How to lose weight quickly without diet and remove fat of the stomach: a system that works

Any diet requires constraints, at times, very difficult. When one thought, the desire to eat something forbidden, it is awakened, sharp hunger, the body needs of fatty foods and sugary. That is why most of the famous techniques are ineffective, in the future, they lead to a set of weight, all the kilos lost are back with excess. To the joy of many women, is not a simple and easy with the system, how to lose weight without dieting and removing fat from belly in a short space of time.


The adjustment of power

Way will not help you lose weight, if you eat, as well as before. Some adjustments in diet to make, in any way, but it's not worth calling the diet. Don't need more time to get upset, if you feel that something needs to go without. Positive attitude, the right thinking and the motivation is already 90% success.

Small meals help you lose weight

The simplest way of how to remove belly fat and lose weight without dieting is to eat of the fractional. After 2-3 days of waist will be noticeably slimmer. Gradually, the body will become accustomed to eating time, small portions of the stomach becomes quite, and the pointer of the balance will quickly move downwards, while the belly becomes less and less. The biggest advantage of this technique is that you can afford all the products and dishes.

Basic rules fractional power:

  1. Size of the dose not more than 200 g. Even if this watery vegetables or fruit to increase the amount do not need. It is best to think about eating, eat a piece of meat or an egg, and a welcome addition to the products.
  2. The pause between meals, not less than 2.5 and not more than 3.5 hours. At this time, you can drink only water. Any berry or little hard at the wrong time is a violation of a rule.
  3. The night is not, but it may be 3 hours before sleep. If you finish at 23: 30, the last meal that you can do to 20h30. After 18: 00, to not slow down the metabolism.

During the day should be consumed of different products. Despite the fact that they are allowed almost everything, abusing the fat of dishes, pickles and pastries, not worth it. Cereals, soups, meats, vegetables and fish are essential for the proper functioning of the body, they make varied diet, healthy.


The exception of junk food

There is a category of products that are consumed in unwanted. Even in small amounts, they inhibit weight loss, can overwhelm the body, violates the metabolic processes that cause the appetite. Without them, the thing goes much faster, in the belly and on the thighs will not be delayed in the fat, the hunger goes away.

You can't eat French fries, mayonnaise, fast food, meat, semifinished products, sausages, drinking beer. Also in this list come in trans and margarines, that are more frequently found in pieces of pastry, and products. To find the cake with this cream the butter or cream of milk cream on the shelves of the shop is almost impossible. Each a cake of doubtful content unintentionally will lead to a set of weight and the growth of the belly, as well as the body is not able to ake the chemical taste of butter. If you want something sweet, the best is to make a dessert in the home of these products.


The correct and drinking enough water helps you lose weight without dieting. The whole world knows and have heard that a person needs to drink at least 2 litres of liquid per day, but it is actually a little bit of those who practice or do not comply (don't know).

Main points:

  1. Considers only the water. Many times, she is replaced by juice, lemonade, tea and other beverages, which is wrong. Drink need fresh, mineral, mineral or filtered water.
  2. To drink, you should before eating. Do not forget to 20 to 30 minutes, at least 1 cup. For the weight loss of a person, this volume increases by 1.5 to 2 times.
  3. But at the time of eating, drinking is not possible. The liquid dilates the stomach, dilute the digestive juices, makes it difficult to digestion, the stomach will appear large, inflated.
  4. After you eat, drink is also required, but only in an hour's time. This is the trick that helps you lose weight, clean the stomach. There is even a special diet for the lazy. The core is exactly this principle that allows you to achieve great results in the short term.

Physical activity

A key point in weight loss is a sport. Relieve the weight, clean the stomach happens without it. Pounds go away with proper intake of food and water, but the body will not be pleasant, resilient, and in shape. Should I change the fat in the sagging increased and mole skin? In addition to sports helps to disperse the metabolism, keep the muscles, for the development of a particular area. For women is usually, the belly, the thighs. Depending on the type of figure, local issues can also be hand or foot.

There is a lot of variety of programs that help remove belly fat, in the salon or at home. If time is short, you can use the express workout. A good help in weight loss is wrap, simple or weighted hula hoop. Another great and affordable simulator – the jump rope. Even jumping from 10 to 15 minutes per day, you can achieve great results.

