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Dietitians, who often work with the categories of individuals of different ages, indicate that the need to find an incentive to lose weight.

proper nutrition for weight loss

Do not feel sorrow

Imagine that, during the win, even lose weight in 1 kg. Do not need to self-flog-in and to think that the weight will not go away. The mass of a body may be stopped for various reasons, but, as soon as it moves from a dead point. Also don't need to punish for a small piece of cake, to eat at a party.

Place reasonable goals

Do not need a goal — lose weight in 15 kg. per week, this is not the case. Not to be that, you will drink a water. Think reasonable, how much you can actually reset per week. Strive to lose 3-5 kg., believe me, this is impressive and remarkable result.

Go on PP, gradually,

Do not need to immediately eliminate from the diet the carbohydrates and the fats. They must be present in the menu, but in reasonable quantities. When you browse to a proper nutrition, first, the need to abandon the fast-food, fried and greasy dishes cooking. Do not cut with the shoulder to avoid the disruption.

Get the support

It is particularly difficult to start eating well, for anyone who lives in a large family. How to lose weight, if the husband constantly eats during the night, the child eats too many sweets, and the owner is limited if all. Discuss with the family. Ask for that when you have remained in your hands. Hide the candy in the cupboard, and prepare all baked, and not fried.

To adhere to the regime of drinking

The water helps to lose weight, it cleanses the body of toxins and increases the metabolism. Drink more purified water (not boiled!) of water per day, you should consume at least 2 l. In the summer, this number increases.

Do gymnastics

Properly the diet should be accompanied by exercise a lot, because, by itself such a diet, not restricting it to energy. For weight loss it is worth making the effort. The each day do the charging at home, sign up at a gym or in the dance, start to sway of the press and turn the bezel of the house.

How to lose weight for women: principles PP

Stop junk food

Adequate nutrition, therefore, is called, it does not contain the "wrong" products. Avoid greasy, salty, spicy, smoked food, snacks (fast food). Delete from the menu of all the excess: the sausage, canned, allows for a rotation. Cooking food in the steam, cook, cook, cook it in the oven in their own juice.

Reduce the consumption of animal fats

Stop cooking your food with sunflower oil, when heated, it allocates a carcinogen. Staff and food cream, olive oil, pistachio or corn oil. Remove fully from the diet sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, and t. d.).

Overlay of vegetables

All supporters of a correct diet will tell you that to lose weight you need to eat sufficient amount of vegetables. They must occupy 30% of the daily diet. Prepared in house salads, fill your apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil or cream of milk (in extreme cases)..

Delete the masses

The weight reduction will begin immediately after you, to stop mass products. This is withdboth, yeast, bread, pasta, not durum wheat. From now on eat diet loaves, rye or whole wheat bread.

Eat foods rich in protein

Any diet for weight loss, but also of the PP, starts with the entry of a sufficient number of protein products in the diet. Among other fruits of the sea, the sea of cocktails in bottles (sold in any grocery store), fish, poultry, KROlicetina, beef and veal, pork, turkey. The protein contained in beans, eggs, cottage cheese.

Do not overlap for large portions

Proper nutrition is based on ddetailed food intake. This means that you should eat 5-6 times per day. Eat small portions (about 200 f.), but many times. Thus, you will always be well-fed and not withорвetewithь.

Remove the candy

Possible, avoid sweets, necessarily, the proper nutrition, denies them. But if you are a person-sweet tooth, then look for an alternative. For weight loss worth to replace the sugar with honey, or the natural replacement of the "Stevia rebaudiana" (sold in pharmacies). Instead of candy, eat dried apricots or raisins, sweet fruit (pear, grape, banana, and PR.). And the best of ZagotABlIwaite candied in house. Natural sweets become a true salvation for the body shape of women.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages

The alcohol causes a marked feeling of hunger, which, in a state of intoxication is difficult to resist. Avoid beer, крeпleныx of drinks. Once a week soak a cup of dry white wine with fruit or cheese.

Avoid eating carbs

This includes cookies, candy, snacks, and t. d. Replace fast carbohydrates slow: oatmeal, Pshenko, wheat, rice нeWlIfeanyi, pasta of durum wheat, loaves. They all bring the body please, feed, clean the intestine from the slag.

Drink dairy products

dairy products

Dairy products are extremely appreciated by the fans of a proper diet. No wonder, they quickly to suppress hunger, act as the good and useful snack, they are cheap. But the dairy products need to eat with a small жandрноwithtd. Buy kefir (1%), milk (1,5%), curd (0,1—1,8%), cheese (up to 20%). The products listed accelerate the intestinal motility, therefore, the weight loss will come faster.

