Free and one hundred effective ways of slimming

An efficient tool to lose weight at home

Not everyone wants to or can, to obtain a harmony using the services of a gym and a nutritionist. The pace of life, work and family matters, often don't leave time to visit a fitness club and the office of the beautician. For this reason, many think, what are the procedures and methods of weight loss at home you can use it effectively in order to lead your body in order.

The critical success factors in weight loss

Introduction to weight loss, many people quickly delight with its distance on the grounds of lack of motivation. Many times this happens because there is not a soul mate, that would be able to keep, or would not give to relax. From the correct attitude toward weight loss depends half of the success of the program of reduction of weight, but also important moments of efficiency are:

  • the review power;
  • the approach of choice of beauty treatments;
  • the right way of a day without the lack of sleep and exhaustion;
  • feasible the physical load, that should be of joy.

Really, someone suited jogging in the morning, someone can without tired of twisting the cycling pedal, and someone takes pleasure in long walks. No matter what type of physical activity to lose weight you choose, the important thing is she was present in large volume and each and every day.

Home treatments for weight loss

Any weight loss program will be carried out efficiently, if your complement of cosmetic care, which includes:

  • the fat burning break;
  • mask to increase the elasticity of the skin;
  • steam and massage;
  • the bathroom;
  • aromatherapy.
Home treatments for weight loss

The procedure of break

At home you can use a large amount of recipes that promote the breakdown of body fat. For example, it is very effective works the tool from seaweed kelp, cracking clay, black, with honey and mustard.

For body wraps in a weight loss program, you can use such compositions:

  • honey + mustard oil + red pepper;
  • coffee powder + honey;
  • the oil of olives + a few drops of juniper;
  • the powder kelp + water;
  • clay black + a little water + grapefruit oil 10-12 drops.

Barro preto promotes the elimination of toxins from the skin, provides the blood flow and breakdown of fat. Coffee acts as an active ingredient for slimming. Essential oils of orange, juniper and grapefruit are effective additives to any mask against cellulite and body fat.

Whatever the cosmetic procedure that you have not chosen to weight loss, it is important to use it regularly through out the day for 10 to 15 days. After 1-2 months of the course can be repeated. Before you start the application of body wraps make sure you consult with a specialist, since there are some counter-indications for the performance of certain beauty treatments.

Mask to preserve the elasticity

Mask to preserve the elasticity

The slimming process, especially if the primordial considerable weight, accompanied by a weakening of the muscles and the skin. To reduce this to a minimum in a weight loss program need to enable the strengthening exercises of the muscles and the mask for the elasticity of the body. The efficient animal of tools for the preparation of such masks are:

  • black, green, red cosmetic clay;
  • the egg white;
  • the pulp of the potato;
  • olive oil and coconut oil;
  • dairy products;
  • honey;
  • the yeast.

Enriching any means of a few drops of essential oil of anise, juniper, patchouli, rosemary or geranium, you can significantly improve the efficacy of the procedure with its use.

The bath and the bath for slimming

These procedures will be efficient help in case you obtaining to slim down and lose weight. In the bathroom of hard leather sweats, as well, free of toxins, and under the heat intensifies the circulation of blood in your deep layer, and is turned on the process of division of fat cells. After bath procedure is useful, not eating for 2 hours, this will increase the effectiveness of a weight reduction program body.

The bath and the bath for slimming

Are extremely useful and effective for the slimming clay and herbal baths. They make the skin more elastic, smooth, contribute to the elimination of toxins. From clays and more beneficial for such procedures is considered to be the black, as it has a unique mineral composition and effectively clean. To prepare the bath, pour in it the mixture of 6-7 St. l. powder and 500 ml of water. The duration should not exceed 20 minutes.

Do not forget weight loss consult a doctor before the use of such procedures, especially if you have problems with the cardiovascular system, including varicose veins.


