The people who fine: photo before and after, the real history, tips, comments

On the internet many tips, recipes, diets and medicines, but in the majority of cases, all attempts to stop or go, or with the huge damage to the health. Some people are able to lose a few pounds, then quickly returns.

Real-life stories of people who lose weight: photo before and after weight loss

If it is difficult to decide on restrictive measures or action, to look at yourself from the outside, as did Mikhail Dmitriev, you can radically change your own opinion. Most of the stories open up many negative aspect of the excess weight: the loneliness, the sickness, or the terrible severity of the body itself.

And more common people enjoy the stress, problems or simply lack the time to take care of yourself and your power. The people who thin a photo before and after that you can see below, had big problems with self-esteem, energy, and society, but, in the end, they can overcome, such as the problem of excess weight.

Kate Reiter

A girl of 21 years has gained weight equal to 120 kg, it became difficult to walk and the health status of start strongly deteriorate. At that moment, Kate and I realized that I need to change something. The girl was always a good appetite and he loved her so much and delicious. But at the crucial moment, she started with the reduction of food portions consumed, thanks to this the 7 days weight fell more than 8 kg.


After seeing this result, she began to act more actively, have added an app to count calories and began to carefully observe the feeding rate, gradually reducing your, reducing weight more than 15 kg in about 3 weeks. The result is striking, but Kate didn't stop, when moves became easier, she began to actively train in the gym.


Since the earliest childhood, Darina, little by little, gaining weight due to a psychological trauma, and so called "seizure". The girl really has gained weight, and 25 years, when she was pregnant, the figure became equal to 128 kg. Darina, I realized that this is wrong, that she wants to be a pretty girl and the mother.

When the child is one year of age, Darina has finally arrived, first she totally eliminated from the diet the sugar, the salt, the bread, and the bread, the butter. For the first week of the girl I lost almost 10 kg. the Next step was to small meals: a lot of small portions with time intervals, instead of a healthy meal.

Once a week, he allows himself to deviate from a healthy diet, but only the price of a long walk. She began to 2 times per week to practice sports and on the run, and then, after 8 months, she lost 63 pounds.

Does Obukhiv

Since childhood, the Seam had a tendency to fulness, and at 15 she weighed 73 kg. for the first time she attempted to redefine kilograms simply pretty much right that you just eat, weight decreased, but health has deteriorated. In addition, she soon won the double, still worsened first of a pregnancy, and soon after the second.

With a weight of 90 kg, she was the training of a nutritionist from Moscow, under the influence of which, and I started to lose weight correctly. The diet was made from healthy food: vegetables, fish, cereals, nuts, – and is divided into many tricks and snacks. With the power mode by 8 months lost weight up to 55 kg. And later start training, graced your the body of a small plot of land.


Romantic Anne's story began with 88 kg and his lack of size in the fashion shops. Like everyone, he first tried to lose weight on their own, but all diets finished the the fact that the girl once more developed a lot of eating. And here it is, I believe, she began to individually, to engage with the coach.

He made her a menu, to say the least, is strong, and has appointed a training 3 times per week cables (power and cardio). Almost 3 months of Anna, so I lost 12 kg, after which she farewell with the coach, and gradually began to train alone. Soon in its place came a new coach, offered to help Ana with the exercises of grace, who later became her husband.

He made her rewarding, but low-calorie menu, and continued to train, so today your weight is 65 kg.


Julia entered the institute with a weight of 75 kg, immersed in his studies, which often do not I noticed that the excess weight and amount of food consumed. But it was a contest of beauty, in which she would like to win, but the fullness is not allowed. Then, almost when he finished eating, she lost 15 kg and won, but soon gained his back.

Finally decided to get rid of them, she has created a menu daily consumption of calories not to exceed 1,100-1,200 to remove from the diet sugar and flour.

Julia Sergacheva

The people who thin a photo before and after that confirm the veracity of the stories, told with some effort, managed to overcome the excess weight, but in the case of Julia-you have helped the circumstances.

In adolescence Julia quickly began to gain pounds, reaching at the end of weight with the mark of 135 kg. due to health problems, it in the beginning joined lax diets little and practiced sports. After more than a the operation, the doctors gave him strict of a menu based exclusively on the adequate power supply.

She ate several times a day, in small portions, mainly:

  • cottage cheese;
  • stews or cooked vegetables;
  • the flesh.

Eugene Vorobiova

After the birth of two children, Eugene has strongly gained weight, which at that time was about 117 kg. And, certainly, she does not like her appearance, when she realized situation. She started with the diet, built on the calorie count, which should be the now. The healthy nutrition add and the classes at the gym 3 times per week, later strengthened the ingestion of the protein. As a result of the weight Eugene dropped to 69 kg.


The girl has always been underweight and had a weight of 54 kg, but everything changed birth the child, which has led us to a deplorable figure 80 kg. After the end of breastfeeding, power, Sarah decided to change something, he set himself to seek the diet, stop the selection on the proper diet with reduced portions.


