The best exercises for slimming the belly

The best exercises for slimming the belly

A little bit of fat on my stomach and "barrels," each of us has, even for those who do not have absolutely flat stomach and a wasp waist. And this is normal. However, the excess fat is already worrying "bell", because in a large amount of body fat negatively affect the health. It is important to remember that the layer of fat can be placed directly under the skin – subcutaneous fat, or a lot more (about the heart, lungs, liver and other organs). This deeper fat is called visceral. And it is he who is a big challenge even for skinny people.

Yes, a certain amount of visceral fat is necessary for the correct functioning of our body. In this case, it provides that the amortization of the organs. However, the excess of this limit involves the risk of high blood pressure, type ii diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other serious problems. The fat is not only "sits" in your body, it is pro-active on your part, which creates a series of "problems". And what's more his, more of these same problems. Thus, some people are so complete, that the deposits of fat, literally, are not placed in so-called places, spaces dedicated to their storage. As a result of fat is delayed in the organs and around the heart.

The amount of fat in your body?

The most accurate way to determine the amount of visceral fat – computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging however, these methods are very costly and complex. There is a more simple alternative. To do this, simply arm yourself with measuring tape and wrap it around the waist above the navel, after which, to confirm the changes. This must be done on foot, making sure that the tape is positioned correctly.

According to experts, the volume of the normal waistline for women is under 35 inches and for men less than 40 inches. When you do this, have a body, "pear shaped" with wide hips less dangerous, than to observe, as the figure takes the form of "apple". After all, if the performance of your volume of waist very complete a standard normal, the probability that the fat no longer is placed under the skin in the region of the belly and sides, and gently turns in a visceral, surrounding the internal organs, and very high. Conclusion the following: getting rid of body fat, we're working a lot "deeper", not only about the fact, to make the shape more beautiful, but also to avoid a series of harmful effects of the accumulation of excess weight.

Exercise for weight loss at the sides of the belly

Famous coaches fitness has developed very effective exercises to lose weight the belly, each of which is designed and adapted for the assessment of certain muscle groups.

Exercises needed to lose weight the belly women suitable for prepared, and for those that the last time you practiced physical exercise in the lesson of physical education.

The complex is composed of several levels, depending on how difficult it is to run exercises to lose weight the belly. If the technical execution is very complicated, there are a more simple variation. And vice-versa, if you find that the exercises to lose weight the belly light, there is the possibility of complicating things.

Exclusively exercise to lose weight the belly is not sufficient, it is necessary to take care of the food and leave the bad habits.


Includes warming the muscle, which is essential for the quality of the exercise.
  1. A simple twist

    Location — in the horizontal, the feet, you must pull up, folding his hands behind his head. The shoulders rise, the ribs are directed to the area of the hips. In this position, you need to tell the two, the more the return to the horizontal position.

  2. Elevation of the legs

    A great exercise to lose weight and belly at home.

    The location of the body — the horizontal, the feet are folded, the hands of both sides. Taz climbs, keeping the location of the lower extremity account for up to the two and return back.

  3. Twist with elevation of legs

    Original — the horizontal, the feet are folded, the hands of both sides. The chest and the region of the knees each time the source in the direction of one another.

  4. Replacement twist

    Location of the body ;— on the horizontal, the feet on the ground, hands behind his head. The shoulder extends to the other side of the leg.

  5. Twist attack

    Lie on the floor, hands behind head, elbows to the sides. The feet have to pull up the pelvis, bending. The shoulders rise, the knee is drawn to the chest, and then the foot fully pulled.

  6. The bike

    The location of the body — the horizontal, the feet are folded, heel close to the hips, hands behind his head. The shoulders detached from the floor, with one foot corrected with a small angle. A shoulder-you should get up to the opposite knee of the foot.

  7. The balance of the fingers

    Initial position on the ground, the feet need to raise, knees together, hands behind the head. The shoulders rise, the finger of a foot, pull it, you need to touch the floor, to return it back.

  8. Circular rotation

    The location of the body — the horizontal position of the feet on the ground, hands behind his head. Stand up at an angle of approximately 45 degrees and make the rotation of the body on both sides.

  9. The deflection of

    The position of the knees, elbows, putting wood floor, feet in height socks. Knees lift off of the floor coating, account for up to three, the return to the initial position.

  10. The counter-position

    The position of the stomach, the dependence of the elbow part of the hand, the foot in the tip. In this position needs to stand up and keep the body smooth. A foot rises to the level of the pelvis, account of the two constitutional position, change of foot.

Exercise end of the year

Extending for about five minutes.

There is, also, a training course, which includes 7 exercises to lose weight the belly. The complex works not less efficient, and able to help in the correction of the shape.

  1. Twist

    The implementation is similar to the first task of the previous complex.

  2. Replacement twist

    In the same way 4 of the previous paragraph complex.

  3. The lift with the subject

    Lie on the floor, between the feet of the feet to hold onto the ball. The feet are at a right angle with the floor. The feet lean in the direction of the body, the ball must be provided to a person.

  4. Bend/straighten

    Local — body horizontal, legs bent and hands behind the head. At expiration, the feet return, without touching the floor, breathe, bow down.

  5. The bike

    In the same way 6 of the previous paragraph complex.

  6. Bridge

    Location — in the horizontal, the feet placed, turn the palms down near the neck/ears. Counting with hands and feet, the body vygeboom, torso comes out of the ground. Then, return to the original.

  7. Cat

    The position of the knees. While inhaling the stomach need to do is drag-and round up the maximum of the back, count up to five, the return to the original state.

If you do not have the strength to perform a complex of 10 or 7 tasks, you can try out the 5 exercises to lose weight the belly. The exercise was created for the lazy, but still want to have a slender figure of ladies, the book contains the most effective exercises to lose weight the belly.

  • The side of the stretching

    The location of the body — feet, legs semi bent, hands freeze above the knee. The right leg goes in the direction of the straightening, the severity of the stem sliding in the opposite leg. The right hand has to lift up and forward to the left side. Account up to 8, repeat to the other side.

  • Diamond

    Starting position — standing, hands before breast-feeding, the tips of your fingers closed, with the strength need to hold with the fingers to each other.

  • Press abdominal

    Any previous exercise complex.

  • Scissors

    Go to the ground, the feet rise, more being manufactured mahi on opposite sides of the cross.

  • Cat

    The method of execution is similar to the previous complex.

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Do not forget the fact that the load must be executed at the same time. And, in general, the routine of the day – a very important point. To determine what is the best exercise to lose weight the belly and on the sides, focus on the individual characteristics of your body. As a general rule, the best time to exercise is the period between 10 and 11 o'clock in the afternoon. At this time your body fully awake and ready to start animals exercise to lose weight the belly, ensuring maximum efficiency of the workout.