Simple diet

the diet

The myth that the diet is hard food restrictions, finally unmasked. Effective for slimming nutritionists modern tend to consider the mode of food that does not cause discomfort, and easy to fulfill. The products used for the preparation of installed, to feed dishes, there will always be a nearest store or even your own fridge. The length of the simple diets of 3 to 7 days. During this time, you can become more easy for 3 to 9 kg, while retaining the good humor and joy.

The way to lose weight fast

The length and ration of diet a particular for yourself. The base are obtained the options of breakfast, lunch and dinner. You only need to choose the best for you and start losing weight.


  • Apple, granola or oatmeal with fresh fruit. Coffee with minimal sugar.
  • An apple, a mix of fruit (bananas may) with the addition of a few tablespoons lean milk product, the lime or chamomile tea.
  • The apple, low-fat cottage cheese with added fruit (except banana) and the lemon juice.

Lunch (use small portions of about 200 ml or 100 g):

The first dishes

  • the chicken broth, a slice of whole wheat bread;
  • vegetable soup (zucchini, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, peas).

Main dishes

  • fish stew;
  • lean meat;
  • boiled egg.


  • stew of carrots, with the addition of garlic and lemon juice;
  • vegetable stew;
  • stew the broccoli with the addition of lemon juice.

A few hours after dinner, drink a glass of mineral water without gas.

Afternoon snack:

  • jam;
  • the juice;
  • a fruit;
  • tea with plums.

After an hour, you should drink a glass of clean water.


  • a kiwi or an orange;
  • a glass of slim yogurt.

For best results, it is important to arrange the last meal 4 hours before sleep. Before you go to bed allowed to drink a glass of water.

Special release of the program does not exist, because the diet does not impose the power constraints are rigid. Vice-versa, while maintaining the specified mode, you can transfer the love of all harmful healthy dishes. Benefits not only the figure, and the body in general.

The diet of 1600 kcal per day


The diet is designed with the daily needs of a body of nutrients. Your secret in strict observance of the balance between entering with the food and the energy consumed. Weight in this case, decreases rapidly and naturally through cleansing of the body.

The Menu of the diet of 1600 kcal contains the required amount of carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, which helps you lose weight and maintain physical activity.

For the consumption permitted:

  • dairy products;
  • cereals (rice, wheat, wheat);
  • fresh fruit, including the banana;
  • dried fruit;
  • turkey meat, beef, chicken);
  • the fish;
  • vegetables, including potatoes;
  • whole wheat bread.

The exception is subject to the following:

  • flour;
  • fat;
  • the sweet.

Menu 7 days


  • C-a: porridge millet on milk, with the addition of honey, green apple, a handful of dried fruit, green tea.
  • N-with: a yogurt, a slice of cheese, a slice of whole wheat bread.
  • About-d: cabbage soup, 2 pieces of whole wheat bread, cucumber salad with yogurt, green tea.
  • N-with a handful of dried apricots, low-fat cottage cheese.
  • I-n: stuffed peppers with rice and meat chicken breast, a tomato salad.


  • C-a: porridge, buckwheat, dairy, a slice of cheese, cucumber, herbal tea.
  • N-with: fruit salad with yogurt.
  • About-d: beet, chicken and rice ,, jam without sugar.
  • P-the green apple, non-greasy ryazhenka.
  • I-n: salad of tomato and cucumber with a tablespoon of vegetable oil.


  • C-a: dairy products, oatmeal porridge with honey, apple, tea.
  • N-with: a yogurt and a banana.
  • About-d: fillet of peru, a mixture of pepper and tomato, corn, a slice of whole wheat bread, a glass of tomato juice.
  • N-with: light salad with olive oil.
  • I-n: fish with vegetables.


  • C-a: corn flakes with milk and honey, apple.
  • N-with: dry fruits and curd.
  • About-d: peppers stuffed with meat and potatoes, dietary salad with cucumber, tea.
  • N-with: banana and ryazhenka.
  • I-n: fish stew with vegetables, herbs, broth.


  • C: rice porridge, milk with raisins, tomato juice, a slice of whole wheat bread.
  • N-with: roasted with honey and apple.
  • About-d: soup diet, a slice of bread, a mixture of cucumber and tomato, warm water.
  • N-with: a slice of cheese and yogurt.
  • I-n: salad vegetables, cooked salmon.


