exercises to lose weight

Simple exercises to lose weight at home, with a daily capacity of 20 minutes of class. Effective for the reduction of the weight and study the problem areas with the effective physical exercise.


Far from every woman who of the fair sex, can boast of a excellent icon of your generously granted the nature. The majority of women and girls need to work on your own body to achieve the alluring forms. And not all of them, unfortunately, can afford to go regularly to the academy of a club to train in different circumstances. But to effectively reduce your weight, pull up the muscles, and delight you fix the result, you can train at home. We offer you a simple set of exercises for weight loss at home, that will sure help you to get rid of fat in problem areas and improve general well-being.

Exercises for weight loss and muscle-building corset

To achieve a good result in a short time, an integrated approach is necessary for weight loss. Need to not only cope physically, but also to review your diet. Delete from food fast-food products from wheat flour of superior quality, sugar, sugary sodas, fatty, fried and salty foods. Try to eat more protein and drink at least 2 liters of clean water or green tea per day.

Try to change your lifestyle: instead of searching for favorite series, enjoy our swimming pool or do jogging in the park, ride a bike or exercise bike. And, of course, try to make the daily 20-30 minutes for these exercises for weight loss.

  1. The Classic "The Plank". Is effective static exercise for a short period of time, can contribute to the strengthening of all the muscle groups, and also contribute to the burning of fat in problem areas. For its execution, you do not need special equipment or inventory, during the year can be a little change the position of a member, to experiment with the number of pivot points, carrying thus, different muscle groups and increasing their strength.

    The initial position is the emphasis lying on the straight hands, the brush point to the front and place a vertical line with a shrug of the shoulders. The head, back, loins and feet must be rectified, chin slightly tilted up. Contract the abdominal muscles, try to keep your back flat and do not bend the knees. Lock the body in this position for 1 minute, and then you can kneel or adopt the attitude of "Dog muzzle down", to give the muscles rest.

    To get good results is to make "the bar" you should, every day, it is also advisable to increase the time of execution of exercises for 30 seconds every 2-3 days, gradually bringing it to 3 minutes.

  2. twist
  3. Exercise Burpee – a great way to get rid of excess fat and make the shape slimmer. When you run allows all the muscle groups, and boosts metabolism total, therefore, more pounds will melt away before your eyes.

    Squat down, placing the palm to the front, to the width of the shoulders. On expiration, making a jump from the feet to the back, take the emphasis lying on the straight hands (the classic position for the push ups). Put more pressure on the muscles of the back and abdominals, and jump at the same time both feet in the original position, the hands should remain stationary. Take a breath and jump as high as possible upward, raising his hand and расправляя shoulders.

    Without stopping for a break again, accept the emphasis crouching down and repeat the sequence of action of 12 to 15 times faster.

  4. board
  5. "Leap Star" help in the training of the muscles of the heart, accelerate metabolism, strengthen bone tissue, as well as the muscles of the arms, legs, abdomen and back.

    Become exactly, the foot put up against each other, direct damage and lower the hand along the body. Simultaneously with the expiration, skip a few inches from the ground, the foot place in the width of the shoulders, and the hands, lift up through the side (can be made of cotton with the palms of the hands). Exhale and return to starting position.

    Do 2-3 sets of 15 to 20 jumps. Watch out for the correct breathing – do you breathe in through the nose and exhale – through the mouth.


Exercises for a flat belly and thin waist


Many women face the problem of fat storage in the belly and on the sides. To get rid of them will help these exercise to weight loss effective and simple.

  1. The elevation of the feet from a lying position, designed to strengthen the lower division of the abdomen, lumbar and back.

    Lie down on a flat, level surface, your hands, place it on the side next to the body or start at the head and сцепите in the castle. As you lift the feet, avoid to raise the upper part of the body from the ground and выгибать the lower part of the back. Slowly lift both legs up to a 45-degree angle, hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds, then slowly return to its original position. You can not leave your feet on the ground, then you will create an additional load on the abdominal muscles.

    Repeat the exercise at least 15-20 times, the number of approaches 2-4.

  2. smooth-the belly
  3. "Bike" with a twist side – one of the most efficient exercises for the evaluation of abdominal, weight loss and body shaping in the region of the belly and the waist.

    Lie on your back on flat, level surface (floor or mat to workout), and the shovels, and the pelvis must touch the ground. Bent in the elbows, the hands start at the head, brush сцепите in the castle, fold the legs also. Then, simultaneously, lift the upper part of the body (head, hands, and the shovels), tensioning the abdominal muscles and lift your feet from the floor to a height of 40 to 50 cm, so that the knees are bent to a 90 degree angle. Alternately, fold the legs, simulating a ride on your bike and try to touch your elbow to the opposite side of the kneecap, doing the twist.

    Do 10 to 20 repetitions on each leg. After a small pause can make 2-3 approach.


The facilities for weight loss on their hips and buttocks

in the press

On what type of exercise you need to do to lose weight in the hips and the thighs and buttocks will be discussed below. Follow this complex regularly, and already after 3-4 weeks, you will be able to evaluate the first results.

  1. Jumping out of a deep survey. This exercise strengthens and shapes the form of the buttocks and quadriceps of the thigh, improves the metabolism and promotes the sharing of to lose weight. During the execution of jumps of the survey, the need to monitor the correction of technique and breathing, to increase the load you can use special утяжелители.

    Accept the relaxed environment and lisa rack, foot put on width of shoulders, hands crossed in the chest or сцепите on the back of the castle. Do moderately a deep breath and squat down to the hips were parallel to the ground, try not to take your feet of the ground. If you allow that physical preparation, sit down, and below. Simultaneously with exhalation stretch the muscles of the thighs and buttocks and jump up and down with the maximum force. When the foot is dropping to the ground, then immediately return to the lifting position and repeat the procedure.

  2. The lifting of the buttocks. To perform this exercise you will need constant low chair, bench or a pouf.

    Lie on the floor belly up to the side of the pillar, to the seat was sent to you. Direct the hands away to the sides or сомкните in the back of the head. The legs fold up to an angle of about 90 degrees, heel place the edge of the seat. Based on the chair, lift the pelvis to the height of 30 to 50 cm, to the thigh and the trunk formed a straight line. The back of the head, the shoulders and the blades when you perform this physical exercise should not leave the ground. Lock the body in this position for 5 to 7 seconds, then lower your buttocks almost to the floor without touching it, and from this position, begin the next repetition.

    Perform the exercise 15 to 20 times, make a small pause and then 2 more approach.


To make daily complex, easy diet, move more, and already after a month the scales will show 5 to 9 pounds less.

Exercise directed to the muscle group: Press