Effective exercises to lose belly and side in the house

The slim waist, the lack of bulging of the belly, the sides are considered to be the dream of any woman and even men. At home, you can quickly achieve the desired result, to address the case responsibly and seriously. Will have to rethink your exercise, diet. When it reaches the effect, the guaranteed periodic exercises.

exercises to lose weight the belly and on the sides

What type of exercise you need to do to remove fat from the belly and mouth

Beginners in the world of fitness may not be aware that the exercises to lose weight the belly and on the sides the best way to apply. Simple, but effective, the lessons are divided into categories:

  • Physical – easy to make houses, to strengthen the muscles of the belly, they help to burn the layer of fat and tighten the muscles. They include abdominal exercises, twisting, the straps, the classes with the own weight of the body. They perform, in conjunction with a balanced diet and aerobics classes, for the effect was more pronounced.
  • Respiratory organs – which include classes bodyflex or occisis, which are based on special breathing.
  • With the application of loads – increase the work load on account of lifting weights. To combine better with the cardio-onere for effective weight loss.

Exercises to lose belly and side lying

The most popular and simple as the home use are considered to be fat burning exercises for the belly and sides, performed lying down. Here are some effective tricks and complex, which can be applied for in addition to the recommendations of the "swing press" or "to make the windmill":

  1. Twist – lying on your back, bend the knees, keep the feet on the floor, dramatically raise the body and touch left elbow to opposite knee, switch sides. The hands should be connected by the head. Repeat until the appearance of burning sensation in the muscles.
  2. Bike – burning of the mouth, the fat in the belly, "ears" on the thighs. While he's lying on his back with concatenated in the back of the head with the palms of the hands, in extended able to detach the feet, performance rotational movement. Hard to run 2 to 5 minutes.
  3. Broken scissors – lie down on the belly, the feet up close, to play in hand, beating them over each other. During the lesson, work the abdominal oblique internal the lower part of the thigh, are clean of mouth.
  4. Strap – helps raise the tone of all the muscles of the body. Therefore, needs to be supported on a part of the arm, from the wrist up to the elbow, the tips of the feet, with the back parallel to the floor, try to cover the belly, it was flat, without saggings, the sagging of a voltage. The need for experience, as will exposure.

Breathing exercises to reduce the waist and sides

Apply breathing exercises to remove the fat from the belly and mouth. Distinguish 2 types of technology. To get a flat belly effective bodyflex, occisis. In the first case, the technology involves the entry of oxygen at the site of the burning of the fat. For this, the fast perform exercises during which special attention to the breath. Exhale here replaced by a deep inspiration, then the newly sharp exhale, hold breath. Exercises are performed until the will to hold the breath. This takes up to 10 sec., which helps the car to fat.

Effective lessons bodyflex last up to 15 mines., during which are conducted exercises to lose weight the belly and on the sides:

exercises to lose weight the belly and the side of the house
  1. Heat in the feet to width of shoulders, slightly bent, the body a little inclined forward, the palms of the hands push slightly above the knees. Begin to breathe more deeply, strongly push the air up to the full liberation of the lung, quickly breathe in the nose with a strong inflation of the belly. Very exhale the air through your mouth, vzhimat belly, stop breathing for 10 seconds. Repeat the complex.
  2. Place the feet shoulder-width apart, macilentum of the knees, with the palm lay a little above the knee cup, do a breathing exercise. Omit the left hand, put the elbow on the left knee, right leg, lift out with a finger without tearing the feet. The right hand lifting the head, keep the feeling of stretching the muscle side. Perform a cycle of 5 repetitions, change hands.
  3. Sit on the floor, throw the leg for another double. The right hand take the opposite knee, and the left hand playing in the back. Do a breathing exercise, pull your left knee in to the top, to the body of the retort, I felt tension in the waist. Look back to the elongation of the waist, the outer side of the thigh. Pass 5 reps, switch side.

When you use the system occisis not sharp exhalations, instead of short-Dudki. Correct technique: 1 deep breathing, the short 3 devdaha, the deep and the expiration, 3 pulmonary post-exhalatio. Repeat an effective technology can be up to 30 times after the ingestion of food. This technique stimulates the abdominal muscles, obliques, press the abdominal, which is reduced by a quarter of an hour up to 250 times. This helps get rid of the fat, ugly folds, makes a flat stomach.

Classes for weight loss the belly and on the sides, with the load

In the gym common effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides, over which are applied the loads:

  1. Classes in the simulator-rider Rider – during the use is made of the bench press feet, bringing the hands to the chest, which gives effective to lose weight. Under your feet is the load, whose gravity can be adjusted.
  2. Cardiologist loads the oblique muscles of the abdomen, slim waist, the press, the back. The movement of the foot are similar twistings, are used mobile pedal with the load and the arm.
  3. Bench press equipped with a built load under the feet, what else is throughout the body. Abdominal fast the amplitude of shape waist, clean the mouth.
  4. Block trainer – is represented by a structure of metal, where there is a rope to the hand or the arm, the weight can be adjusted. Studies the belly, back, without accumulation of mass.

Charging for weight loss the belly and on the sides

When you want to lose weight, should be periodically (up to 4 times weekly) carrying out an intense training session, every day, practice efficient loading. The gym can include the following exercises, which help move the weight loss the belly and on the sides quickly:

exercises to lose weight the belly and on the sides, with the load
  1. Lying on your back, straighten your hands, with the palms of your hands to touch the ground. Slowly get hold of the feet with a combination of jumps of the belly, quickly straighten the legs.
  2. Lying on your back, bend your knees, heel coupled, hands on the nape with dozens produced elbows. Exhale, raise the body up to the knees, lie down with your arms extended along the body, move the legs up to touch with your fingers the pad above your head. Back on the IP, lift their feet in the height of 20 cm, to maintain 10 seconds.
  3. Sit with a straight back, hands, thighs, stretch the abdominal muscles, without problems lie behind the enforcement of a 90-degree angle between the body and the legs straight.
  4. Shallow squat with the load – sit down slowly back on the imaginary chair, stay longer in one position so some straighten up. To complicate matters, you can squat with one leg, rotate the hoop.