  • C-a: milk with dried fruit, a slice of cheese, a slice of whole wheat bread, herbal tea.
  • N-with banana.
  • About-d: chicken broth with potatoes, 2 slices of bread, cabbage-carrot salad, cooked egg.
  • N-with a handful of dried fruit.
  • I-n: cucumber, baked fish.


  • C-a: a slice of cheese, a slice of whole wheat bread, kefir.
  • N-with: cottage cheese with carrots and yogurt.
  • About-d: stew with rice and cabbage, turkey, tomato juice.
  • N-with: fruit cutting.
  • I-n: ryazhenka and dried fruit.

On the eighth day, it is not worth gang for the top of junk food. The proposal ration can be further modified by adding favorite products in a limited number. The tea can start to add the honey. It is allowed to drink a coffee in the morning.

The simplest of diets

Rich in protein

The use of protein-rich foods facilitates the rapid saturation, and recovery. Carbohydrates and products containing fat are excluded, on account of which the body starts to consume its own energy stocks.

Pros techniques are obvious:

  • the rapid saturation;
  • a varied diet;
  • it is not necessary to count calories;
  • high efficiency;
  • the preservation of weight in the long term.

Cons are:

  • exemption from sweets;
  • abstinence from fatty foods;
  • the lack of vitamins and minerals.


Protein weight reduction program is simple, but it is considered one of the most dangerous. To avoid the consequences may be, in accordance with the rules of the diet:

  1. Drink plenty of clean water – at least 2 liters per day.
  2. Taking vitamins and complex mineral.

Are allowed the following products:

  • non-greasy fish;
  • lean meat, without shells;
  • fruits of the sea;
  • the by-products;
  • the egg whites;
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • whole wheat bread;
  • cereals;
  • fruits;
  • vegetables.


  • semi-finished products;
  • canned;
  • cakes;
  • sweet;
  • fat dairy products;
  • sugar and its substitutes;
  • vegetables with a starch content;
  • packaged juices, soft drinks.

The food can be boiling, baking, stewing. Fry prohibited. The ban imposed on the use of vegetable oils, sauces and mayonnaise.

Before "sitting down" to simple protein diet, it is necessary to prepare the body. A few days before the release, we recommend that you clean up the diet too much high-calorie food. Ideal for the consumption of the dish – detox-soup.

The diet in a week

the tea

The first day

  • Breakfast: a cup tea without sugar.
  • Snack: wheat cooked meat (no more than 120 grams).
  • Lunch: bathroom fish 170 grams, figure 110 grams.
  • Afternoon snack: half of a green apple.
  • Dinner: a mix of cabbage, celery, and peas.
  • Before bed: apple juice and carrot.

The second day

  • Breakfast: yogurt low-fat (not more than a cup).
  • Lunch: congee in the water (a portion of about 220 grams).
  • Lunch: roast beef 150-170 grams.
  • Snack: an apple.
  • Dinner: salad of vegetables (not more than 220 grams).
  • Before bed: apple juice homemade.

The third day

  • Breakfast: unsweetened herbal broth.
  • Snack: a few slices of whole wheat bread, protein, two eggs cooked.
  • Lunch: lean beef meat and rice (120 g).
  • Afternoon snack: more kiwi.
  • Dinner: cooked rice and a room of fish (a portion about 200 g).
  • Before bed: an orange juice.

Day of the fourth

  • Breakfast: green tea without sugar.
  • Snack: cottage cheese low-fat.
  • Lunch: chicken breast cooked wheat 150 g of cut cucumber, carrot and cabbage.
  • Afternoon snack: half of an apple.
  • Dinner: tomato salad and green (no more than 180 g / l).
  • Before bed: tomato juice without salt.

Day five

  • Breakfast: sugar-free broth rosehip.
  • Snack: wheat boiled meat, 100 grams.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup.
  • Afternoon snack: boiled rice brown portion of the approximately 170 g).
  • Dinner: salad of carrots and cabbage, cooked wheat meat or chicken breast 100 grams.
  • Before bed: orange-apple juice.

The sixth day

  • Breakfast: green tea without sugar.
  • Snack: a crouton and meat cooked 70 grams.
  • Lunch: boiled rice and vegetable cutting (100 and 150 grams).
  • Afternoon snack: salad of cabbage, cucumber and carrot 120 grams.
  • Dinner: chicken cooked wheat (a portion of 150 g).
  • Before bed: milk fermented product.


