Lose weight of 54 kg of pork meat with mayonnaise: the true story of our readers

The problem of excess weight caught up with me since childhood, although, to be honest, following by a problem that I have not thought of. Of course, colleagues have granted me the girls nicknames, but friends has always been enough, and in virtue of his childhood I didn't really know what the weight of 70 kg in the sixth grade is not normal. I grew up in a family incomplete: the father left us with his mother, the united states, and the mother could have provided me a happy childhood: in his understanding, it was not possible without cakes and pastries, and is without measure. She, with joy, was united to the journal partners; we own rituals — for example, when I was sick, we bought huge, as it was called, "therapeutic cake" and treated, and when I got into the prestigious high school on the time of the car, after class I bought in santa's bakery two or three puffs or baklava and ate it on the way home, then, of course, followed a full meal. Now all that I remember of anguish, but in childhood the permanent feast of the belly it seemed to me the very granted.

To adulthood, I weighed already by a hundred, and it is in adolescence that I began to understand the scale of the catastrophe.

I have past all the way in which, normally, become full of women, and undertook a timid attempt to lose weight — two days of sitting on a diet, to terminate the usual nutrition, thai magic pills the patches, but all of this is to be expected, it did not work. I were still friends and even appeared the bridegroom, and behold, at 19 years old, married, and decided to build their lives anew — in your own family transplantation correct and healthy eating habits.

By chance on the internet called me an English version of the article, talking about the use of fats and the dangers of carbohydrates; writing seemed to be a complete lie: well, where is that saw that burgers with cheese sauce and steak, and yes any time of day and in any quantity, you can lose weight,but I absolutely do not took the plunge and decided to try. Since 1 June 2005 — the day of my first wedding — it was the beginning of my new life. At that time I weighed 114 kg, with an increase of 173 cm.

All week I've been devouring the pork with mayonnaise, grilled with mushrooms and cream and butter, and, occasionally, eat the cucumber, and all of a sudden, on Sunday, the scale showed 7 pounds less. Even skeptical configured first husband stopped smiling, and has become verified to bring me from the store smoked chicken legs, and chest. For the first month I lost 14 kg, the first of September, was already the 25 kg less; the only subject of the conversations in the institute became my new way. I continued to follow the diet and to the new year has weighed 73 kg, therefore, for six months, I took me 40 kg, and with this weight and I remained for a long time — and in his first marriage, and after divorce.

However, the majority of women suffer with excess weight, face the same psychological settings: in the first place, it is an attitude of the diet as something temporary, as if after you reach your goal, you can eat as before. Not escaped this fate and to me, in me always fought two desires: to eat since childhood all the usual products and the need to monitor energy. In the end, I,unfortunately, up to the year 2012 reached almost the same with the one that started my weight was 104 kg, and I realized that the situation must be under strict control.

the heroic slimming

My heroic slimming

Full and final of my victory over the excess weight began with the awareness of an indisputable truth: even in my life are present in cakes and cookies, thin waist will not be never. Certainly, there are those people, members of the family to eat a slice of cake, but personally, for me, one piece has always been a little bit, then the correct switch power supply, with its idea of "only a small part" I shallow because, after all, the food has to change, and limit the now, give up fat and delicious also, but the weight loss does not happen immediately and go slowly. So I made the choice in favor of a family to me low-carb the food system, after all, I already knew, it worked perfectly, and is exactly the type of system in which you can do with a whole life.

In the social network "vkontakte" I left it to chance a comment below the post about the calorie count. I wrote, what should be considered not calories and carbohydrates, and I immediately wrote dozens of girls asking to tell, how and why to do it. Without exaggeration, it was the turning point of my future weight loss: to not copy all the same message, I opened a group where painted all known to me the nuances, allow and block lists of products and all the rest of the experience I have for the moment. I started to lose weight in the eyes, already has thousands of people — could not et stillabunt clanger! And each week my weight dropped and dropped, and the other girls also attended this diet and also lose weight. A huge responsibility towards other concitatos calcaribus me, and for a couple of months, I lost about 20 kilos, when they unexpectedly became pregnant. At this point, I was married for the second time, the husband of me, always and in all supported, throughout the pregnancy I continued to lose weight. In accounting, I got up, with a weight of 82 kg, the same weight was given to the light. Moreover, the doctor of female consultation very supported my reason to be, and responded positively on the selection of nutrition. Up until my daughter was breastfeeding, I also followed strictly the diet; your first birthday party I've ever weighed 68 kg.

During all this time the group weight loss with me grew: first, summarizing the results of weekly weighings on a plate, I thought the results manually, and announced the winners, for a week, then husband wrote me a site www.uglevodov.net, type social network for weight loss in a diet of Carbohydrates. it is not so simple and I have named your system, and the girls were exchanging experiences, and recipes from there. As its theoretical basis has grown, it has interesting new recipes — for example, we have a "pea" soup of broccoli roasted Adyghe cheese as a substitute for the bread or with a dozen recipes for pancakes without flour — we have also developed a free application for smartphones, to be always at hand you weight loss, now it's three thousand of our own unique recipes dietary. Yes, all of my weight loss and developments are open to free access and it is completely free, and has thousands of women, for they took advantage and joined our "Gallery of heroes", and in 2015 I received the patent on their method of weight loss.

