efficient menu for weight loss

Before you sit on a range of diet, it is worth the competence to examine the issue, which they may lead. After all, not everyone will benefit. Today we're going to try to understand what to consider when choosing a diet, and give ready examples of menu for each day, for effective weight loss. You will continue to weigh the pros and cons and choose the one that is right for you.

The fundamentals of the diet


Almost everyone at least once thought about what you should to shed those extra pounds.

In the first place, these thoughts instigate the desire to effectively look at and enjoy as yourself, and of the opposite sex. But few people think about the fact that the excess weight affects not only the social activity, but also the whole organism in general.

It should be noted that the question about the liberation of excess pounds purely individual. Here, it is not worth relying on the experience of their friends. The bodies are different, as a reaction to a diet.

So it's not worth spending a lot of money, trusting promising advertising. You can achieve the same. Important is to want to.

Therefore, if you decided to lose weight, get ready for a big change. They affect not only the physical side of your life, but moral. You'll have to turn your consciousness.

Also note the fact that the slimming process is very laborious and in most cases, to achieve the result must equip himself with patience.

Sometimes we dream we wake up in the morning, all extra fats disappear like magic. But, unfortunately, this is not the case. Therefore, it is worth to have patience and endurance.

Give your diet, as for the game. If you have the right attitude, you will be able to. Play a challenge, by the way. Because, in addition to the failure of favorite delicacies, you will have to practice physical activities. Unfortunately, without other result.

Задайтесь the goal of self-education, train yourself to discipline. And boldly go forward towards its goal.

So remember that it is not enough just figure out how many pounds you need to get rid of. Must take into account the proportion of the body.

After all, do not forget that during physical activity, instead of fat, you will have to appear muscle mass. This can harm to your figure.

This is why it is very important to take seriously this process not careless. Expert advice in the area of nutrition must obtain a daily feed. In it, you can clearly written in your diet.

To begin, you must determine the quantity received of food and the frequency of its use.

Install the clock of energy, which must be adhered to.

About the exercise, the water and wins


And, again, on the exercises. During the process of burning fat due to the loads that you will decrease the volume of the body, but to achieve balance, you must help valued muscle mass. This as well contributes to protein products. Therefore, dieting, look it up белковую food.

Do not forget about the water. Train yourself to drink no less than two liters per day, not counting all the other beverages.

What would you like who were not fans of fast food and sweets, we strongly advise that you delete this out of your diet.

And if you, at some point, thinking of giving up under the tempting the attack of a cupcake, think about what look slim and beautiful you will become, not deviating under the pressure of their desires.

As we have already talked about the psychological state of mind, so try to choose nutritious, that you will want to eat.

Not necessarily eat a buckwheat, that you can't afford. The correct food can be appetizing and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Think about it.

Type your wins. Even if you, first, they are very small. Observing the weight loss in your diary, you will never forget these numbers. You can compliment yourself, or understand, that strive a little effort.

What prevents us from throwing off the weight?

  • The first is the sugar and the salt. Like drinking tea without sugar, and the dishes of a bad salt, in case, if you really can't make her give up. Remember that the salt retains moisture in the body.
  • The granola and bread white wine
  • The rice. If you want to use it in the preparation of dishes, opt for the brown rice
  • All the products of confectionery products
  • Favorite, many mayonnaise and ketchup
  • Sausages, sausages, all kinds of semi-finished products
  • Hard cheeses varieties. This product increased the oiliness, that will play against you
  • Give preference to natural кисломолочной of products, without the sweeteners and additives.
  • Sauces to the meat. Even if you think that your use and boiled meat damage will not bring. It is a misconception
  • Products of fast food
  • The aeration
  • And, of course, alcohol.

The correct way to pass to a correct diet?


Do not try to drastically change your diet. This causes your body unnecessary stress. To begin, decide with a familiar to you meal, even cookies. Seriously, do not be lazy. This will help you freely to analyze the situation.

Change the menu gradually. It's not worth running in the pool with the head. Dishes fried substitute in stews or bake them in the oven cabinet. A piece of cake, substitute a piece of fruit or a small spoon of natural honey.

Learn that if your body will start dying of hunger, he will resist and vice-versa to accumulate fat. You should carefully prepared for the change of diet.

What are the challenges of proper nutrition?

  1. You have to compensate the absorbed by the body energy in the form of food
  2. It's not worth highlight just one product in the diet. The body is a complex mechanism, which requires proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Therefore, it is worth to make your diet varied.
  3. The hours of admission. If you запрограммируете your body at a certain time of the meal is a beneficial impact on the metabolism.

Lose weight at home: leading diet


There are a wide variety of techniques for weight loss. They are full pages on the internet. But the choice of one or the other, it is not worth forgetting the stress of your body and can damage.

Let's see the main types of diets

Protein diet

An advantage of this diet is considered a positive impact of protein to the burning of excess fat cells. In addition, it reduces the feeling of hunger, at least. But, and cons are great.

You can find irregular pressure. Will have influence on the productivity of the liver, kidneys and stomach. Depends on what these bodies carbohydrates and fats that you take to a minimum.

Extreme diet

A name says it for itself. By selecting this diet, you should be aware of how much can she hurt the body.

Weight loss, in this case, occurs rapidly due to the loss of moisture, after all, you limit not only the nutrients of a food, but also to receive water. Does this diet should not more than three nights.

Drink diet

In principle, this way of losing weight is not only to help you deal with handy in fats, but, and clean the body. Its essence lies in the admission exclusively liquid food.

By cons, you can take it a significant duration of 30 days and possible digestion problems due to the lack of solid food.