Bodyflex, occisis, or the Power respiratory gymnastic

The breathing gym – one of the simplest methods, how you can remove belly fat, without diets, without limitations. One of the most popular techniques – Bodyflex, invented that Greer Chayders. In Russia, this system actively promotes Marina Korpan. Unlike other types of sports and gymnastic, here in the first place leaves the stomach. The waist is more thin, the muscles pulled. If everything is done properly, already in the first month you can lose weight in the 1-2 size.


Pros Bodyflex:

  1. The classes occupy only 15 minutes per day, but gymnastics only need an empty stomach.
  2. No devices are required for training, does not need much space enough for a pad.
  3. In addition to weight loss, breathing, and gymnastics, which help to pull the skin, there are special exercises for the neck, the face.
  4. Shrinks the stomach. Already after a few exercises, the person eats less.

In addition, respiratory gymnastic, as and its species, and very. But there are also disadvantages. The technique need to do the right thing, sometimes it takes a few lessons with the instructor. Also Bodyflex, occisis have their contra-indications: pregnancy, presence of tumors, cardiovascular diseases, problems with the spine. Often respiratory gymnastics, that does not help people with diseases endocrine problems.

Sport a hobby for the lazy people

There is a category of people, which is depressing, since the thinking about the practice of sports or a visit to the salon. But this does not mean that they should give up the dream about the shape thin and slender waist. The most effective way to make the body in order is to find a sport a hobby. Is the one that requires the movement of high activity, but it brings pleasure and moral satisfaction. It is the easiest way of how to lose weight without dieting and removing fat from the belly, not thinking about food, burn large amount of calories.

That will help you lose weight and remove belly fat:

  • dance (modern, oriental, group);
  • cycling;
  • ice skates and roller skates, skis;
  • swimming.

Now ubiquitous open climbing walls, paintball, horse riding and clubs. Even a simple walk of mushrooms, a walk by the river, yard, or volleyball badminton will give a lot of positive. Find an active hobby according to your liking is very easy, it would be only a desire!

Body care for slimming

Another important point of the system is the care of the body, in particular to the skin. Often, in weight loss worsening, of your state, you receive the sagging can occur for cellulite and stretch marks. Some procedures will not only improve the state of the body, but also can help you lose weight.


Skin care

During the slimming diets with or without them, it is important to completely clean the body. The skin is the vehicle through which, together with the then come out of the salt decomposition products. It is advisable to take a bath 2 times a day, if you are stay without cleaning the pores will be contamination, can receive of the pipe, the acne.

Ancillary procedures:

  1. Rub. Exfoliate dead skin cells to help the skin faster to update, to get rid of cellulite, prevent stretch marks or make them less visible. To Scrub, you can use the parts you have purchased, or natural resources: coffee powder, sugar, salt, oatmeal.
  2. Shower sensations. This procedure helps to remove the belly fat, recharge your batteries, will support the skin tone, has the effect of firming.
  3. The bathroom. They also help you lose weight and take care of the skin, but it depends on lot of additives. A very popular soda in the bath, coniferous, manganese.
  4. The steam, dry sauna. Thermal treatments to improve the circulation of the blood, cleanse the pores, useful when weight loss.

Important: after water treatments to moisturize, nourish the skin. The means are chosen taking into account their type and purpose. In the thighs and buttocks can cause cellulite tool for weight loss. For the other sectors of the body of common ideals creams, oils. At the hottest time of the year is quite mild lotions.

The massage will help you lose weight and remove belly fat

When the massage increases the circulation of blood in the hypodermic layers, which helps remove fat deposits, improves skin tone and muscles. There are several types of procedures, which helps to improve the appearance and the state of the body. If possible, it is best to trust the expert, go through a full course of massage. But alone you can achieve any result.


Common types of massage slimming:

  • moon-of-honey;
  • pizzicato;
  • canned (vacuum).

Trying to get rid of the belly, it is very important to act with caution and superficial, that is, work with the skin and fat layer. In no case can it be pressed to the abdominal region, because it is filled with great challenges, until the offset and damage the internal organs. The area of the belly requires a special approach and respect.