The essence of the diet

In a few words, the essence of the system is thus: if you do not eat carbohydrates, and in an unlimited number of eating fats and proteins, the body easier to get energy from their stocks of "day" — for those who deferred to the sides, to chip from the body is the food. Carbohydrates — what is under categorical prohibition of: sugar, flour, a selection of cakes and this pone, the parties purchased pastries, juices, fruits, potatoes, cereals, beans, nuts and others. The basis of the diet: meat, fish, and birds of all kinds — fried, baked, grilled, stewed or boiled, and also, cheese, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, oil, mayonnaise. You are also allowed spirits, dry wines, and soda without sugar. To complement the power may be of some vegetables: they are allowed, in a limited number of cucumber, zucchini, cabbage, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, a bit of dairy products, and others.

Normally, this is the list to impose the horror for fans of proper diet: as well, limit, restrict, and vegetables? And, as a fruit, there are, in fact, the vitamins? How is it possible to allow fried foods, salty snacks, alcoholic beverages? But I repeat, my diet was designed not for those who have the willpower, you can the day eat sweet buckwheat and salad, dressed with low-fat yogurt, simple mortals, who are not accustomed to counting calories and not matter of organizing the celebration of gluttony — it is only now, after carbohydrates, they can lose weight. And if before people had a dinner with pork with potatoes and mayonnaise, under a pile of vodka, so now you just replace the potato, for example, the cauliflower, all the rest is to leave the denomination and to lose weight. Separately, it deserves attention the fact that in any party or festival, you can always find the allowed salads or hot, have fun on equal footing with everyone, and no one will not even notice, that you control the food — well, except that his that became in three sizes, the large dress is not going to open them this secret.

as you are doing now

A case like mine now

Passed 4 years ago, since that I the whole life, changed the food, and I with pride say that for this whole period I had not even a collapse. Can't be, because now look at me already 110 thousand young people Vkontakte, and I try to encourage them and to make them believe that change is never too late. Now my weight is 63 kg, with an increase of 173 cm, and I still want a little bit of reset. I stopped relying on food, because, in the first place, I is always satisfied and happy with and the food simply did not think; in the second place, I can always prepare dietetics analog dishes that I suddenly wanted to — yes, even a cake "Pancho" I have already repeatedly improved in zero-carb option and is preparing for a half-hour. My favorite is the second husband of my own faithful support, he never laughed at me, and I have always believed that everything will be all right; in general, he himself lost 25 pounds on my system. It is very convenient — I don't have to prepare separately, though none of weight loss does not cause any problems. Even my mother chose my success and slimmed, but, unfortunately, could not keep the result, due to the pressure of the eating habits; now she is trying to lose weight, re — slowly, but surely, I lost 5 kilos per month. My daughter is now 3 and a half years, and although her diet I take for the basis of their food, she eats the fruit, cereals and bread bran. I tell her how much it is important for girls to track energy and have a good way; it is clear that none of the cake and candy wool, in principle, will not.

For the first time in many years, I'm really happy — happy that I'm finally so, how to always wanted to, what can I use short shorts and a little bathing suit, that I and my husband look for a few years younger than their age (photos periodically subscribe to the comment that the daughter more like our sister, a daughter). I'm happy, that I do not depend on sweets that I already do not depend on quick brown fox, that I can easily move from working with cakes in the hotel; my daughter will always be proud of me, and I, for my part, I will ensure him a happy carefree youth, not shapeless clothes, and all the clothes that she only want to, because she won't have to hide "disadvantages". All of this happened not once, but that is exactly what can make any one, is just to start and proceed to the target, and not just "believe", "try to follow a diet" and "find the motivation".

Still a little issues that are all very excite

Sport. It is believed that to lose weight, are necessary, "sport and good food", but I had neither the one nor the other — and the weight loss was and is. His first 40 pounds I lost literally lying on the couch. The trainers at the gym centers like to tell you that weight loss is 70% diet and 30% workout, but this is totally wrong: losing weight is a hundred percent of the power. I had in my life was a period of very intense practice of sports activities only of the excess of free time and fanaticism; a time that I stopped to spend in a gym 4 hours per day, the weight is curled, which is logical. Now I don't do exercise, but weighs less for what it is - only by controlling your diet.

Cellulite: cellulite is just one of the ways of fat storage, when it is accumulated in certain areas of the hill. Get rid of you complex and for the weight loss, and the external factor: massages, peeling, creams and wetting. Now I have almost no cellulite, because it almost completely gone the excess weight. Stretch marks: some women like to complain that they-and happy to be losing weight, but, because, then, your skin loses its elasticity. In fact, this is one of the forms of self-justification in their reluctance to change to a regular diet. Yes, the skin loses its elasticity; but in the first place, he will recover, in the second place, it is much better to look at as well, at least on the cover, which is always a look of evil because of the excess weight. Now I'm 51 kg less than the maximum weight, and I think that I am very well, and I continue to work in this direction.