The most effective exercises for slimming the sides

The story is the same with the sides and other critical areas of the body.

It seems to be for your adjustments the coaches spend a lot of time and effort, and a man with a huge amount of interest only once to participate in sports.

Skip to ensure that all of the excuses: the ways of changing the shape of the belly and on the sides there are.

Today, we will elaborate on each of them, and you follow our instructions and apply them in reality.

The result of our joint efforts to like it!

exercises to lose weight

The main causes of abdominal obesity and on the sides

Obesity is a scourge of modern society is a fact with which no one can challenge that.

Enough to look around, be more sensitive to the passers-by on the streets, work colleagues and even his closest circle of friends.

With a great probability of you finding a lot of people, that is severe problem of excess weight. Cardiovascular disease, oncology, and obesity called the major epidemics of the twenty-first century.

What is the reason of the mass of these phenomena? After all, historians and anthropologists have found that our ancestors ate much more than we do, and we try to do this as soon as possible. The answer lies on the surface of all the matter in the lifestyle.

We have become very sedentary, passive, little time spent outdoors. "Where to find it, the fresh air, living in the city?", — you may ask.

And, indeed, the objection is very fair. Unfortunate the environment strongly influences the character of the epidemic of obesity.

Our body is under the constant influence of toxins, which in large quantities are absorbed through the contaminated air.

Even a ride out of the city no longer brings such usage, as in the old days, before the invention of the assembly line production and the steam engine.

The third in the queue the reason of excess weight — poor food.

Under the word "wrong" we mean the following things:

  • The low quality of the products;
  • No or very little amount of greens, vegetables and fruits in the diet;
  • The lack of consistency in receptions of food.

Only if you reconsider your attitude towards all three points, you will be able to tell that your food is balanced and correct. So, you can brag about units.

In addition to these above reasons, obesity such problem areas like the stomach and the mouth, of influence and of other factors which, unfortunately, we do not depend on.

It is heredity and hormonal failures. In the first case, a man weak, is that it can not stop the disease development of sports or moderate consumption of food.

Sooner or later, the disease will manifest again. But it's not worth to be discouraged — with the surplus fat it is perfectly possible to fight, if it is the desire and diligence.

Hormonal failures, especially in women, occur quite frequently.

Causes of such dysfunctions are stress, pregnancy, puberty, use of hormonal medication, and the list goes on and on.


In the case of failures of the fight against obesity is a little easier, than if you have a bad heredity, but it is a process very labor intensive.

Also the appearance of fat on the belly depends on the muscle tone. With age, it weakens, and the mouth and the stomach become soft.

We select the correct physical load

Before actively starting the training, you must determine its nature.

You should clearly see the goal and, based on the desired result, choose the path of its realization.

It is very important competence to distribute and assign the physical load. The force of impact on the muscles of a person can have the effect of different depending on the speed, intensity and types of exercises.

Your goal is to get rid of the sides of the belly and excess body fat.

For this, it is necessary to combine cardiovascular exercises with of returns the muscle tone.

Then disappear the lethargy, the tendency to get bored quickly, the body will start to load the useful energy and get rid of excess weight.

Basically you have to make emphasis to the abdominal muscles. You can use the means at hand: balls of aerobics, weights.

It is also very important to regularly run and do long walks long distance.

No training program of professional athletes or the technique of weight loss with physical exercises is not complete without them.

Do jogging to strengthen the muscular fibres of the whole body, intensive workout the cardiovascular system, the development of the musculoskeletal system and, very importantly, the development of the press.

Experts in the area of physical preparation point out that regular racing short distances are able to correct the shape and, especially, the mouth and the stomach.

You have probably already heard many flattering about yoga.

Competent the connection of mental, physical and spiritual began to guarantee various development.

Do not worry, if you have little interest in the question of spiritual enrichment, adjust the shape with yoga, can still.

With this method is a little more efficient, which shows the experience of thousands of people.

Also, keep in mind these types of rhythmic gymnastics:

  • Aerobics;
  • Modeling.

With its help, you can remove the proverbial greasy want, even in more running situations.

The last type was developed exactly to the shape fit.

Rhythmic gymnastics meets women of all ages, as well as considers the changes related to age and consists of exercises that will match their goals and characteristics of the organism.

Modeling aims at fat burning, "sculptural modeling" the shape of the body and its fulfillment.

With the method does not imply the use of bulky simulators and other of iron, which is also very attractive.

The aerobics is the most optimistic and cheerful way to get rid of the extra pounds.


It does not use very intense strength exercise, as well as your task — to maintain muscle tone, without which it is not possible to get rid of the sides and on the belly.

In addition, this type of gymnastics, that has the cosmetology effect and helps to maintain a healthy state of skin.

