Calories for weight loss: one way to lose weight or self-deception?

Some say, that to lose weight, it can only be specially created, diets and calories others claim that, without the caloric restriction to lose weight is not possible. We try to find out if you still count calories for weight loss, and, if the answer is affirmative, then how to do it?

calories to lose weight

It is effective if the calorie count?

Repeatedly heard the opinion that counting calories is the last century in weight loss. And I with it do not agree. Why?

You can count calories or not count them, but to lose weight, you must in any case receive less than he spends.

For example, a dietitian gives you a diet and appeals to the fact that the calorie count that you don't have and you only need to feed according to the occasion of the menu. The head I by clipping, that is the menu will be low-calorie.

And this menu only confirms the rule: if you're going to be consumed with food, calories less than you spend, then you will lose weight.

And the most interesting – with this, you do not need to be limited if the composition of foods, but only their quantity. For example, you can eat cake or chips, but only a little.

Moreover, in the second part of the article, you will find valuable practical tips on how to consume fewer calories and be satisfied, as well as the rules, will count calories to lose weight even more efficiently.

Than count calories, the best diets?

In principle, you can, literally, everything just for you slid down to the limit of calories that you identify.

I agree, it is much easier to sit on diets and to deny yourself many of the products in general. Yes, on a diet of nothing there is no need to count. Usually, there are clearly discriminated when, what, and how much you should eat.

But with the diet easier to break, and not only because the products are stacked taboo, but also because you can elementary not to load. When the calorie count, this disadvantage can be suppressed, because there are a lot of satisfying revenue and little of the products.

How many calories should it be?

Really, how many calories should I eat to lose weight?

No less than 1,200 calories. In some cases, it is possible and 1000, but different people lower calorie limit is different, and it is unlikely that this can guess, not passing the corresponding audit and research.

If you will eat less of this limit, your body will start to conserve energy and slow down metabolism. In the end, you will not only eat less, but spending less, and with time, this effect will only increase.

For you to not waste reduced calorie intake, to really lose weight, and safe for the health of the method, it is best to no less than 1200 calories.

How to have fewer calories and be satisfied?

To lose weight, you have to stay within calories 1200-1500 calories. At first glance, this is not as big an issue of calories, and stay satisfied with that number of calories is not possible.

But there are small tricks that will help you do this.

So, to easily comply with this calories, follow a few simple rules:

  • Vegetables, fruits, and fruits in your diet should be at least 800 grams, and at least half of them should be fresh.
  • Every day, eat at least one serving of cereal.
  • Each day to eat dairy products with low fat content.
  • More frequently include in their diet eggs, lean fish and the bird.
  • Try to reduce the amount of fat in any dish.

Vegetables and fruit are the average of calories 50 to 60 calories, which means, 800 grams of about 500 calories per day (if you are going to eat them boiled, baked, fresh, or prepared on steam).

A small dish of oatmeal without oil contains 200 calories, and if the porridge net – total of 150.

The most healthy dairy products for weight loss is cottage cheese. Choose the cottage cheese fat 2-5 % (it has no calories, no more than 130 calories). 2 servings of cottage cheese 80-100 grams – ideal for those who want to lose weight.

Incidentally, cottage cheese, and still a valuable protein product, and the role of protein in weight loss it is difficult to exaggerate.

It is healthy and low-calorie, protein-rich foods. Calories of the eggs, depending on size – 70-100 calories, lean fish and the bird – 100 and 150 calories.

Do not fry, bake, sauces for salads, add a minimum of oil, remove all visible fat with meat products, and if you cook the soup with meat or fowl, then first empty the broth.

How to count calories for weight loss?

calories per day

If you still want the same counting calories, the easiest way to do this is to keep a daily diary of food. It is very easy.

Each day record when, what, how much and what type of calories you ate, and necessarily – why did you do it.

With the word, after some time, the need to keep a journal of food fall, t. to. you will automatically count calories, without any registration.

Another advantage of this method – you figure out the reasons you eat. And this is invaluable information.

Small tips for best results

I want to talk about some of the properties of the products, whereas you will be able to lose weight more easily and efficiently. These properties do NOT OVERRIDE the calorie count, as some claim, but COMPLEMENT each other.

Examples of such properties:

  • low-fat protein gives much the feeling of satiety, and if there are it without the addition of butter and (or) of simple carbohydrates, is not made of fat;
  • herbs and light vegetables (cucumber, cabbage, zucchini, bell pepper, tomato, pumpkin), it is possible with a little bit of how much and, although with that (just don't stretch the stomach too!);
  • the fruit is best separated from the whole, or in combination with dairy products;
  • if, during the period of weight loss, you will to avoid foods rich in starch and sweet, that the noxygeete faster;
  • carbohydrates products best there is in the first half of the day;
  • a perfect dinner for weight loss – protein or protein in conjunction with light vegetables.

And remember that the frequent eating of small portions will enable you to get rid of weight faster than the traditional meals.

These rules are not a dogma. Just try them to stay as far as possible. And about calories, even so, do not forget.

And still, counting calories is one of the most effective and safe ways to lose weight. And, more importantly, it does not prejudice your favorite dishes, and thus enriches the knowledge about healthy food – you will look for the sweet, flour, fat already with other eyes. Lightweight and comfortable for you to lose weight! Be slim, beautiful and healthy!