Effective exercises to lose weight from arms and shoulders

Hands full not only with the excess mass, but and people of good figure, and normal weight. Fat interlayer appears more often in the field above and below the elbow, and the reason for this is the common excess body fat. Physical activity and the change corporalis exercitium allow fast enough to get rid of it in virtually all areas, but not in your hands. And if you ignore the problem for a long time, your hands begin to look not very ухожено spoil the piece.

Many times the problem manifests itself with age. The muscle tissue after twenty years of decreases and your body starts to accumulate more fat. This is the main reason that the hands become дряблыми. Important contribution to the process does and reduce the speed of the metabolism, when calories are burned in a much smaller number. Slower infiltration of metabolism is also inevitable age manifestation. Common the excess mass plays the most important role, so you'll need to keep it under control.

Eliminate or prevent sagging of hands to help sports activities and active physical activities and daily exercises to avoid the fat in this area. Limit yourself exclusively to them is not recommended. You need to increase the number of сжигаемых of calories, the practice of jogging or more than walk in the open air.

Exercises for a lean and beautiful hands

Hands full does not allow you to wear clothes short sleeve or маячным the horse. Optional tolerate such a situation. Enough to change some habits corporalis exercitium and master a few light exercises to do with the hands ill and well formed.

Backlinks push ups in a hand


For the elimination of fat on the back and triceps. This area is the most vulnerable to the accumulation of fat in the body. The advantage of such a push is that will not only adipose interlayer, but and hands become elevated, and the skin подтянутой. Run, exercise can, on the ground or with the normal use of the chair with back support or without.

  1. sit on the floor, the feet remain together;
  2. the hands placed to the width of the shoulders, so that the fingers looked in the hip, the feet are situated in the front of your hips;
  3. the leg is bent in knee joints, the foot does not start from the ground;
  4. hands straightening, open the thighs, that the weight was with the hands;
  5. flexion of the left elbow, helping with straight line with your hand, leaving the thigh, but without touching the ground;
  6. repeating the same steps, but with another hand job.
If you use the chair, he serves as the support.

Backlinks push-ups with both hands

Used by athletes in the period of drying, this exercise allows for the development of triceps, hands elasticity. This can be done with the use of a table or a chair, has a height of approximately 2 metres. Own body weight, the bear in the triceps, you will increase the tonus of this muscle.

  1. the chair or table have at most one stable position;
  2. stand up in front of the table (the seat) in a distance of three metres of height, but not near;
  3. back to the point of support (table/chair) back;
  4. the hands hold the width of the shoulders;
  5. make three to four steps forward;
  6. straightening the body and bend the legs to they knees stay with the surface of the table or of the chair of a row;
  7. bend the elbows and lower the maximum bass;
  8. go back to the original position.

If done daily through the three approaches with twenty repetitions in each one, the hands very quickly will receive the coveted thinness.

The Longitudinal plank on the walk

In the same way in reverse ventilabis sursum, perfectly burns the accumulated fat on the body and takes the muscles in tone.

  1. take the longitudinal position of the belt, lying belly up on the floor, keeping the hands at shoulder width;
  2. the feet and legs firmly with each other;
  3. the whole body must be in a straight line, with hands and fingers looking to the front;
  4. and the right hand and left leg, move to the left side, are delayed in an outlet position;
  5. repeat the same thing, but with the left hand and the right foot;
  6. returns to the initial position;
  7. the belly retract to the spine and pelvis;
  8. again change position and make three steps to the side.

Normal push-ups

Help not only the development of the tricipital and the thoracic group of muscles, but also to lead the hands in the tone. There are no new adjustments to push-ups is not necessary. Fat issue type deposits is dying because of the involvement in the work of its own body mass. To perform this exercise, the hands become thin and toned.

  1. take the position lying on the floor;
  2. to be in the position to push — keep the feet together, the hands are wider shoulders, elbows should be straight;
  3. elbows joints is bent and lower the body to the ground, taking care that the belly does not touch the surface of the earth;

To make the hands toned and elastic, the exercise does three sets of ten times each. If the hands are clasped close to, such as push-ups are closed, and that the wider the shoulder, then open.

Important: Without preparation drain is difficult. To facilitate the task in the first lesson will help you perform the exercise with the knees. Thus, the body weight will not be counted in your fingers, as in the classic position, and moves up to the knees, which will facilitate the execution of push-ups.

Pushups side

Pushups side</2_img>

Is well are working the triceps and is very effective to give the hands of thinness and fish.

  1. the weight on the belly;
  2. arise, in the usual to push the posture, the feet are pressed together, the hands are wider than shoulder level, so that the fingers were directed not to the front and to the sides;
  3. bend the left elbow and наклоняются body to the left side;
  4. return to the starting position, repeating similar to the movement, but also with the right hand.

Important: This exercise is very effective, but complex enough. And if it is given with difficulty, it is best to first do push-ups with knees.

Bending of the column

Similar to the classic ventilabis sursum,and floor. The difference lies only in the fact that they are executed, or the table, or platform.

  1. to assume the standing position, the hands have on the platform;
  2. the feet kept together, hands are wider than shoulder;
  3. spin does not have to give way, and the shoulders to be always straight, which allows you to activate the muscles of the arms to the maximum;
  4. expressus.
When the exercise is given without any problems, need three sets of twenty repetitions.

Rotation of the wrists

The most simple and effective exercise that enables you to get excellent results in weight loss hands. The objective is only reached when the regular execution. Do rotation need with dumbbells than 500 g each or filled water bottles 500 мл.

