thermogenesis accompanies the digestion of food, the cariocinese (cell division), the circulation of the blood. In people with excess weight thermogenesis, by definition, delayed, so, your metabolism leaves much to be desired, and, the food, the thick mode, instead of turning on heat, it installs itself in the form of fat.

Ginger contains a single bioactive chemical compounds shogaol and gingerol, similar in action with capsaicin, a component of fiery red pepper. These alkaloids are famous for their ability to help you lose weight by stimulating thermogenesis, gingerol (comes from the English name of ginger, ginger), see the cheese fresh root ginger, and shogaol (the so-called japanese name ginger (shoga) formed during the drying and thermal treatment of the root.


The ginger helps in digestion

Roman I would like to know ginger for its digestive properties and are willing to used it as a tool to improve the condition after eating too much. Since ancient times, the talents of ginger have not changed, it facilitates digestion and, as shown by the scientific data, accelerates the absorption of nutrients the bowel wall.

In addition, it expresses the antiseptic property of ginger reduces the risk of an intestinal infection, and cake drink helps to cope with bouts of nausea and often recommended by doctors as a tool of assistance to the state of irritable bowel syndrome.

The ability to neutralize the root accumulated in the digestive system of gaza, which also increases the value of ginger to lose weight, helping to achieve the feeling of a "flat belly".

Ginger regulates the levels of cortisol and insulin

Steroid catabolic hormone cortisol is part of the normal hormonal of a healthy person. Cortisol plays an important role in the optimization of the energy consumption by the body: it leads to the separation of proteins, fat and glycogen, making it even easier for the transport of by-products in the bloodstream. However, in conditions of stress or hunger (the combination of these two factors has a more crushing effect), cortisol, becomes the worst enemy of someone that follow the figure. Cortisol is not by chance that it is called a stress hormone — your level increases, along with the growing concern with a cortisol breakdown of fats is not simply stops: frustrated, the body begins to transform into actions, literally, everything in it falls.

It is characteristic that the cortisol "likes" of members — when the level of production, which stimulates lipolysis, but only in the hands and feet. Therefore, for those who suffer from abuses of cortisol, which is feature complete for the trunk and the face to the rather fragile members (including, therefore, the ginger gained fame as a glorious warrior to lose weight the belly).

If you use the ginger to lose weight, the ability of the root to suppress the enhancement of the production of cortisol will be of good help.

It is important that the ginger is also the influence of a hormone antagonist of cortisol to insulin and helps balance the levels of glucose in the blood. This prevents the outbreak of hunger and the accumulation of "bad cholesterol".

Ginger is a source of energy

Scientists have proven — the use of ginger stimulates the blood flow to the brain, which actually means the courage and agility of thought. Quality to throw light on the impact of the doctor of the health center of Maryland compared the ginger with the coffee. According to their recommendations, the better the daily dose of ginger — about 4 g; pregnant women should consume no more than 1 g of ginger in raw for the day.

In addition, the ginger is famous for its property to alleviate muscle pain (which is important, if weight loss you are using is not just a diet, but and sport load), and still, with the ability to amplify the circulation of the blood and the leveling of the glucose level in blood, fight against the syndrome of loss of strength (which is particularly relevant to the office staff to the sedentary work). Also ginger "is able to" clear the stuffy nose and aches of the channels of the respiratory tract, which also has a positive effect on the admission of oxygen to the cells and, consequently, in addition, the "anima", giving him new strength.

How to drink ginger to lose weight in the summer? Refreshing recipe

Ginger tea

Years of age, ginger tea to lose weight is good at recently (if you like to spend the summer in air-conditioned office), and cooled (if you like cold, refreshing drinks). White or green tea in its composition also refers to the number of popular home remedies that help you lose weight: it contains speeds up the process of lipid services theine (caffeine from tea) and antioxidant catechins, braking oxidizing processes in the cells of the body.

To prepare 1 liter of the summer ginger drink that you will have a white or green tea (3-4 teaspoons), 4 cm root fresh ginger (scratched as the carrot or the young potatoes and cut into thin slices) ½ lemon (zest remove and add the ginger), to taste — black pepper and lemon grass.

