Home remedies to lose weight fast: efficient, recipes and opinions

The perfect figure, good options 90-60-90 – the dream of many women. But not everyone likes to torture yourself diets and the whole night to be held in the gym. It is time to pay attention in home remedies to lose weight fast. However, it should be understood that the extra pounds will not disappear as взмаху the magic wand.

Herbal guard harmony

folk remedies

Many girls seek a folk remedy for weight loss more effective. Unfortunately, there is no such beverage, or other means, with which you can in the blink of an eye get rid of the ill-fated extra pounds. You all know very well the anatomy, and realize that the accumulation of fat deposits occur due to certain reasons: from the banal, bingeing and ending up with serious health problems.

How to choose effective home remedies for weight loss? Opinions of many women show that it is very useful and very effective are mixtures of herbs, teas and tinctures.

Important! First you should consult a doctor. Any Herbal, it is better to take under the supervision of a specialist. In addition, it is worth reviewing your diet and determination to do the exercise.

For those who wish to lose weight without effort, we present a selection of the best recipes for preparing medicines.

Recipe no. 1

About the use of corn stigmatibus to the digestive tract, that many know. That is why we often use the tool for weight loss.


  • 10-15 g of corn stigmatibus;
  • 1 ст. of water filtered.

Preparation and application:

  1. In a glass, enamel or ceramic, dishwasher safe pour filtered water.
  2. We bring it up to the boiling point.
  3. Boiling water pour the dry ingredients.
  4. In the steam room, preparing the stock in a period of 20 minutes.
  5. Through a blouse cut or sieve Express drink.
  6. Drink need 2 ст. л. before each meal.

Recipe no. 2

Folk remedies for weight loss effective find it is not so difficult. The nature generously gave to us very useful for products that can be, and sometimes need to insert in your diet.

Particularly popular among fans of a correct diet enjoy flax seeds. They normalize the functioning of the digestive system, and also promote the excretion of accumulation of harmful substances and toxins and waste.

flax seeds


  • 1 ст. л. flax seeds;
  • 1 ст. of water filtered.

Preparation and application:

  1. The water кипятим and fill it flax seeds.
  2. Then, proverjaem drink a minimum of one fire for half an hour. It is a little thicken and acquire consistency kissel.
  3. This portion should strain with a sieve and divided into three equal parts.
  4. Drink a cup of linseed kissel need in a single day.

Recipe no. 3

It is no secret to anyone that the delay excretion of excess fluids from the body affects the metabolic processes and, of course, a mark on the scale. Many girls of different age groups, use with the goal of quick weight loss pharmacological drugs, provider urinate impact. But there are and popular diuretics for weight loss for example, fennel or душица.


  • 15 g of fruits of fennel;
  • 20 g of peppermint;
  • 15 g of oduvanchikova roots;
  • 60 g of rhizome крушины;
  • 1500 ml of filtered water.

Preparation and application:

  1. All of these components consists of crassus-muratas, preferably of glass or enamelled, with the dishes.
  2. The water we bring to the boil and pour it Herbal.
  3. We put a drink in the steam room and proverjaem about 20 minutes.
  4. Frigus broth and contentionem it through a fine sieve or blouse cut.
  5. Drink this type of drink needs in the morning, 20 minutes before breakfast.

Recipe no. 4

Nutritionists often hear complaints of its customers on the volume of the belly. The type and figure in order, but the volume of the waist and the lower part of the abdomen leaves a lot to be desired. Some women for the reduction of this area, use enemas. Through the purification of the cavity of the stomach a little bit to fall.

If such a procedure does not like it, then you need to find an alternative. You can enjoy therapies means, do break vacuum massage, but the best way to change your diet, perform a set of exercises, aiming operatur problematic zone. In addition, you can take home remedies to lose weight the belly.

Clean the body of harmful substances, but also to establish the metabolism to function apple cider vinegar. And, if you add a little honey, which can be at the same time, and strengthen the immune system.

apple cider vinegar


  • 1 ст. л. of apple cider vinegar;
  • the liquid honey – 1 ч. л.;
  • filtered water – 250 мл.

Preparation and application:

  1. The water needs to bring to a state of boiling, and then cool it until the temperature mark at 38-42°.
  2. In hot water dissolve the honey and apple cider vinegar.
  3. Drink this type of drink is recommended daily, in the morning, half an hour before a meal.

Recipe no. 5

Its effectiveness in the fight against excess weight has proven to the ginger. From the fresh root you can prepare a tasty drink. When, initially, the great mass of the body ginger root may be completed with allium denticles. It is the combination of a real bomb that would destroy the explosive wave of body fat. You can also add the ginger tea different herbs, spices, and juice of citrus fruit.


  • 60 g of leaves of mint;
  • 70 ml of свежеотжатого of lemon juice;
  • a pinch of cardamom;
  • 4-5 cm of ginger root;
  • 1 ст. of filtered water;
  • 50 ml of свежеотжатого the orange juice.

Preparation and application:

  1. Immediately ulcus water.
  2. Bullets leaves carefully wash.
  3. Cóntere mint leaves with the help of a blender until the consistency of кашицы.
  4. In the same way we do with cleaned имбирным the root.
  5. This mass by adding a pinch of cardamom, and pour all the boiling water.
  6. Excites and insist in a closed container for about half an hour.
  7. However, from lemon and orange exprimendum certain amount of juice.
  8. After half an hour contentionem drink.
  9. Add the ginger tea recenter, citric juices, misce usque.
  10. Take the drink needs in the cold.

Note! Very effective for slimming is considered to be a closet of juice. To get rid of excess weight, every day, should be consumed 1 ст. such a medicinal drink during the month. Experts assert that, for these objectives is only suitable for the fresh juice, period of validity, which is a day.