  1. become, directly, in the hands hold утяжелители — bottles or dumbbells;
  2. the palm of the hand, holding the bottle (alter), turn first direction, and then anti-clockwise;
  3. rotation of each side and don't do less than a minute.
Thanks spins, losing weight is not only the hand but and the shoulders, with which to get out all the excess fat.



Very effective exercise cardio. It is well-tightens and strengthens the muscles of the arms and with the interior and the exterior.

  1. become, directly, the hands hold the front in height of the shoulders;
  2. the hands are the hand, and then put before him, "imposing" thus, the growth and the similarity of the scissors;
  3. return to their position, repeating the action, at least twenty times.
To get the desired result in the shortest possible time, every day, need to do the shear of 15 to 20 minutes.

Curls in a seated position


The most effective way to eliminate the body fat in the area of the hands, which will not only toned, but strong. They become a look рельефно and adjusted.

  1. in the hands hold the bottle of 2.5 liters, full of water, which act as free weight;
  2. sit in a chair, the back, remain in a straight line and your hands with a bottle arise just above the head;
  3. the hand with the bottle should be in a straight line;
  4. give birth to the bottle on the back, flexing the elbows;
  5. omit the free weight need for maximum bass;
  6. raise the bottle back on the head, without any movement, and slowly.

As more and more technical perform flexion and extension, more analyzed and involve the muscles of the arms. Do the exercise that you need every day to fulfill the three approaches with twenty repetitions each. Important: Each approach must be accompanied by minutes rest before starting the next. This will cause you to run to be more productive. More quick to get the result that allows the gradual increase of weight.

The "Bird-Dog"


It is a complex exercise that helps to deal not only with the strengthening and the increase of the tonus of the muscles of the shoulders and hands, but and of the feet, and stretch the back. Dreams of a posture necessarily need to perform regularly.

  1. make sure the knees;
  2. the knees are under the hips, hands under the shoulders;
  3. raise the right hand, the fingers looked only forward, straightening it in the elbow;
  4. simultaneously with the hand raising and straightening the left leg, tyanyas ago;
  5. stuck in the position for some time, to go back to the original;
  6. repeat the same procedure, but it is already in the right leg and left arm.
The exercise is fifteen and even twenty times.

The loading for the shapely and beautiful shoulders and arms

It is an efficient complex, which helps to get rid of body fat and sagging skin in your hands. It is quite simple to learn, does not require a visit to the gym. It can be run to maximize comfort for you the conditions of the house. This loading is guaranteed hudit hand, tightening deflectens the skin. She aims at the development of the most affected part of the hand — top, in that most often and formation of fat deposits. The main condition to achieve to ensure a good result is to regulate the execution.

The execution of the complex:
  1. make it in a straight line;
  2. the feet stand shoulder-width apart;
  3. the hands that raise the level of the shoulders, with the fingers looking upwards;
  4. make hands, circular movement to the front about half a minute;
  5. change direction, making a circular motion the same amount of time, but is already back;
  6. elbows is bent, and the fingers of the hands facing up;
  7. make the movement of elbows to the back and to the front not less than 30 seconds, which allows you to perfectly work out and pull the biceps;
  8. then join the elbows together, the fingers directed back to the ceiling;
  9. flattened elbows move up to the jowl, back, repeat the exercise for half a minute.

Finding on your timesheet in the load a few minutes each day, very soon, you can admire the slim and toned with the hands and the shoulders.

The recommendation for the weight loss of the hands and preventing the emergence of body fat

Limited exercise is not recommended. To already for the next summer season not excrucior in search of a dress without sleeves or hesitation, in full hands, to go to the beach, you must make some adjustments in your usual routine:

Eat properly

The main "friend" full of hands — this is wrong compose the daily diet. And even if fat deposits, appeared only in this area, which means, in the menu are present harmful products, contributing to the accumulation of ping's lack of useful.

Necessarily, need to include in your daily menu more vegetables, fruits. They allow fast enough, to replace the harmful to figure products, that becomes the cause of decreased general calorie consumption.

Increase the speed of metabolic processes, and therefore, and burn a greater amount of calories that allows the food rich in fibers. It contributes to the elimination of body fat, feeding for long periods of time. Any food rich in protein with low fat content, which has in its composition carbohydrates slow, it will be an excellent addition to the correct important.

Reduce portions

Eat a small amount of food, but only at regular intervals of time. A Similar routine allows you to not have time to feel hungry, and reduce the number of calories consumed. Correctly</4_img>

Necessarily zavtrakat

It is not possible to ignore this important food intake. He is the first and allows you to not eat too much during the day, because of a certain feeling of fullness already there since the morning.

Drink plenty of water


The use of liquid allows you to break the speed of metabolism. If you drink water before a meal, the feeling of satiety comes much faster, that is, decreases the number of comedi calories.

Give preference to green tea

This drink promotes the burning of calories. And if breakfast take a cup of this tea, and two more-three, in the future, this will accelerate the metabolism, to burn more fat.

Do cardio each day


Daily physical activity allows you to get rid of the excess calories which come along with the food. If you practice swimming, canoeing, rock climbing, jump rope or perform other types of aerobic exercises, to prevent the deposition of a new fat and not available. After some time, you will notice that, as the body fat will begin to disappear.

The walk the walk

You should leave the elevator in favor of stairs, and give preference to walking whenever possible to avoid the movement of personal and public transport.

Exercises to lose weight from arms and shoulders, changing their own eating habits and bibens aqua mode enables you to reach quickly the desired result. Important thing is to observe the regularity. You can do as one, and once a little bit of exercise. If you put in a little effort, you can always forget inanes illos, are maintained, complete, and nasty hands.