Ginger and lemon zest, pour 500 ml of water, and cook on low heat for 15 to 20 minutes, add lemon slices, lemon grass and mint, infuse 10 minutes, drain in a colander, pressing with a spoon. In a container boil the tea (the indicated number of pour also 500 ml of water, in the manufacture of beer not more than 3 minutes (otherwise, the tea is bitter taste), also strain it and add with the ginger-infused lemon.

How to drink ginger to lose weight, in what quantities? Small servings during the day between meals, but not immediately after a meal and not on an empty stomach. Great portion of 30 ml at a time (or a little drink, if you drink a bottle, thermos, dump) — so, you'll help to better the absorption of liquids and avoid enhanced diuretic load.

How to drink ginger to lose weight in the winter? Heats up the recipe

When it is cold outside and everywhere to go wrong virus, bread drink for weight loss with honey improve immunity, provide an antibacterial effect and soothe irritated cold air in the throat. Honey contains 80% sugar, most of which is glucose, therefore, this natural product very calories. But, of course, this does not diminish his merits: compound of honey, vitamin B6, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, amino acids. Moderately addition of honey to the ginger, you will receive aromatic, tasty and effective for slimming cocktail.

To prepare the cake winter drink for weight loss, grate on a fine grater piece of ginger root 4 cm length, cover with 1 litre of hot water, add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, and insist in a thermos not less than one hour. Then strain, add 4 h l of lemon juice and ¼ teaspoon of red pepper. The honey from the calculation ½ tablespoons in 200 ml of more useful to stir the drink immediately before consumption and when the infusion cools down to 60 — the doctors believe that the contact of the honey with hot water to change its composition for the worse.

During the day, drink more than two liters of ginger drink for weight loss. It is advisable not to drink ginger tea daily for more than two weeks, although the effect, probably you will like: the ginger infusion not only invigorates, refreshing (or, depending on the composition and temperature, on the contrary, heats) but and help you control appetite. Because of the power of the ginger avoid drinking an infusion or decoction just before bedtime.

Ginger for weight loss: who should stay

The use of ginger for health and harmony, there is no doubt, but his ability to become as exotic seasoning for food, and with the success of participate in the formulation of support diet for weight loss drinks make flavored root popular and affordable product. However, unfortunately, the ginger may not be considered a universal means: its action and the composition suggest a series of restrictions. Do not use ginger for weight loss, if you:

  • are pregnant or breast-feeding the child;
  • suffering from gallstone disease;
  • complains of its instability in blood pressure (this is typical, for example, hypertension, vegetovascular dystonia);
  • has a history of inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract, especially those related to the excessive secretion of gastric juice and the difficulties of its acidity;
  • often find manifestations of food allergy;
  • in the first hand knows that it is swelling.

Anyone, including natural remedies, that will be used as assets of the assistants for slimming, require the approval of your personal physician, the ginger is not an exception.

How to drink ginger for weight loss: along with the coffee!

The miracle of the root

Green coffee to lose weight with ginger over the last few months, it has become, without a doubt, the most popular of the products, which get rid of the extra pounds are legendary. It might be a time to discuss about the logic or exaggerated, the effect of the drink from bean flour raw not the roasted coffee and with the addition of ginger, and you can use the tool of action which, significantly, literally, with the first few seconds of application.

Recipe anti-cellulite body scrub with the green, coffee, ginger and red pepper

To prepare the mixture, take the powder of green coffee (can be sleeping), powder of ginger powder and red pepper in the proportion of 100 g of coffee — 30 g ginger — 20 gr pepper, mix carefully. Apply the scrub every night in problem areas and gently massage. Do not use the tool if you have sensitive skin, pain, allergy to any of the components. In case, if you are well download the composition exfoliation, green coffee beans can help not only the mechanics operate in peel "orange peel", but pulled up the skin, giving you a more well kept appearance due to the caffeine content and substances soluble vitamins, and shogaol ginger, and capsaicin from red pepper significantly strengthen the circulation of blood and to create favourable conditions to smooth irregularities of the surface of the skin due to the cellulite.