Discharge days for weight loss

Abundant feast, tasty, but not always useful food, sweet, low-alcohol and sugary sodas leave after itself not only pleasant taste, but the excess calories that are deposited in the body. When a set of weight some people strongly begin to practice sports or looking for a diet for emergency weight loss, others sigh heavily and stretch to a cake, and still others are looking for a way to get rid of excess fat, without making an effort.

Discharge days to lose weight - an ideal solution for those who don't particularly like deceiving complex diets and gyms. For a way to bring the forms in order, you only need one to two days per week, with the realization of a small diet. A day, dietary restrictions are able to withstand everything.

Why must we discharge valves in the days of today?

a day of fasting to lose weight

Family, for many, eating often harms the organism - contaminates the human body. It is very frustrating to watch, as on the sides, belly, hands and feet, you receive more fat of the interlayer. A spectacle depressing.

You can sign up at a salon specializing, where, for a reasonable sum of money is going to cleanse the body of various devices and means. But it makes sense to throw your money away, if it is possible to perform the cleaning of the body is absolutely free and at home? For this, it just takes a little more patience.

Discharge to the body is comparable with the exercise - which takes very little time, each exercise strengthens the previous result, and adds new achievements in weight loss.

A day of fasting to lose weight belly need to all. These days are geared to cleansing the internal body of impurities, toxins, water, and other products that remained in your body during the life of a person.

Despite the fact that on that day, the man may feel some discomfort due to the diet change, the next day, observed the following results:

  • internal facility;
  • is not concerned with the digestive system;
  • the glow and healthy skin;
  • the brightness in the eyes;
  • decreases the volume in places disturbed;
  • the belly is soft.

Night eat one or two products without salt is worth of such results. Weekly, the repetition of such diets will improve the general well-being.

How to perform the unloading days?

the previous day download

Before you start any important business need psychologically to tune in to the next job. The unloading of the body is an important step, for which you need to mature . Morally, you help yourself can be the fact that this night a change of diet, not a long diet. A day can't handle.

If this is the first practice of losing weight with the food, the best is to arrange a test before. Try, on any day, after 12:00 eat a product in which it is about to carry out the discharge. Difficult? Try to enter the limit of food from 15:00 or 16:00 until the end of the day. Gave right? Then, you can gradually increase the time of abstinence from goodies while not picking up a temporary bar until 12:00. if you could stand the mid-day, and will be able to a whole day. What is left is to choose the date of the meeting of the diet a little.

For the purification of his conscience, a few days before the day you must clean your fridge of tasty and dangerous temptations, replenish the stocks of products, which will eat that day and when you leave it.

The rules of discharge

There are still a number of recommendations for the proper completion of discharge of the day:

  • Need to motivate yourself that these dietary restrictions are necessary, and thanks to them you get close to your dream, or you can put on your favorite dress, or a skirt or pair of jeans, that dust in waiting until you can fit in one of them.
  • A day diet it is best to do on the busiest day, when there isn't a lot of excess time with thoughts about food, but die of hunger on this day may not.
  • With home download background, necessarily, need to schedule a long walk, during which he will away from the cooler with the food.
  • It is allowed to clean the body in such a way 1-2 times per week. The more frequent use of this menu is fraught with the deterioration of well-being.
  • This day is for the body to a stress. To aggravate the state of intense physical activities in the gym, not worth the effort. Practice fitness and strength exercise, leave it for another day.
  • If you want to additional procedures or pleasant loads to the body, stop your choice on the pool, massage or sauna. Nice external stimulation promotes better cleansing of the body.
  • To supplement their diet in this day of laxatives or diuretics (drugs not worth. Depending on the method chosen, the own body to purify themselves on this day. The intervention of cleaning, medications only increases the load on the intestine and the kidneys, that can hurt.
  • Necessarily drink it is a day 2 litres of water. In a few days, it is allowed to use green tea without sugar and the juice of rosehip, which also contribute to the elimination of toxins, impurities and excess moisture.
  • This day allowed the use of salt and spices. The soy sauce is also prohibited. Because salt delays liquid in the organism, due to this, you receive excess weight, and are swelling.