The smells of certain essential oils help to adjust the body in the process of purification and slimming, improves the state of your nervous system and is able to do any cosmetic procedure pleasant. It is enough to put apomalamny very close to them, pour water on it and add 7 to 10 drops of oil. For an effective slimming effects beneficial have aromas of rose, ylang-ylang, rosemary, cypress, lavender, orange blossom, cardamom, grapefruit.

Also add one of the following oils can be in the bathroom, the only pre-need to mix it with EMUlchatroom – salt, the milk, the cream or milk with clay. This is due to the fact that the water does not dissolve the essential oils, and they do not work effectively.


Exercises to strengthen the muscles

For a side-effect of weight loss program did not become a skin stained, it is necessary to perform, at least, a minimum of exercises to strengthen the muscles. These include:

  • squat – for legs and buttocks;
  • the lifting weights to the front and to the sides, push-ups – for hands;
  • abdominal exercises: twisting of lifting the box or direct walk from the down position.

At home, you can run an effective program of fitness, a video that you can find on the internet. The maximum that you should have to do this – two dumbbells, a mat and a strong desire to have a beautiful figure.

Nutritional counseling for weight loss

No diet, no wrap is to get rid of excess weight and will not be effective. Therefore, the weight loss program should be based on competence in the preparation of the menu. In this regard, you must follow some rules:

  • Minimize the consumption of fats, especially animal. To do this, choose foods free of fat and instead of frying, use the steam cooking or by cooking.
  • Drastically limit the number of sweet, and if it is hard, use the little tricks of sugar, substitute honey, sweets, jams and dried fruit, milk with chocolate.
  • The diet of any nutrition program, aimed at weight loss, should be varied. Is to not allow the body to "get tired" quickly and want something collecting lint special and the forbidden city.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • The total failure of mayonnaise, white bread and sugar will not only help speed up the process of weight loss, but also improves the condition of the intestine and blood vessels.

Tip: 10 minutes before each meal, drink a glass of clean water, which allows the body to more fast enough, deceiving thus the stomach.

Limit or eliminate the use of alcoholic beverages, because they are rich in calories, you and increase the appetite. Nutritionists recommend drinking a lot of liquid every day, so doing a weight loss program, do not give up drinking water, broths and herbal infusions, tea, jams with their fruits and berries tea and mineral water.

Insulin, the glycemic index diet and small meals

Many believe that the more helpful, the food program for slimming is fractional to eat small portions. This type of feeding is also called grazing-diet, and for many it really helps, especially if it is accompanied by a high physical activity. However, there is another opinion regarding the frequency of food intake during the day, which is justified characteristics of the functions of insulin in the body.

As is well known, after the meal occurs an increase in the level of glucose in the blood. This, in turn, implies the emission of insulin, is an important task that is the regulation of sugar levels. This hormone is present in blood, within three hours after the ingestion of food.

This could not be so important if it were not for one thing – insulin inhibits the mechanism of fat digestion, respectively, and the weight loss, so, they begin to burn only after three hours after pokusaland.

For this reason, for example, skinny people to gain weight, sometimes, introduce the solution of glucose with insulin.

Insulin, the glycemic index diet and small meals

In this respect, to the adipose interlayer still decreasing and is not accumulated during, in-between meals must be at least 5 hours. An advantage of this approach to lose weight is the fact that during this time, a person capable of so much will get hungry, and any food seems to Stocrat more tasty, and therefore better learned. In the intervals between one meal, necessarily, need to drink water, can also be consumed of herbs or a cup of tea common.

If in a weight loss program to maintain the principles of grazing-diet and eat every 2-3 hours in small portions, to choose, for this, they need products with a low glycemic index (GI). This number shows how much it increases the level of sugar in the blood after the consumption of a particular product, and its maximum value was taken KI glucose, which is equal to 100.


Choosing a weight loss program, you need to remember that its effectiveness depends solely on your desire to become slimmer. No universal or magical recipe, that for the month of transforming the body into a standard of beauty. It is important to combine methods and procedures of slimming taking into account the individual characteristics. And the most important – not the program of reduction of weight should not harm your health.