lose weight with the help of break

The slim body is the dream of any woman. To achieve your goal ladies resort to different methods. The high popularity among the methods of slimming purchased break. Many of them you can perform at home, do not spend too much money on services of beauty salons.

Useful properties of procedures

Break — this косметологический session, which allows you to take care of your body, in particular, reduce the volume, eliminate cellulite and improve the condition of your skin. The process is a накладывание the mask all over the body or in certain areas (arms, legs, abdomen, thighs, buttocks).

Break can be divided into two main types: hot and cold. They differ among themselves not only on the exposure temperature, but also by the fact that effect they have on the skin.

When hot, the option of the vessels under the influence of heat expands, intensifies the blood circulation. In the end, the skin heats up, the pores dilate, and through them displays the excess fluid and harmful substances (toxins and slag). After the procedure visibly reduced amounts of body and разглаживается cellulite.

Wrap the cold causes the contraction of the pores and blood vessels, which leads to an exit of liquid and harmful substances from the tissues hipodérmicos. When this option toxins are emitted through the liver and kidneys. To warm up, the body begins to break down body fat, due to which you may lose weight.

Any type of break has the following useful impact:

  1. reduces the volume of the body;
  2. eliminates cellulite;
  3. tightens the skin;
  4. accelerates the processes of circulation and metabolism;
  5. it eliminates the toxins, the toxins and excess liquid.

For all this, it contributes to weight loss.

Options body wraps at home

Course of body wraps available in many spas. But not every woman can have this service, since the cost of the procedure is quite impressive. However, to perform the break may be in the home.


It should immediately be noted that when any one of the types of body wraps procedure should be performed in the following sequence:

  1. first you need to take a bath, the skin should work scrubs, to remove coarse particles and provide a better penetration of active principles;
  2. then, apply the prepared composition is massaged movements. When hot, the variant of a mask is recommended to pre-heat the water bath up to 38 °C, the cold, the mixing method should be at ambient temperature (20 to 22 °C);
  3. after application of the composition on the skin superimposed on food film in 2-3 layers (it is especially useful for certain parts of the body) or the whole body is covered by cellophane. In the case of wraps, warm-up need to wear warm clothes or hide in the dense blanket;
  4. after the end of the procedure of composition should wash under the shower and for dry skin apply cream to cellulite.

Duration hot break is about 40 мин. the cold, the variant of a procedure that lasts 1 hour. For the result, it is necessary to pass a course of 12 procedures, with the sessions should be performed 3 times per week.

If there are no contraindications for health, which is quite efficient is alternating hot and cold break.

Break it is best to do at night: around 18 to 22 hours. During this period, the skin becomes more active and, therefore, the useful components of exercise upon him the intense impact.

Here are the recipes different formulations, which will help you cope with the handy inches on the waist and other parts of the body such as the hot and cold option.

Important! If in the composition of the mask include burning components, the tool is not desirable to apply in the belly and the inner area of the thigh, т. к. in these areas, capillaries are near the skin surface may result in burns and swelling of the tissues.

The honey and mustard

Honey is rich in components of biologically active (in the product about four hundred), that penetrate deeply into the skin and normalize the metabolic processes of the tissues, accelerating blood circulation and prevents stagnation of the phenomenon. Mustard improves the metabolic processes and displays the excess fluid.


  1. honey — 2 ст. л.;
  2. mustard powder — 0,5 ст. л.

Honey mixed with mustard and apply on the skin. When hot, the mix option should be pre-heat. For clear break of mustard is of a typical burning sensation. If this feeling is strong, the procedure is best to stop

It is worth mentioning that the proposed composition must be used with caution, т. к. the honey can cause allergies and mustard can harm sensitive skin. Therefore, before you apply the mask is recommended to test.

Coffee recipe

The one in the middle is a lot of useful components, which increase the microcirculation of the blood, running the cells of oxygen, remove stagnant processes. So, after taking a cup of coffee, the thickness should not be thrown out, and wear to wraps. For this, you should take 70 g of coffee powder a homemade, cause it in the problem areas and wrap the cling film.

The seed of wrap is most often used for slimming legs and buttocks.

Cinnamon — not only the spice

Cinnamon is most used in the preparation of confectionery dishes. However, it can help and when the weight loss due to its composition. It contains essential oils, antioxidants and tannins, which have skin nourishing, toning and rejuvenating effects, and break down body fat. To prepare the composition of the break, you should take:

  1. powder cinnamon — 1 ч. л.;
  2. olive oil or almond oil — 2 ст. л.

The cinnamon should be mix with the oil and apply the mixture on the areas where there is body fat: thighs, buttocks, abdomen, shoulders, and hands т. д.


A delight of chocolate

Everyone knows the pleasure that brings chocolate tile. However, this product is able to help eliminate those extra pounds. Chocolate wrap is one of the most common procedures in salons professionals. When applied on the skin, the chocolate helps to reduce the volume. Many times this wrap is used for slimming thighs.

To prepare the composition should be 2 parts dark chocolate, break into pieces and melt in a bain-marie. Then the liquid chocolate needs to cool down and apply on the skin with a brush.

The recipe with clay

For the preparation of the composition can be used any clay white, pink, blue, green, black. The clay has properties, due to which the skin is removed the excess fluid and toxins and toxins. In particular, this component is applied to a slimmer belly.

To prepare a composition, you must take:

  1. clay powder — 4 ст. л.;
  2. water — 3 ст. л.