The day previous to the day of discharge, it is better to end a light dinner and a glass of water or lean yogurt before going to sleep.

Options days of fasting

In addition to these rules, necessary to consider the variety of fasting days for weight loss. The options depend on the product group selected:

  • protein - yogurt, cheese, meat, eggs, fish;
  • carbohydrates - rice, wheat, watermelon, apples, all berries, fruit and vegetables;
  • oily - cream milk, cream milk, milk.

Fat the proper group, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. The restriction of foods with this food is: cream milk and cream milk 500 g milk - 1 litre.

Carbohydrate products in the body act like a sponge , which gently cleans the intestine and other organs of the digestive tract, along the way, picking up with an output of all the excess, which there was and was complicating life for us.

And proteins are essential in the body on a daily basis. A day spent in one of them, the most complex of portability to the body, but the result is stable.

In addition discharge days are divided into well-fed and hungry . Hunger in the period can be consumed only one product. During the fed may be consumed by day 2 of product, mix them up. The dischargers days are suitable for pregnant women suffering from diseases of the digestive system.

During the discharge, it is important not to abuse quantities of food. Vegetables, fruits, and berries is permitted with a capacity of up to 1.5 kg. the Exception is the watermelon, their standard begins with 3 kg and usually, it is recommended to take this berry, at the rate of 1 kg watermelon 10 kg of weight. The fish and the products of animal origin - from 500 to 600 grams, eggs - 6 pieces.

The use, to the damage and counter-indications

Even the most useful diet can harm health, in certain circumstances. Despite the fact that the results of fasting days for weight loss positive, but they also have these all sides.

The use

The use of such a power supply so as to be briefly summarized in the following main benefits:

  • download safe days for the body;
  • stimulated by speeding up the digestive tract;
  • easily transferred;
  • the weight loss can reach a couple of pounds;
  • the body clean of harmful substances;
  • Normalizes the work of digestive system;
  • occurs clear the filters of the body - the kidney and liver;
  • need not prepare the food;
  • it is a kind of training, before diets or change to a correct diet.


As in any situation related to the limitation of the body in any thing, when it is not the approach of the discharge, also can bring harm, which is expressed in the following

  • depressing feeling of hunger;
  • bad mood and well-being;
  • the stagnation in the stomach;
  • the lack of income needed, the amount of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins;
  • aggravation of chronic diseases of the digestive system.

Pay attention! The stagnation in the stomach very easily can occur if enough of the fluid used. For example, this problem can occur when the wheat discharge, if the croup, used in large amounts, smooth, but not overly dry.

the positive result will not, and will one day be contaminated. So don't forget to drink more water, green tea without sugar and yogurt (if it is available a menu).


  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the kidneys and of the liver;
  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding (hungry of discharge);
  • private intolerance to some foods;
  • disease acute form or stage.

Based designated above, it can be concluded that the discharge tube of the week in the diet of modern man be! Adhering to this way of eating, you can lose weight 1 to 3 kg.

Is the most effective discharge days

Even in such a case, as a day of diet, have your rank, the leaders of which may surprise you. It turns out that the more mediocre and familiar to us, food can per day to get rid of a significant amount of pound, which does not cause damage to an organism. The list of effective options days of fasting weight loss prepared, from increased loss of extra pounds:

  1. cucumber - 3.5 kg;
  2. apple - 3 kg;
  3. kefir - 2 kg;
  4. buckwheat - 1.5 kg;
  5. water, rice, berry, fruit, vegetable, and discharge days of Malysheva - 800-1000 g;
  6. the rest of the diet-day - up to 500 g;
  7. milk tea - 0,5-2 kg.

Fruits and vegetables discharge days

Cucumber, a day of fasting to lose weight is different as well, a large amount absorbed of the product (up to 2 kg of fresh cucumbers) and the largest number that you are resetting end up with a weight of 3.5 kg. When this is allowed to drink water.

