Folk remedies for weight loss

Since ancient times, people use folk remedies for getting rid of diseases, maintenance of health, well-being. Popular all sorts of recipes and when a woman is looking for a way to lose weight. This problem will help to cope with the special drink, balanced, or long fasting, bathing. Folk remedies for weight loss will help to make the process of losing excess weight is simple and effective. Using effective recipe, she will be able to quickly achieve results.


What to drink for weight loss?

Many girls know that regular drinking water – the Foundation of any diet and one of the main principles of a healthy diet. Every day you need to nourish your body clean, filtered water – at least half a litre per day. This will help to remove toxins, cleanse the intestine, accelerate the metabolic processes will produce a diuretic effect, reduce appetite. But not only the usual fluid promotes weight loss. There are special drinks that make the process faster, helping in the fight against kilograms. What to drink a folk remedy for weight loss?

Birch juice. The popularity of this folk remedy because of its unusual taste and beneficial properties. People have long been mined in the spring, the juice of birch trees, because this tree's roots go so deeply that they do not absorb harmful substances from the soil, which is closer to the surface. Need to drink the juice immediately upon harvest, after several days of storage of birch liquid becomes harmful. In the day you should drink one big spoon, the duration of the month. This folk remedy will accelerate the metabolism.

Oatmeal cereal jelly. Oats helps the body to remove toxins, than improves the condition of skin, nails, hair, also helps with the renewal of blood cells. Cleansing of the stomach and intestines with the help of this folk remedy helps with weight loss. Besides, oatmeal contains many vitamins, particularly necessary when dieting. How to prepare: mix in a bowl a handful of oatmeal, prunes, beets grated. Pour two liters of boiling water, boil a quarter of an hour. A glass of jelly (or more) drink before going to sleep for an hour. Check out other recipes of how to cook oatmeal smoothie.

Tincture from bark of buckthorn. Buckthorn is a natural cleaner of the body, has a laxative effect, which promotes rapid removal of feces, a peristalsis of the large intestine when it is received enhanced. A big plus of the use of this decoction is that a folk remedy for quick weight loss with no negative effects on the mucous membranes of the internal organs. A teaspoon of bark pour 150 ml of boiling water, leave for about half an hour. Drink the infusion before bedtime for months.

Infusion with leaves of cherry and lime. This broth promotes weight loss, helps to cleanse the body. To prepare this remedy, take one part of common St. John's wort, milk Thistle, cherry leaves, and two parts of lime flowers. Tablespoon of the mixture pour 250 ml boiling water, leave overnight. It is recommended to collect folk remedies half an hour after meals (thrice a day) for one third of the glass. If Supplement tincture, it will have more and laxative effect.


Effective folk recipes for weight loss

The use of traditional recipes in daily life will help the fair sex to quickly achieve results in losing weight. A girl can try diet using only natural components, or to combine a proper diet with some medium – drinks or food. Do not forget about the moderate physical activities that will help the body rather to look fit and attractive. Below you can read the recipes of folk remedies, promoting effective weight loss.

Means for burning belly fat

The fat that appears on the abdomen is a problem for many women. This is especially true for owners of an Apple shape. Their body is so constituted that the extra weight primarily around the waist. To get rid of several centimeters in the abdomen will help special recipes that help to speed up the metabolism, fill the body with vitamins, to remove toxins and harmful substances that can restore normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. What should take a folk remedy for quick weight loss?

Buckwheat. Grits will help any girl to get rid of belly fat if diet with the use of this useful product. Due to the inclusion in the diet of buckwheat is improve metabolism, cleansing the body of toxins, it becomes much better the General condition of skin, hair. Diet involves the use of only buckwheat in unlimited quantities. How to cook buckwheat: at night, pour a glass of purified grains with boiling water. The next day, eat in small portions. Some recommendations to the people's remedy:

  • During this diet you cannot eat fatty, salty, fried. To give it cost and spices. Sugar is also necessarily excluded.
  • You need every day to drink plenty of pure water, it is advisable to give up tea, coffee is necessary.
  • The last time you can eat a few hours before bedtime.

People's diet. This method of weight loss includes only natural products that promote weight loss. Food should not be subjected to serious heat treatment. The diet should be supplemented with such fruits as pineapple, blueberries, grapefruit. Will help to lose weight daily consumption of ginger tea. Every day you need to Supplement the diet in carbohydrates which can be obtained from cereals: brown rice, oatmeal, rye bread. As protein foods suitable fish, meat steamed, boiled eggs.