In the case of a correct choice absorbed of a product, a great deal of harm to the health this diet will not bring. But even so it violates the usual metabolic processes. The base is the consumption of a product, which you can have in any quantity.

Three components: fats, proteins, carbohydrates

It is worth mentioning that, if you choose not to just lose weight, and start eating properly, does not exclude from the diet of the three pillars important to the organism, it is necessary to understand its meaning.

  • Proteins. That is what, in fact, is built in our body. As already mentioned previously, they must be present in the diet for the balance of the muscle tissue. These include dairy products, eggs, fish and meat without the waxy coating.
  • Carbohydrates. This includes sweet foods and cakes. But to exclude the carbohydrates is not worth it, quite simple to replace complex, such as cereals.
  • Fats. They are responsible for the construction of the cells and, therefore, to exclude completely from the diet is not worth. You many not consume the fruits of the sea and the oil of olives.

Products, contributing to fat burning

the burning of

There are so a number fat burners of natural origin. Is that some types of fruits and vegetables and spices.

For women natural best fat burner is: fruit, green tea. It can also be attributed to the ginger, cinnamon, figs, red wine, grapefruit, apple, any type of cabbage, celery.

Especially useful for weight loss women consuming the oat. She slowly digested, so for a long time, dampening the sensation of hunger. Oatmeal helps to free the body from cholesterol. After having eaten in the breakfast oatmeal, the body will be full of fibers, which will not let fall into the level of glucose.

Lean chicken breast – an effective fat burner for women, speed up the metabolism.

Consumption of red wine 1 cup per day will give the effect to the female body.

Effective fat burners for women grapefruit, pineapple, ginger.

The basics of a correct diet

If you decide to lose excess weight by means of proper nutrition, so maybe with time that will go in your beneficial habit. After all, thanks to him, you will not only become more attractive, but also more healthy.

What should you consider when adequate nutrition?

  1. Delete to bake the food. Now you should give your preference for cooking methods such as tempering, запекание, kitchen. You can count with the help of a double boiler.
  2. Fruits and vegetables should be 1/5 of the total daily diet
  3. In the first half of the day, you can stop to taste the sweet fruit. But, after lunch, you should replace it sour.
  4. Fats eat form of trout and nuts, avocado
  5. Start your day with carbohydrates
  6. Proteins such as diary of a condition of success!
  7. Limit the main meal up to 400 grams.
  8. Try to chew slowly, without hurry. Remember that the feeling of saturation comes only after 20 minutes.
  9. If your menu has solid masses, varieties, you should combine with vegetables instead of the usual meat.
  10. Do not let your body get hungry. Therefore, in addition to the main dish, let your delicious snacks. To do this, are ideal for those nuts and fruits.
  11. The last meal should be about a couple of hours before you lies down on the bed. For dinner, it is best to eat fish or dairy products.
  12. Plan your breakfast, to start it, only after half an hour, as your body awake. For this, prepare a porridge or eat the curd with fruits.

The first healthy choice of food

power options

Once that we have found in the main aspects of a healthy diet, then it is time to go for an examples. Later we will publish the menu for each day of the week.

Breakfast: apple, rice porridge, coffee. Lunch: whole wheat toast, egg, tomato Dinner: hake Polish stew, salad of cauliflower Afternoon snack: apple, green tea, cheese 5% Dinner: vegetable stew, baked chicken breast.
Breakfast: Green tea and bread with cheese Lunch: cottage Cheese жирностью 5% Lunch: Meat, low-fat soup and salad with beijing cabbage Afternoon snack: Apple green 2pcs Supper: herbal Tea, a couple of cucumber and cooked turkey
Breakfast: Tea with lemon, oatmeal with honey and banana Lunch: Green tea, nuts, walnuts and apple Lunch: rice with cooked vegetables Afternoon snack: Coffee, au gratin with cheese, banana Dinner: Salad of tomato and cucumber, cooked shrimp
Breakfast: Wheat, green tea and any berry Lunch: Yogurt Dinner: Hake cooked with green salad Afternoon snack: Salad of tomatoes and cucumber Dinner: Roasted pork loin, cheese, cucumber
Breakfast: mashed potatoes with egg and tomato Lunch: Herbal tea, grapefruit juice Lunch: pea Soup without meat, rye toast with cheese Afternoon snack: a Casserole with ricotta cheese and raisins, sour cream жирностью not more than 15% Dinner: Boiled hake Polish with green salad
Breakfast: a Boiled egg, a cup of tea with a slice of lemon Lunch: a couple of oranges Lunch: Baked potato and chicken breast Afternoon snack: A yogurt and a pear Dinner: cottage Cheese 5%, and serve apples
Breakfast: corn Porridge, coffee Lunch: kiwi 2 pieces Lunch: beef stew with vegetables Afternoon snack: squid cooked, tomato juice Dinner: fish cakes with steamed tomato sauce.

Example of a menu dietary

The benefits of a diet consisting of my own hand, are evident. You can rely on their own preferences and financial resources. To facilitate the preparation of your personal diet, you will help the possibility of calorie counters, you will easily find on the internet, or even an application for smartphones, which is also missing in the app stores.

The people diet menu, расценивайте as a tip for the diet not only brought the desired result, but it was not the damage total state of health.

Thus, it is important to consider still a rule, even though the flow of all the nutrients, it is necessary to still do the calorie restriction. Their number should not exceed 200 units.

How to make the process of slimming is not only effective, but also a delicious?

To achieve your goals and not feel very uncomfortable not physically nor mentally, you can make some changes that are listed in the examples.

For example, a couple of times per week you can afford to eat boiled potato, or pasta of durum wheat.

Or treat yourself to three times, seven days a small piece of dark chocolate.

Well, until the end of the week, you can relieve the stress of a glass of red wine!