Mode of PP for women

Under the modality assumes the frequency of food intake, but also for the calculation of hours.


Remember that the food 3 times a day does not suit you. To start the metabolism and weight loss effective need to eat 5-6 times per day. This number includes main meals and snacks.

Professionals in the areas of nutrition represented in the following chart:

  1. The coffee of the morning — after 15 minutes after waking up (8:00-9:00);
  2. The second breakfast-1 hour after the first (10:00-11:00);
  3. Lunch — over 1.5 hours after the second breakfast (12:30 to 14:00);
  4. Snack — when you get the feeling of hunger (15:30-16:30);
  5. Dinner — 18:00 to 19:00.

As you can understand from this chart, there are no large gaps between meals. Thus, be and must. Do not skip meals, better withкуWайte a small portion. After dinner, it is allowed to drink a yogurt, tea, water, juices.

Menu PP the week for women

When the proper nutrition to lose weight you can change the days of the week, exchange and use similar products in exchange for specified. Important in the home, look at the size of the portions. Otherwise, for the women who will not be of any use.


  1. Porridge oats with rice milk, or buckwheat, mixed with pieces of pumpkin, boiled meat;
  2. Cottage cheese is granulated, such as;
  3. Salmon baked in foil with vegetables. Soup low-calorie;
  4. Salad of apples, pears, seasonal berries;
  5. Cooked poultry meat, rabbit, beef or veal. Salad of fresh vegetables and greens, dressed with apple cider vinegar.


  1. Flax cereal, mixed in with the oat flour with the addition of nuts, fruits and honey;
  2. A handful of dried fruit or bread with cheese and salt salmon;
  3. Soup puree of broccoli;
  4. Yoghurt into jars of grain or curd;
  5. Buckwheat porridge with cooked a piece of fish.


  1. Oatmeal in water, mixed with honey, dried fruits and nuts;
  2. Boiled chicken egg or 1 banana;
  3. Chicken breast strips, soup, spinach ;
  4. Bread with cheese, 1 green apple;
  5. Baked fillet of turkey, salad, vegetables or a portion of the stew of vegetables.


  1. Scrambled eggs "Mix" (omelet with spinach, bulgaria pepper, tomato);
  2. A little bit of dried fruit or yogurt with nuts;
  3. Boiled young potatoes with teфtels or chops of beef. Vegetable soup;
  4. Half a cup of yogurt with andзмelьчeнным dill;
  5. The fish is cooked in a bain-marie. Vegetable salad, dressed with vinegar.


  1. Vegetable frittata;
  2. Fruit salad;
  3. Chops steamed or oven-baked fish. The soup of potatoes with spinach;
  4. The curd without sugar and additives;
  5. Gratin of salmon with lemon salad, or stewed with rice and vegetables.


  1. Wheat, boiled in milk or water;
  2. Cooked, chicken or egg 3 quail;
  3. Soup dietary, cooked rabbit meat or turkey with lemon and salad;
  4. Granulated tthe vorozhka or regular cream cheese with low-fat milk;
  5. Fruit salad or a protein shake homemade.


  1. Cheesecakes (2 Wt.), cooked with milk cream;
  2. Boiled egg, 1 apple, tuna in its own juice;
  3. Soup with vegetables, the fast meat (chicken, rabbit);
  4. A handful of almonds, cashew nuts, tthe vorozhka;
  5. Cooked in its own juice, salmon, vegetable salad.


Respect to proper nutrition, in order to achieve visible results. For slimming is necessary to have time for physical exercise at home. This technique is especially important for women of 30, and has its own characteristics. But, as you can see, all the products are available and relatively inexpensive. For the convenience of prepare, use the recipes below.

Revenue PP breakfast

The day begins with a rich. After waking up in a body, we should act helpful, and leгкоуwithвояeмыe products. To intensify the work of all the organs, it is important to start the morning with 250 ml. of clean water. After 15 minutes, to start receiving food.

Vegetable Frittata

  • parmesan cheese — 30 gr.
  • chicken eggs — 4 Wt.
  • broccoli — 70 gr.
  • Bulgarian pepper — 1 Wt.
  • tomato — 2 Wt.
  • green — 30 gr.
  • onion leek — the taste
  • the oil from olives — in fact

1. Use a bowl of the appropriate size and beat him raw eggs with the corolla. Wash and choppedte vegetables arbitrarily, наWandнкуйte green.

2. Mix the components. The salad is recommended top, drizzle with the olive oil in a small amount.

3. Grate the cheese in the grater thick, PRandwithыпьte dish. Send components in the oven for 10 minutes. Good appetite!

Gratin cottage cheese for weight loss

  • skimmed milk — 110 ml.
  • cottage cheese low-fat — 240 gr.
  • vanilla to taste
  • quails eggs — 4 Wt.
  • butter — indeed
  • sugar — 30 gr.

