You can eat tomatoes to lose weight?

Although tomatoes have occupied a prominent place in the diet, many still doubt, I can eat tomatoes when losing weight. However, those who use them in the diet for weight reduction, be convinced of its effectiveness.


Amazing properties of tomato

Of course, when dealing with the handy pounds of priority advantage is the low content of calories. The tomato is this: its energy value not exceeding 20 kcal/100 g. it is Understood that such indicators does not occur the question, useful if the tomatoes for the weight loss.

As part of the tomato, discovered only substance lycopene. It is with the help of her tomatoes to normalize the digestion. With the help of lycopene from tomato to actively break down the fat and promote its removal from the body.

Tomatoes regulate the levels of cholesterol, which increases the activity of the body in the work of purification of the vessels of cholesterol plaques.

The tomatoes are included in the diet, which weight loss flows more effectively and not making it difficult for the organism, because, in addition to tomato, they can be included cucumber, rye bread, eggs, dairy products with low fat percentage.

With tomato and cucumber, you can proceed to the download days. For this, during the day, you should eat half to two pounds of vegetables.

Many, inspired by the use of tomato, were hours ago. But in fact, you can eat tomatoes at night, when the weight loss? Better answer – no. At night, it is best not to is, to not load the stomach. In most, the that tomatoes due to a low glycemic index are slow to digest, which is not very good for those who have the acidity of the stomach, ulcer and other problems related to the digestive system. In addition, they can cause heartburn. Also the tomatoes are contraindicated for people who have an allergy to these vegetables.