The magic beans for weight loss: the traveler, the composition, the statement

It is well known that demand creates supply. World the pursuit of beauty and slenderness has become a cause for the creation of a sector of application of medicines and appliances, sports techniques, and pharmaceutical products to get rid of the extra pounds. Modern, the novelty at the market are the "beans" of weight loss. Comments about them are quite contradictory. This occurs due to several factors: advertising, human valetudinarianism, the individual characteristics of the body and др. Try to understand, it is effective if this medicine in reaching its goals and is safe for the health.

the magic beans for weight loss


A manufacturer of remedies revolutionaries in dietetics is China. It turns out that each person has, today, the house has items of this country, however, the very word "chinese" that often causes a negative reaction. How to medicine and cosmetology, so here is the biggest "yes" instead of "but". Oriental beneficial to the practice has long conquered the world, so when it comes to dietary supplements, chinese people believe in your to take effect.


"Magic beans" capsules for weight loss. The manufacturer promises cyclonal weight reduction: up to 20 kg per month. However, no side effect and saggy skin will not, as well as universal биодобавка not only burning fat, but it also has an effect. Medicinal composition is specially designed for:

  • excretion from the body of cholesterol and harmful toxins;
  • improve the quality of the gut microbiota;
  • the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • regulating acid balance in the stomach with the aim of preventing the ulcer;
  • to reduce the load on the liver;
  • the tissue saturation of oxygen;
  • the stimulation of immunity.

This different information is used for sellers: someone deposits their new wonderful properties, someone modestly indicates only about weight reduction. But this difference of the texts of the advertising already is doubt as to the necessity of practical application Bada "Magic beans" for weight loss. Comments, unfortunately, often also неправдоподобными. The situation is complicated by the fact that, on the packaging, the main points are described in the chinese language (although there is a derived version), so you have to go to the experiment and to look inside.

the magic beans for weight loss application


In forums it is increasingly possible to find information about the incompatibility of product descriptions and advertising promises. The fact is that the "beans" (the original) in each capsule contains powder of mustard-colored. But, in fact, at times, appears a very different picture. Here you can talk about the falsification of the product. This is quite common in the modern world. If the buyer is another pharmaceutical form (for example, tablets of "Magic beans") or in a capsule of white powder, just before it is not the same medicine. The money can give the same, but, in the end, get the pacifier and useless hope for a miracle. Therefore, the first criterion of choice is competent and trustworthy seller.


"Magic beans", the composition of which includes the rare plant and mineral components, on the packaging containing 18 or 36 capsules of 500 мг. Each one, in turn, is composed of:

  • Chitin – substance, extracted from the hooves of crustaceans and insects. Sometimes it is called animal fiber. The main property of an element is to cleanse the body of toxins and increase the regeneration of tissues.
  • L-carnitine. This component increases the энергообмен in the body, improving the внутриклеточную transport of fatty acids. Usually, the substance used for muscle building and it is applied in sports nutrition, in parallel with the physical activities.
  • Garcinia – element of plant origin. There is a mistaken belief that the extract accelerates the oxidation of fats. However, laboratory tests have confirmed this. Therefore, this substance does not promote weight loss.
  • Fibers – famous component that affects the weight of the body. She contributes to their degradation, if you eat fiber before food intake. On entering the stomach, and with a sufficient quantity of water, fibres and increases satiety thereby reducing appetite and helps easy transfer of diets low in calories.
  • Marine konwalie (or, according to other sources, lily of the valley medicinal). Has choleretic properties, beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.
the magic beans for weight loss instruction


Although harmless composition, that have the "beans", the statement also introduces some restrictions in the application of supplements. The best dosage is 1-2 capsules per day. Take recommended in the first half of the day, for an hour before meals to reduce appetite. However, it is permitted to use and after a couple of hours after food intake. Although, according to the decision a long time ago the rules, supplements to go along with the food, as its complement and enrichment.

The against-indications refers to before the age of 18 years or over 55 years of age, idiosyncrasy components heavy cardiovascular pathology, the period of gestation and lactation.

As a warning indicated increased thirst, after the prolonged use of capsules for weight loss.

Expert comments

Experts on each and every medicine always your opinion. After all, they look not only for the quality of the composition but also the quantitative, that is, the dosage of each component in a capsule, and the satisfaction of their consumption patterns per day. As to the drug "Magic beans" for weight loss, reviews of doctors will boil down to the fact that only two of the declared manufacturer of components affect weight reduction. This is the L-carnitine and the pulp. But the doubt is still, and the dosage of these two items.

So, to reduce fat mass 2 kg during six months, L-carnitine, which required the daily consumption of 2-2,5 grams. However, a capsule Magic bean" weighs only 0.5 g (500 mg). In this respect, it can be summarized that this dosage is unlikely to meet the wizard effective in the fight against excess weight.

Another element of the pulp. She is a special product, which affects the metabolism and the adipose tissue, fills the stomach. In comparison with the normal application, before the intake of food you should eat one to two tablespoons of the useful life of the fiber, to cover the daily need and achieve positive results. "Magic beans" provide quite a limited amount of fiber, which, according to experts, it is not enough for cyclonal slimming.

However, due to such indicators, it is not worth categorically deny the efficacy of the medicine. The chinese products have a special feature. Often contain components that are not disclosed openly in the instruction manual. For example, sibutramine. This anorectic item applies to combat obesity. He has a powerful property of saturation, it suppresses the appetite, affects the brown adipose tissue and increases the metabolism. Identify those components you can only specialist in the laboratory, after careful study molecular. But the procedure is too costly to finance and, perhaps, extremely невыгодная to the advertising of the product.

the magic beans for weight loss customer reviews

Customer reviews

Desperate, the buyers often ignore the alerts doctors nutritionists and follow the motto that it is better to try once, that's a long time to read and to question. Since the rise in the sale of add-ons "Magic beans" (slimming) views on he developed the opposite. A group of people considers a drug to be highly effective and represent the rapid weight loss prior to 9-10 kg per month. And even though promised by the manufacturer, the number is not confirmed, the opinion is still a positive sum.

In contrast to this, there are buyers that do not have evaluated the effectiveness of the medicine. They observe allergic reactions or the complete absence of any changes.

The skeptics are bitter, whereas the capsules is more a move of markenting and "siphon" money from innocent and desperate buyers. The only thing holding the tool in the difficult task of weight loss is the lack of laziness and unceasing work on oneself.


As can be seen, the "beans" cause quite ambiguous opinion. On the one hand, useful composition aims at the recovery of the body, with the other-the quantitative characteristics do not meet the required standards. A people medicine helps get rid of the extra pounds, the other harms. One cannot also lose sight of the fact of related events: the mode and the diet, physical exercise and psychological stress in humans, desperately trying to lose weight. After all, today they are the most reliable, validated ways of "burning" extra calories.