1. Send it to the bowl of a blender all the ingredients, except the butter. Turn products air, a homogeneous mass.

2. In parallel to pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. Grease with butter a form for roasting.

3. To decompose the mass of dust and send it to the oven for half an hour. After a certain time, enjoy a treatment.

4. To adequate food implies the dishes, appropriate for weight loss. With products grown in the house will bring invaluable benefit to the women of 30.

Recipes useful lunch

useful lunch

At lunch time, the human body must receive the full amount of energy and useful components. For the digestive system encountered failures, it is important to include in the diet the first few dishes. Remember that to lose weight you need to eliminate the roasting the food.

Soup puree of spinach with broccoli

  • the vegetable broth — in fact
  • spinach — 2 beam
  • lean sour cream — 180 ml.
  • onion — 2 Wt.
  • broccoli — 480 gr.
  • spices — to taste

1. Cook the broccoli in filtered water until cook. The broth drain does not need to. НаWandнкуйte the onion in any form, finely choppedte spinach.

2. The ability to join the broccoli with the prepared vegetables. Considering that the proper nutrition, the need to transform the products into a porridge with the help of a blender. This soup is useful for weight loss.

3. Mix the components. You can add a variety of spices and herbs to taste, in small amounts. At home cook the soup on the order of 5 minutes. The dish is a great addition to the food for the women of 30.

Fish baked in the oven

  • lemon — 1 Wt.
  • onion — 1 Wt.
  • spices — to taste
  • salmon fillet — 400 gr.
  • the oil of olive — 50 ml.
  • salsa — 30 Wt.

1. The fish can be marinating before baking for your own recipe. Chopte citrus fruit into two parts. Place the juice of one half, the other наWandнкуйte.

2. Finely choppedte the parsley and add it to the total capacity of oil and lemon juice. Pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees. Заwithtelandte baking parchment. Arrange the fish fillets.

3. On top of the seafood place a mug of lemon. You can add 1 вetочкe fragrant with herbs. OnPRыwithкайte the fish ready for the sauce, in around place the onion rings. Bake the order of half an hour.

Chops slimming in a pair of

  • white bread — 3 pieces of
  • chicken fillet — 480 gr.
  • milk — 80 ml.
  • chicken egg — 1 Wt.
  • onion — 1 Wt.
  • spices — to taste

1. Soak the bread pieces in the milk. Miss chicken through a blender, or meat grinder. In the same way that they would with the onions. The proper nutrition helps a new look on the world. For weight loss it is important to adhere to a diet.

2. Whisk the chicken egg, mixture of spices to taste. You can add RUBleную green and a little garlic.

3. Connect to house all of the components together, make the filling. Cook the meatballs in the bain-marie the order of half an hour. This dish is considered ideal when weight reduction for women of 30.

Recipes for dinner

When adequate nutrition during the diet recipes for dinner varied. Remember that food intake should be easy with enough fiber content. It is worth to completely eliminate carbohydrates slow at night diet.

Vegetables au gratin with chicken breast fillet

  • parmesan cheese — 40 gr.
  • fillets of chicken — 220 gr.
  • cherry tomatoes — 5 Wt.
  • broccoli — 240 gr.
  • carrot — 1 Wt.
  • salsa — 40 gr.
  • chicken — 160 ml.
  • allspice — to taste
  • nutmeg freshly ground — to taste
  • cheese solids varieties — 100 gr.
  • wheat flour — 50 gr.
  • egg yolk — 2 Wt.

1. Separate the broccoli into floretes and cook until soft. Join the cabbage with the broth, the cream and the seasoning. Cook 6 minutes. Do not forget to periodically to stir. Beat the egg yolks and then type the sauce.

2. Tomute products on the steam bath until загуwithteванandя. Pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees, grease a pan for bread with butter.

3. Send a and the ability to cooked the chicken and the vegetables. On top place the ring of tomato, PRandwithыпьte cheese. Bake in the oven dish-third hours. Good appetite!

Which is suitable as snacks

  • bread and cheese and salt salmon;
  • cottage cheese;
  • classic yogurt without additives ;
  • fruit salad or fruit in a way;
  • dried fruit, nuts of any kind (not more than 1 handfuls);
  • kefir or yogurt drinking, with a minimum of жandрноwithtd;
  • dietary, cereal bars without sugar;
  • chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 80%;
  • tuna in its own juice with xleбцамand;
  • boiled egg.