Effective slimming

Effective slimming

Effective losing weight is possible, if you ask me — and why I getting fat? That is, begin to discover the root causes, contributing to a set of excess weight.

Where to start

First of all, start with the power supply, calling attention to the consumed products, beverages, method of preparation of dishes.

And ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What products predominate in the diet daily? If your diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, seafood.

  2. What drinks are present in your diet: ill – soda, coffee, packed juices, and t. p. or useful — clean water, water with the addition of lemon juice, and t. d.

  3. Your favorite candy — it is easy to desserts with fruit or a cake, a cake?

  4. Several, to your diet? Useful and varied thus:

Breakfast: fresh fruit,

Lunch: soup or any other hot first dish,

Afternoon snack: dried fruit,

Dinner: vegetable or fruit salad.

  1. Your method of preparing dishes, frying or ontvarevanie, quenching or forpeparaAnie, steaming or grilled?

Analyzing the answers to these questions, you'll know how much is useful to your diet, they behave in the body all for the normal functioning of vitamins and minerals.

Think, what foods can give undesirable deposits of fat.

For effective weight loss, you will have to review and change the diet, but, gently, to do this, you must understand and realize the need to change eating habits is the first step on the way to a healthy lose weight.

Also, you need an integrated approach to weight reduction: proper nutrition + motivation + practice a sport, individually selected and come to meet your wishes to lose weight in a certain area, and state of health.

The cause of a set of excess weight

1. Binge eating – especially on or after the compliance of the diet to eat "BPedнonwithteth" — bread, cake, potatoes, chocolates, without measures. And once again you must sit on a diet. Frequent causes excess also: skip meals, snacks "on the go", and late.

2. The presence of bad habits in food: consumption of fast food, soda, drinks with caffeine, products contain a large amount of carbs or fat. These habits contribute to pRibavparae in weight. If you still: to replace the meals pepeparaycom, eat anywhere, drink alcohol, smoke, little bit is asleep and lead a sedentary lifestyle, then you will gain even more inches extra in unwanted places.

3. A sedentary lifestyle – now its take many, t. to. our work contributes to this, since many people work behind a computer in the office and, at the end of a work day, we already think about how we're going to get home, pepedeLaem the household chores, the more to eat a delicious dinner and lie down to watch tv. That is, we walked a little, ran only if onpAZdIVAem in mаpшpattparaat, and walk the walk, generally, rarely, and then only to a bank or a shop, well, sometimes, remove the apartment. And in this dVigateLina the activity ends.

4. In our lives are present with stress, depression, chronic fatigue. Because now it's very hard to live and not get tired mentally and physically, contribute to it: stress at work, stress in the family (after all, in many families, unfortunately, people find out the relationship with the aid appear glassy), depression due to the fact that the man can't perform to fulfill the obligation, can not achieve your goals, it often unhappy with the quality of his life, a way of life. In addition, many people do not know how to relax, but too much work — all this leads to a set of excess weight.

5. Many people simply have stopped the metabolism and, therefore, they put on weight. This behavior can occur because of: lifestyle choices from operations over the long term, the adoption of hormones, which requires the person to diseases such as: obesity, thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus, and pp.

6. Some people have hereditary predisposition to the set weight. But, even in this case, you will be able to get rid of excess weight: you will develop healthy habits + will eat + will lead an active life-style.

7. In women in period of gestation, after childbirth, when hormonal restructuring, menopause after breast-feeding in the body occurs hormonal restructuring, contributing to the increased appetite.

And because, even when the pregnancy and lactation does not need to increase the portion of food, no need to eat fatty foods, it contains many carbohydrates, increasing their weight and volume. And most do not need to eat more in the period of menopause, when the metabolism is slower.

8. The deficit of sleep is important. After all, a good night's sleep helps us to look good and feel good. Sleep must not less than seven to eight hours per day, especially useful for sleeping, in the period from 21:00 to 24:00 is the time for maximum relaxation of the body. With a deficit of sleep appear: depression, lethargy, fast fatigue, which contributes to the set of excess weight.

9. The existence of a large number of daily concerns, the lack of "free time" (especially for housewives). Many women simply do not have the time to practice." And this is wrong, after all, if you are not going to walk, at least occasionally, in a beauty salon, fitness center, occasionally at least, to make the discharge day or follow a diet, the beloved, may you leave the woman more well-groomed and well-composed.

10. The presence of some diseases, you must follow a sedentary lifestyle, because in this case, in the composition of your diet includes foods that contain a lot of fat, carbohydrates, what is not spent by the body and are transformed into fat.

Tips for an effective slimming

Follow these tips and you will not get fat:

  • fasting morning drink a glass of mineral water non-carbonated, and the day drink more water (not less than one litre per day to reflect the first dishes, green tea, citric juices, morse). Drink water with the need to twenty minutes before each meal, so you eat less.

  • eat small portions, five to six times per day. More, we eat food a variety of: vegetables, fruits, lean fish, seafood, cereal whole grains, cereals and sprouted.

  • eat slowly, and chew foods, enjoy each slice. In this case, the food faster pepeваpandt yourself, and the best of atwithвonandtXia, the brain receives a signal of saturation, and you will eat less. Yes, and the stomach less energy fortpаtandt in digestion, the intestine, the absorption of food.