Diuretics for weight loss

Often the weight gain happens because of excessive fluid accumulation in the body. This effect sometimes accompanies people with kidney, cardiovascular diseases. It should be noted that healthy people taking diuretics need in limited quantities, so as not to lose water necessary for the normal functioning of the body and not to disturb the balance of substances. Reception folk remedies, with diuretic, may occur a few days per week or every day for a short period of time. What natural diuretics help weight loss?

Tincture of fennel, parsley and chamomile. A mixture of these herbs according to a traditional recipe, helps to quickly bring the liquid but to make this folk remedy you need to carefully. In any case can not arbitrarily increase the dosage, it can have a negative impact on the body. Mix a tablespoon of dry parsley and chamomile flowers, add two S. L. chopped dill. One tablespoon of brew Cup of boiling water in a thermos and let stand until morning. Take day half an hour after eating. To wash down a meal with a drink is impossible.

Green tea. It is known that a good green tea strengthens blood vessels, improves mood and overall beneficial effect on the human body. To get a slimming effect with this drink, you need a day to drink several cups of this tea. It should be noted that the temperature of brewing should not exceed eighty-five degrees, otherwise the beneficial effects will be less. Folk remedy helps the rapid removal of fluid, fat burning. Drinking green tea is necessary for ten to twenty minutes before meals.

Apples with pumpkin and raisins. This useful mixture for weight loss helps relieve puffiness, removes toxins, helps to reduce harmful cholesterol in the body. To prepare a proven remedy for quick weight loss, you will need a kilogram of pumpkin, some raisins and three sour Apple. Products are thoroughly washed, then pumpkin with apples crushed. Ready folk remedy added some raisins. This mixture should be taken before meals in the amount of three tablespoons.

A cocktail of cucumber and celery. These two products are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, plus they promote the excretion of urine from the body. To prepare a folk remedy, slimming you will need one cucumber, three medium pods celery. All the ingredients should be carefully ground using a blender, mix a thick mixture of pure, filtered water, and then take half a Cup four times a day.


Ways to lose weight at home

The liver conditions can occur due to a combination of good nutrition, moderate physical activity. Definitely daily consumption of large amounts of fluid. Folk remedies to help lose weight, not just limited to recipes. Help in getting rid of excess weight special baths using a variety of herbs. What girl can accept them?

Bath mat’-i-machehoi. This helpful folk remedy to help a girl get rid of skin problems, to remove toxins, improve the condition of the pores, cleanse the sebaceous glands from excess fat. If desired, the fairer sex can add to a bath is a bit of calendula for a more effective weight loss.

A mixture of psyllium, oregano, birch leaves. Adding these herbs to the bath will allow the body to more efficiently withdraw the liquid, in addition, they improve the condition of skin, hair. Before using this folk remedy you need to first consult with a physician or independently checked for allergies.

Effective folk remedies will serve as the fasting days, during which allowed to use only one product. This can be a beverage, fruit or vegetable. Examples of diets with products that help to achieve tangible results in losing weight:

  1. Yogurt. A day you need to drink about one and a half liters through the same gaps. Total should have six receptions.
  2. Cheese. Allowed to eat four hundred grams of product, divided into four doses. The percentage of fat should be minimal.
  3. The prunes. 500 grams of product to soften in water, then consume one hundred grams equal intervals of time.
  4. Cucumber. Buy a kilo two hundred grams of cucumbers, eat throughout the day. It is advisable to consume six servings. Diet can be supplemented with a small amount of boiled meat in the evening.


Diet for quick weight loss in menopause

The suspension of the menstrual cycle is an unpleasant period in a woman's life, which is often accompanied by severe weight gain. This is due to a slow metabolism, with a decrease in the active work of the ovaries. Recommendations:

  1. Folk remedies described above will help the fair sex in losing weight, strengthen the body.
  2. When planning a diet for menopause, you need to consider all the principles of healthy eating. For weight loss need to give up fatty, sweet, salty.
  3. Periodically, the woman can include in the diet of different people's funds – for example, healthy drinks.
  4. Combine proper nutrition is necessary with exercise, even a small or diet and folk remedies will have no effect. Harmony will promote a daily morning exercise for weight loss, trips to the pool, frequent walks. In addition, it is important to keep a positive attitude, to believe in themselves.
  5. Women during menopause can resort to folk remedies, which do not relate to food – for example, to prepare a special bath or visit a sauna, if health permits.

Folk remedies are ideal as an additional aid in weight loss. During their use of the woman necessarily should take care of yourself: eat right, do exercise and strengthen the body. Natural folk remedies will help you feel better, faster to achieve the desired weight loss, will provide vitamin support to the body of the fair sex.