Apple menu quite modest in volume and about 1.5 kg of apples acid. Do not forget about the mandatory use of 2 liters of water.

Usually, berry, fruit and vegetable days are similar. To download you should employ the 1-1,5 kg of any fresh berries or fruit. We would like to highlight the watermelon per day should eat at least 3 kg. To plants, there are special considerations - they should contain fibers, the non-starch content of maize. Vegetables can be consumed raw or cooked. Necessarily drink water and green tea without sugar.

Discharge to yogurt

Discharge days for weight loss in yogurt also modest in the amount of the main ingredient.

In the day drink up to about 1.5 liters of yogurt with zero or isolated percent fat. And make sure to consume 1,5-2 liters of water.

Discharge with the help of wheat or rice

wheat and rice

Buckwheat offload the more precarious in the preparation. On the eve of the diet, you should have a couple of cups of wheat cereal and pour into a night of water. And by night the croup it absorbs the water, becomes softer and more size, swell . Consumed in its pure form, not adding anything.

Throughout this mono is allowed to drink green tea without additives and 2 liters of water. There is still a variant of such a diet of corn in a night, pour the yogurt and throughout the day you need to feed this buckwheat, drink low-fat yogurt and water.

For a day weight loss in rice should boil the cup of rice until soft and eat them the whole day, not adding salt and spices. You can also figure steamed at night, such as buckwheat. In the same way, you can drink 2 liters of water and green tea without sugar.

Diet of water

Water way to offload the more difficult to perform and support your can only units. By day, you must drink 2-4 liters of water. It is on this day only clean water at ambient temperature or cold temperature.

Milk tea - weight loss method to borrow with the british tradition of drinking tea with milk. Morning need to boil 1-1,5 liters of milk, add 3-4 tablespoons of green or black tea, let it stand. This is the food for the day. Weight loss can make both 500 grams and 2 kg.

If your body does not make friendship with cucumber, apple, yogurt, or another product, when used, the one that occurs the maximum weight loss, stop your choice more acceptable to the menu. The weight loss in such a way that it will last more time, but for you and for your body, it will not be stress.

How to end a day of fasting?

Exit discharge should be gently. Dinner boot of the day must be no later than 20:00. In about an hour before bedtime can drink a glass of water. Gone are the acquisitions of food and fluids in this day should not be.

The next day, the gang-up of harmful, rich food with sweet spices, or, to compensate, neglected by the day, it's not worth - it will bring damages to the organism. And in addition spending weight and a new one will be displayed from shock dose of carbohydrates. Since the body is one, it must be cared for, and not to yield stress.

So, the next day, you need to spend on nutrition, with a minimum amount of salt and a little fat.

The menu of the day, after the discharge can be like:

  • breakfast: omelet with vegetables or cereals (oatmeal or rice) with dried fruit;
  • lunch: soup of chicken with vegetables and salad without mayonnaise;
  • dinner: soup, wheat stew or grilled fish or chicken with buckwheat, rice or vegetables.

Needless to resolved use of any liquid except alcohol. Then you can go back to normal power. But, it's best to just go to the nutrition appropriate, to preserved the effect of the discharge of the day.

Useful tips

Discharge days to lose weight - a great way to clean the body and the elimination of several pounds of excess weight in a short period of time. We offer some practical tips that can help revive the body cleaning with the minimum of losses in the mood and the general state of the organism.

Discharge days for future and mothers

download days of future mothers and

I want to draw attention to a day's diet during pregnancy and feeding breastfeeding. Mono these women in such a state of are contraindicated. Are allowed in the mixed discharge that combines several ingredients. An essential part should be a yogurt or curd. It is forbidden to consume citrus fruits, strawberries and other fruits and berries, trigger the allergy. So, they can download once in 7-10 days, not more. Your body during this period, she works for two people, the worsening of your state, not worth the effort. And, before such a procedure, it is mandatory the consultation of the doctor.