Then, let's talk about exercises that are easy to implement at home, but the best effect you will get if you will work in a comprehensive manner that combines the walk in the gym with classes at home.

Exercises to lose weight the belly and on the sides

Finally, we get to the fun part: practice. Arm yourself of patience and diligence — and, after all, could not fail!

In the first place before any exercise, as simple as it is, start with the warm-up.

It is necessary to heat the body, making the muscles in the "state of alert" and minimizing the risk always hurt us.

Stretching exercises are simple to do: turns the head to the left-right and front-back, tilt the trunk in a circular motion in the elbows or tassels, stretching.

You can do them in a way convenient to you consistency. The main thing — not to do much effort, just cook the body for the exercise.


So, you warmed up and pulled out the body and willing to perform specific actions:

  • Take the starting position — sit comfortably lying on your back. Bend the knees and the hands interlock at the nape area. Gently contract the tummy muscles and focus on work.
  • Slowly lift the shoulders, the stomach muscles keep in suspense. Stretch slightly in the direction of bent knees and the beam to this position, do not relax a few seconds.
  • Get down on your knees in the inspiration. Note the hands and feet — they should be in the same position.
  • Do 10 repetitions, rest for one minute and again with 10 repetitions. In the interval between the series, try to relax the maximum and catch your breath.

The elevation of the pelvis

It is an excellent exercise for the revitalisation and the development of muscles lower the press and the tummy.

The video helps to understand, if something is not clear.

  • Lie on your back, bend and lift your legs so that the feet are parallel to the floor and the knees — pelvis. The hand is spread, so that they are perpendicular to the trunk.
  • Slowly lift the hips from the floor, not forgetting to stretch the abdominal muscles, and not by changing the position of the knees and feet.
  • Secure the position for a few seconds, go to exhale, relax. Repeat the exercise 10 times, and then make minute break and another approach.

Replacement twist

Popular exercise to lose weight and belly at home and thorough study oblique.

An enhanced version of the normal twist.

  • Starting position: it is convenient to go in the back and in focus. The feet the knees bent, the feet are certainly on the floor away from one another until the width of the shoulders. Hips a little divorced. Hands behind his head.
  • Comes out the left elbow of the floor and slightly drawn to the right side of the tribe of overloading the press. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with your right elbow and left knee.
  • An elbow should always be in contact with the floor so you will not lose your balance.
  • In the interval between the two curves relax the muscles of the belly and breathe.
  • To start, stop 2-3 approaches on 10 repetitions.

The bike

We are sure that your physical education teacher simply adored the efficient exercise to lose weight the belly and on the sides.

And not in vain: it is really very simple, but at the same time strengthens the various muscle groups.


  • Let's go on its back. Raise the legs and pull the heel closer to the pelvis. We find the best position and fix it. Keep the hands behind the head, the fingers are concatenated to each other.
  • Slowly withdraw from the ground, our belly muscles. A walk across a small angle, simultaneously designed the elbow opposite to the tribe. Return to the starting position and repeat everything with the other leg and elbow.
  • Do 10-15 reps, then a break, lying on the floor and relax. We also make another approach.

Circular rotation

the slender figure of

Effective exercise to strengthen and exercise all the muscle groups of the stomach.

  • Let's go in the back comfortable, put your feet on the floor, knees bent at an angle.
  • It is not much our abdominal muscles and we do the full circular rotation of the pelvis — 5 times to the left side, both right. Followed so that during the execution of the exercise, the pelvis constantly was pressed against the floor. The hands of the all-time concatenated behind the head.
  • We had the best time between the two complete circles of rotation and repeat again.

Easy exercise for belly and waist

  • Accept-resistant position belly-down. Become on the elbows and socks, the trunk should be perpendicular to the floor. Do the exercise on a carpet or place your elbows something soft.
  • Raise one foot at hip level, to correct it. We consider the two, we put the foot and raise the other. Observing the correct position of the trunk floor.
  • Do the 2 of approach and of 10 repetitions.

If you go daily to perform all of these exercise, the result will come very soon.

Many of you train 3-4 times per week, but this is not your option.

The advantage of exercises at home, without the use of iron as of times that it is possible to prevent overload, as well as all the exercises have pure firming, toning, and corrective in nature.

Try practicing at the same time. If you feel that the body is very accustomed to the pressure, start to increase the number of repetitions and approaches.

Many advise to do the exercises faster, but, in the case of twists (it is the main weapon to eliminate the excess fat in the belly and on the sides) — which is not only inefficient, but can hurt you.

For clarity, we also attach videos of exercises to lose weight the belly and on the sides.

Just follow our instructions, if something is not clear — see, as do the instructors and repeat the same.

Believe me, it is to adjust the way in the house, there is absolutely nothing complicated!