The baby's weight-normal, today, it is 60 kg. you can't say that the process of weight loss Sarah was not involved in sports activities, as well as any other mother, with a small the child leads a very active life style, full of tours, cleaning and are allowed has to offer.

Marina Kozlov

Marina was always full, but this does not bother me, especially it's relaxed, when she met her future husband. But, after the 2-week trip with the energy of all including", where she does not want anything did not refuse, Marina scared the numbers on the scale, and more precisely, there were 88 kg, which became a point of reference.

However, various diet, in which the girl sat alone did not absolutely no result, until in its hands came the book "the System of less 60". It is with her, not limited to food only up to 12 days, on a short-term goodbye to 13 kg. But after a while, she became pregnant twice. And, although the weight does not much larger, but the body is still difficult it has been called the ideal.

The people who fine (photo before and after which are presented in the article), perhaps we gave up if they were in the place of Marina, because the old method gave not girl results. But Marina started to learn all the details of the diet and food. And behold, the numbers on the scale, I once again started to decrease, however, the body does not become much more beautiful. At this time, the girl and decided to appeal to the sport.

A little bit of everything used, Marina captivated the run, and the results after 1-2 months not could not to please, not only became the body, but the general feeling. She decided to add strength training, 4 times per week, for half an hour.

Mikhail Dmitriev

The people who most thin, as the Miguel (photo of before and after below), are able to inspire and give useful advice, just to tell your story. Miguel quickly gained weight when you leave school, the numbers were about 110 kg. Situation worsened after admission to the institute and with the time it took exclusively in his studies, he has scored up to 130 kg.

Many times, they try different diets, Miguel frustrated, don't hover more the week. And even so, he decided to take the matter to the bottom, and immersed himself in the study programs of proper nutrition. A difficult year, with constant bans and offices gave your result, Michael lost 63 lbs.

Tatiana Ribakov

Tatiana has always been complete, but in the period to finish school and enroll in the institute of weight became critical, he has exceeded the mark of 100 kg. Often try to diet, Tânia constantly frustrated, and they have not helped. Today she skillfully incorporates products, even harmful, in your diet, not gaining weight.

This is due to the fact that she is smart, that calculates the calories, and the percentage of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Yes, the proper nutrition combined with a writer's workout is a time-consuming process that takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it.

The people who thin a photo before and after that really impress, many times, begin your program's starting weight. In the same way, Tatiana is today not just a fitness trainer for girls who wish to lose weight, but your counselor in the the relationship of proper nutrition.

Tatiana began to submit their own courses for young people with excess weight, the key the idea that it is not only the reduction of weight, but his retention there. The basis of the diet of their food products, but not necessarily, made from useful components.

Galina Guests

To 54 years Galina tried all kinds of diet: japanese, wheat, and even diet cocktails. But the result was always the same. She could hold out some time, dumped a few pounds, at the end of your patience closed due to a growing feeling of hunger, and she remembered more than took during this time.

Trying to lose weight similar ways, she just remembered, and its weight was equal to 108 kg. at this time he began to have serious health problems: difficulty in walking, the lack of strength, shortness of breath usual walk. So Galini and began to be interested in it healthy and balanced of energy, which eventually saved his

The path took a while, but in the end, less than 3 years Galina has managed to the ease to get rid of 33 kg. Additional assistants became the water, by setting a reminder on my phone, she's not forgot how you can drink more. And this, by its instead, promotes cleaning of the body and accelerate the metabolism.

Anastasia Rudenko

At the age of 23 Anastasia weighed 95 kg, for she often looked at them with pity, insulted, yes and his own reflection in the mirror, especially not for us. And for a few years the sedentary life-style in addition to more than 10 kg finally persuaded her to the need to act. So, she's with her friends acquired a academy, where he began to engage personally with the coach.

The first few months of Anastasia was insanely hard, she could barely ia after school however, she soon began to change externally and is accustomed to physical exercise. Inches began to melt before their eyes, so that in less than a year, the weight fell in 30 kg. in addition, a girl so used to it and I like to sports, which now do not you can live without it.

Tips people who lose weight comments the efficiency of different methods of

As you can understand from the experience of many young people, the most effective ways to they have become the:

  • the proper nutrition;
  • the calorie count;
  • the reduction of the portions;
  • a workout in the gym.
tips to lose weight

The people who most fine, a photo of before and after presented above, include: losing weight is not necessarily to eat tasteless and exclude from the diet favorite products. In the first place, sometimes, you can allow the small excesses, the important thing is to after that, there was a break in the bad food.

Well, in the second place, even useful products can be incredibly delicious:

  • useful desserts made from cereals;
  • dried fruit with nuts;
  • steamed vegetables, especially cabbage and beet;
  • fish and lean meat, variety of sauces.

As you can see in the example, the people that thinner, with a photo of before and after, should not be most of what I want and that fits in the body, you do not need to consume fatty foods and after feeling the gravity.

Eat healthy foods in small portions, it's very easy to make a figure of the ideal, in addition to improving the health and increase the overall tone of the body.