Home to lose weight

Home slimming – the most simple and the cheapest way to put in order the shape and normalize the metabolism. But it is necessary to gather strength of will in a fist and force yourself to "work" with the result. If you are lying on the soft sofa and think of a way, your dreams remain dreams.

Home to lose weight

Are willing to tolerate time in the sensual folds of body fat, shortness of breath, rapid fatigue? So it's not worth to read this article.

Is not ready? Please continue to read and keep healthy and beautiful!

First of all, the diet is not a disk refusal of food intake, and equivalent replacement of some of the products of other people or decrease the portions. And fans of the snack, in between meals, you can consult berry (low calorie) a cocktail or applesauce.

And remember, lying on the couch it is best to replace the dance under cheerful music – and the rest, and the excess folds will not be able to.

But how can it be, if you take in order of need, as quickly as possible and, in all the offered by diet long-term? There is a way out!

Home to lose weight

So, first, about the diet.

Option 1 (if you want to lose weight) – 3-ex-day diet

1 day: baked chicken, divided into three parts, this is your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 2: veal (preferably fried on top of a grid (without fat)) – 300 g - in three parts.

Day 3: only the black and the coffee (from 3 to ex up to 5 cups).

Option 2 (calculated in 2 to 3 days)

Start the day with an egg mole, two more times with an interval of 3 hours, approximately 150 g of cottage cheese, washed down with tea. By the end of the day, just drink mineral water (in any quantity). Remember, this diet is quite difficult for the body. Applied once per 1,5 month.

Option 3 - (2 – 3 days)

Small portions (100 g) five times a day eat not salted, cooked fish (can be with lemon dish (tomato, cabbage, cucumber), double-can take tea (without sugar), coffee (with lemon) or juice and rose hip oil.

To strengthen the effect of diets using body wraps. Do not rush in beauty salons – a little bit of work, and you are beautiful.

Before home observable with thoroughly clean the skin by applying an exfoliant (which corresponds to your skin type).

1st way: not candied honey oleamos pain points, transforms movie, blanket, and lying about an hour.

2nd method: add a small amount of honey 5 drops (no more) of essential oil (orange, rosemary, cypress, lemon), spread the mixture, wound the film and we did some light exercise (if you're too tired – you can just sit) for approximately one hour.

Break slimming

3rd method: the milk and honey (1 : 2) mix, doing – and in a movie under the blanket at the time. The milk can be replaced by juice (preferably freshly squeezed).

4-y: it is very effective honey wrap with rubbing alcohol (two parts honey – one part of alcohol), t. to. improves the blood circulation. But after the procedure, it is advisable to apply a nourishing cream, especially if you have dry skin.

The use of the honeycomb body wraps available, not only in weight loss and improve the appearance of the skin (which for the woman is important), but also in the reduction of cellulite and fat, improving the metabolism, removal of toxins.

A beautiful woman, not to spare time for yourself – follow our recommendations and lose weight in health!