  • Breakfast: a crouton, a glass of milk.
  • Snack: carrot salad 100 grams.
  • Lunch: cooked fish (a serving of 170 grams), two boiled potatoes.
  • Afternoon snack: salad vegetables.
  • Dinner: the young lamb cooked wheat or stew (100-120 g).
  • Before bedtime: kefir.


If the correctly the way during the seven days, the weight gain after the weight loss does not happen. New products should be administered with caution, not forgetting about the size of the portions. Limitation of sweets and foods rich in starch are welcome. The diet should be rich in dairy products, cereals, vegetables and fruits, low-fat meat.


  1. Cardiovascular pathology.
  2. Malfunction of the liver and kidneys.
  3. Disease of the joints.
  4. Pathology of the digestive system.
  5. Pregnancy and lactation.
  6. Greater age.


Diet buckwheat is simple and effective. It can last for 3 or 7 days. On average, per week, you can lose about 6 kg. Visible weight loss, while respecting the diet combines with the improvement of the appearance and well-being. Wheat contains large amount of vitamins and minerals, have beneficial effects on the body:

  1. Vitamin c helps to cope with the virus.
  2. The vitamin A improves elasticity of the skin.
  3. Vitamin PP is resistant to stress.
  4. Folic acid strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
  5. The fiber cleanses impurities.

The essence of a weight loss program is to run the active mechanisms of fat burning. This happens on the fourth day, as only the from the body the injected excess liquid. A significant weight loss starts on day 5 of the diet.


  1. Buckwheat croup is prepared without salt. The use of oil, is prohibited.
  2. The last meal should not occur later 7 hours of the night.
  3. The standard liquid – about 1.5 litres per day (including water and tea).
  4. After the completion of the course in the diet can enter the usual products, a little by decreasing the portions and not leaning in fatty foods.

The rump for a better diet steamed. 250 grams of wheat send in a thermos and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. The next morning, the porridge is ready to be consumed.

Menu in 3 days

The classic the three-day diet buckwheat involves the use of grain alcohol and nothing more. As only prevailed against hunger – you need to eat buckwheat. Beverage is allowed, exclusively, to clean water. The diet is simple and economical, but may look very poor, especially for those who do not believe buckwheat that you love. Especially for such people are designed of light-weight rations, including modest add-ons.


Add milk product promotes the use of the diet. Kefir is a source of protein, is rich in vitamins. It normalizes the gastrointestinal tract.

Looking buckwheat-kefir diet, need to eat enough to saturate the amount of cereal and drink per day per liter of yogurt 1% fat.

Wheat+dried fruit

The use of dried fruits promises joy and increased health. They not only diversify the diet, but also give the body natural sugar, vitamins and fiber. Adhering to a delicious, you should eat buckwheat and add in the menu not more than 10 parts dried apricots, prunes or raisins.


Support is well combined, the diet is very simple. Mono - becomes a multicomponent diet. Important to abandon the consumption of potatoes. Good salads carrot, bell pepper, and cabbage. Wheat combines perfectly with broccoli and celery. In the diet may be present in fresh herbs, which fits as an alternative spices.


The diet without adverse health effects, simple and costing without exotic products is the oatmeal. It has a positive effect in form and feeling, revitalizes the body in general.

As part of oats is the pulp, which is working on the cleaning of the body. It is present multivitamin complex, which increases the immunity and improves the working of endocrine system. Oatmeal combating bad cholesterol, restores the intestinal microbiota, start the exchange process. All of this leads to weight loss.

Mode of oatmeal mess:

  • diversified;
  • does not require rigid constraints;
  • delivery the body of the nutrients;
  • suitable for people with pathologies of the GASTROINTESTINAL.

Three days of diet

It is called discharge tube. 3 days recovers the balance of the body, occurs the cleansing of toxins and waste. Transferred from the diet, in spite of the sparse menu, it is very simple to do. At breakfast, lunch and dinner are allowed to consume oatmeal, in any form of oatmeal, cereal flakes, home-made biscuits. From a fluid you can drink the tea and the water.



A week after the program of loss of weight should keep dietary. Power source – easy servings – modest. The amount of sugar and salt continues to be limited. Fatty foods and salty foods are not recommended. You need to eat more fruits and vegetables, enter in the diet of the soup in the potius infirma broth. Flour is only allowed in the 2nd week (previously, only the app of biscuits). When you feel hungry you should drink cultured drinks average % fat.


  1. Renal failure.
  2. Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  3. The idiosyncrasy.
  4. Pregnancy and lactation.