Correct weight loss phases. How to lose weight correctly?

Let's analyze, what is the correct slimming? As should be the right diet? What to do so that the weight does not come back?

The task of diet for weight loss

  • Lose weight without feel hungry.
  • As soon as possible.
  • The stabilization of the weight. If this diet does not have the ability to the stabilization of the weight, it is better not to start.
  • The improvement of the health. Not if you should lose weight on account of health.
correct slimming

Correct slimming — stages

  1. The preparatory phase.
  2. The own weight loss.
  3. Plateau.
  4. The stabilization of the body.
  5. Supports mode.

Today she speaks about the weight loss, but a little one who stops in stabilisation, which should then follow. Many experts in weight loss not even talk about the stabilization! And about the bracket so that it is also very important! Right weight loss includes all of these steps. More psychological that the adoption of these phases, and also supports the mode. Once you lose weight, and after coming back to nutrition, immediately, to return the former weight. Another thing, I have to limit myself, keeping the "tight glove". Not. Here are some important laws and algorithms to get out of the situation. Consider these internships.

We do not lose weight like robots! But, in the process of weight loss forget about it. This means that, if in the first week of we lose weight 2 kg in the following weeks we're going to lose weight with a speed. Weight loss is absolutely different, which depends on many factors. From the phase of the Moon, the power. The weight will go away continually, but in different amounts. For example, a woman slims down from 100 to 80 kg, continuously, but with a difference in each week basic diet. Within 3 to 4 months, fulfilling all of the recommendations, she tossed the weight up to 80 kg. She lost 2 buckets of fat, gained new clothes and I received a lot of compliments.

And then what happens? Weight stops, although she does everything correctly. Hit the weight 80 kg and he is worth it. The girl was sad, because she wants to weigh 65 lbs!!! You can, it will not fall?

What is a plateau?

It has a center stage, when the weight is stopped. This stop is called the plateau. The plateau is a stop of weight during the diet. He has the body in a period of weight loss. Our body, gaining weight for a certain period of time, maybe a few years, and believed that this is correct. But when we begin to lose weight, will fat net. This is our physiology. But then comes a moment when the weight stops, and this is normal, at least psychologically difficult. The body "thinking". It restores the muscle tissue. The plateau lasts a minimum of 14 days! And need to give the body to defend because the time is not going to stabilize.

At this time, the need to use more impulsive feed that to "convince" the body to go on average of fats. They are characteristic of the fact that you need to eat even the most basic of the diet. In our example, the weight will be reduced, but in small quantity, because we pass the average of fats. This period is very important "anti-insulin" hormone that stored in the in the phase of care of liquid fat. And the next plateau will come before you get to the cellulite, so, all of us, and we reach one of its coveted 65 kg.-Los is not so easy to work with, but it is still possible. To do this, it uses many diets. And already then, comes the stabilization of the weight.

Stabilization – what is it?

Our body is a system, is constantly put in motion. If the first body is configured to weight gain, so, we create the conditions so that the organisation can give the fat and we lose weight. However, this can't last forever! So how, then, will be the strongest return! When we got to an acceptable weight, we see that have cellulite, you need to stabilize, increasing the amount of food with a certain momentum. Thus we come to the recognition that the way to consume 2000-2500 calories, not having recovered. It is important, for the vector of the body stabilized.

Here is the schema of thinness, with the condition that you want to lose weight correctly.