  • Choose natural products, remove from the diet: canned food, pickled products, smoked, salty. Type in the diet: fresh fruits, vegetables, fish.

  • Do not eat before you sleep only four hours before sleep, while at dinner, paraatшаem only easily purchased products, for example, a vegetable salad with vegetable oil, or fruit.

  • Properly cook the meals (a minimum of heat treatment to save great amount of vitamins in food).

  • Don't be so hard on yourself, dramatically, don't limit yourself to eat, just limit the usual number of dishes on the diet, take them to the minimum and then delete it completely.

  • Change eating habits: breakfast - instead of a cup of coffee that we drink juices, apple juice, lunch instead of withonлIнparaand eat soup puree of broccoli, instead of cupcake — eating mousse of pineapple, pepeparaatwithIVAem — instead of chocolate or cookies — eat a handful of dried fruits or nuts, and dinner, instead of pizza we eat salad vegetables (tomato, zucchini, white cheese).

  • Sometimes, offer (if during the week not pepeedалand, not paraatшаem of the night, do not neglect to do the exercise) – withparaatшаthte a small slice of cake or a pizza. In this case, you will not feel harmed, it prevents the depression, and then will be directed to a healthy and quick poxydeete.



Effective express diet help you lose weight quickly, and fixing the obtained result.

Efficiency express diets depends on your design. And, to the extent that you mentally prepared to limit itself in food during the diet and after termination.

The duration of such diets — from three days to two weeks.

To secure the result expressed diet need to repeat them over a certain period of time, but remember that they are not designed for the application frequent.

The variety express diets

  • monнondandets (apple express diet, watermelon express diet, withatponваI diet and t. p., buckwheat-paraeфandpнаI express diet),

  • balanced expressed in the diet (Italian, mediterranean, expressed the diet and t. p.),

  • express — diet with predominance in the diet of carbohydrates, proteins or fats.

Express — diet allows you to choose such a diet, which limits the use of usual foods, you can easily observe, not feeling hungry and хatdeI.

Attention: before you enforce any of the express diet, make sure you do not have contraindications to it.

Rid yourself of obsessive thoughts about food, you will help the sport, it even helps to lose weight effectively.

Can be done not only of physical exercises at home, you can practice in the fitness center, step, aerobics, paraалLaнetandparaonth, pilates, bodyflex and t. d.

The rules of effective slimming

The rules of effective slimming

To lose weight effectively, need to lose weight properly, without harm to the health.


  • Let go of the excess weight slowly, no more than a pound per week, t. e. three to four kilos in a month. You will lose weight slowly, but the result of weight loss will be constant, with no harm to the health.

  • For an effective slimming choose the favorable moment in life, with the firm decision to lose weight.

  • To lose weight you need to be addressed responsibly, no one dare to overthrow-with the path selected slimming — believe in success, start to feel as if you have already lose weight in a few kilograms.

  • People with health problems, has lose weight under the supervision of a doctor.

  • Not paraatшаem after 18: 00 (much as drink a glass lean yogurt before bed).

  • Eat only natural products, which are prepared at the time.

  • Do not use semi-finished products, the substitutes.

  • Drinking about two liters of water per day.

  • Remove from the diet: bread products from flour of higher grade, cake, biscuit, refined sugar, meat, fat, fat, fat, dairy products, products containing trans (margarine, it is also present in sweet baking, cake, cakes).

  • In the diet add: lots of fruits, vegetables, juices.

  • Once a week we do a day of fasting. Also, organise day of fasting on water once per month — this allows you to view toxins from the body.

  • Sleep at least seven hours per night – this allows you to have a normal metabolism.

  • Try to move around too much, plus the ride.

  • We combine diet and exercise for weight loss (for the process of slimming you fell fat and not muscle).

  • A nutritionist can help you to design an effective program customized for weight loss. If you do not have this money — take advantage of our tips for crafting an effective program of weight loss:

  1. Discover your ideal weight (with the help of calculators). To find out how many pounds you need to reduce the weight and the time, considering the principle of slow weight loss.

  2. To calculate the rate of calories (and also of proteins, fats, carbohydrates), the night (with a calculator). But: the value of the daily calories should not be less than 1200 kcal per day – otherwise, you pondonpвete your health).

  3. We started to be individual diet, considering the daily rate of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, the uptake of useful products based on their calories.

  • Eat more rustic chicken, because here it has a lot of amino acids that stimulate the production of "hormone of happiness".

  • Do not skip the main meals. With a deficit of food day, the level of sugar in the blood drops, and you want to eat something sweet.

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, but less than the foods that contain protein (meat, fish, eggs, cheese) and also less bread, potatoes.

  • Refer sometimes the food is not more volume, which is placed in their hands, bent in the shape of a cup.

  • Include in the diet a little bit of favorite food.

  • Do not eat meat more than three times per week, so that the body does not accumulate toxins. Three more days in the week to eat the fish.

  • Replacing the candy walnuts, withemehparaаmand.

  • We use products, contributing to weight loss: soy sauce, white wine, ginger, garlic, vegetable oil.

  • Eat less: butter, cream, cheese.