The water connect with the sludge, completely mix the solution of groats and education dense кашицы (if necessary, add water or clay). The composition applied with a brush in problem areas.


Red pepper and weight loss

Burning pepper has a warming effect, when intensifies the micro-circulation in the skin, dilate the pores and eliminate subcutaneous body fat.


  1. pepper powder — 1 ст. л.;
  2. cooking oil — 5 ст. л.

Pepper connect with the oil and apply on the skin. This wrap only lasts 15-30 min, т. к. when more prolonged exposure to the possible emergence of burns. It is worth noting that it breaks with the pepper is not recommended for sensitive skin.

Instead of pepper, you can use a tincture of pepper. For your kitchen you need to take:

  1. pepper powder — 1 ст. л. without slides;
  2. cooking oil — 10 ст. л.

Pepper pour butter, mix well and leave in a dark place for 7 days. Received the dye applied to body wraps in its pure form or added to a ready tool anti-cellulite for the body. In this case, you should take:

  1. liquor pepper — 1 ст. л.;
  2. ready tool — 1 ст. л.

The application of sodium bicarbonate

The use of soda in formulations for body wraps eliminates the 1 inch of waist already after the first procedure. For the reduction of fat folds on the tummy prompted the following recipe.


  1. sodium bicarbonate — 1 ст. л.;
  2. the sea salt — 2 ст. л.;
  3. water — 100 мл.

All the components shall mix, apply the porridge in your tummy, and curl a movie food.


In the composition of the seed of the cacao is the caffeine, which has a tightening effect and accelerates the burning of fat.


  1. the cocoa powder 400g;
  2. water — 0.5 l;
  3. cinnamon — 1 ч. л.

The cocoa powder, add the cinnamon and cover with water. Cook the mixture on low heat for 10 мин., always stirring. Cools it received the composition and the brush to apply on the body.

The procedure with ginger

The ginger root has a burning action, therefore, when applied on the skin, it will be your gains and help eliminate the fat deposits.


  1. the powder of ginger — 1 ч. л.;
  2. cinnamon молотая — 1 ч. л.;
  3. clay blue — 70 g;
  4. water — 100 ml;
  5. essential oil of orange — 10 drops.

The ginger, the cinnamon, the mud and the water and mix until the status of thick cream. In ready, add the mixture of the orange oil.

The mask is recommended for the diet of the hands and feet.


Мумие body fat

Мумие is a mixture of different organic (plant and animal) and inorganic (mineral) inclusions. In its composition a multitude of minerals, vitamins and other active components. Thanks to this, мумие helps you deal with handy body fat. You should prepare the cream, which includes:

  1. мумие — 4 g;
  2. purified water — 2 ч. л.;
  3. child cream — 100 g;
  4. the lemon essential oil — 10 drops.

Мумие necessary, to dissolve in warm water (40 °C). The resulting solution together with a cream, stir and add the lemon oil. Ready-the composition should be stored in the refrigerator, but before applying it is necessary to pre-heat the water bath up to 20-22 °C (cold) or up to 38 °C (hot edition).

The use of coconut oil when weight loss

To body wraps often apply to vegetable oils as in its pure form, as part of masks. Popularity among them have a coconut oil, which not only enhance the output of liquid, but does not allow the skin hanging after the weight loss.


  1. coconut oil — 2-3 ст. л.;
  2. essential oil of grapefruit — 5 drops.

The coconut oil add ether of grapefruit juice and apply the mixture on the areas to be treated.


Wrap bandage

This break special bandages or simply strips of cotton impregnated with the prepared composition. Wrap hot is done in the following way: the bands first soaked in water, whose temperature is 38 °C. For the cold option, water should be at ambient temperature.

Prepared bandages наматываются to the problematic areas, and up-and-is-enforced plastic film or cellophane. Duration hot procedures is 40 мин. and cold 1 hour. The sessions can be repeat within 1-2 days. The course is composed of 10-12, and body wraps.


The recipe with milk

If the skin has increased sensitivity and dry, in formulations to break a bandage you can use the milk.


  1. milk — 300 ml;
  2. the starch-200 g;
  3. the powder of mustard — 50 г.

The starch should join with the mustard powder and dissolve in the milk. All the squeeze as well. To wraps hot mix need to pre-heat the water in the bain-marie, stirring constantly.

Смоченные ligatures necessary to saturate the молочным composition and to involve them in problem areas in the direction from bottom to top.

Apple cider vinegar

As part of apple cider vinegar has manganese, which is involved in an exchange of fat and promotes the breakdown of fat cells. When the skin becomes more firm and is up to date, thanks to fruit acids.


  1. apple cider vinegar — 1 l;
  2. water — 1 л.

The vinegar and water and mix. In the preparation of the solution to moisten the bandages and wrap them in problem areas. Typically, you wrap with the application of vinegar to use for the whole body. To do this, first it will be felt cold, the pores and the blood vessels begin to decrease. Along with a stream of blood уносятся of harmful substances, which are then displayed on the kidneys and the liver. Then, the body is extracted from the heat, this moment happens the division of the body fat.

The duration of the procedure can be extended to 1.5 ч.

Contraindications to the break

  1. Pregnancy.
  2. Gynecological diseases.
  3. Abrasions, open wounds, scratches.
  4. The diseases of the skin.
  5. An allergic reaction to components of the mask.

To wraps hot to the displayed list is added a few more items:

  1. diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  2. tumor of a different nature, origin;
  3. the disease of the veins;
  4. the period of lactation.