Berries goji for weight loss: take, and how effective, comments from doctors and real people

Berries goji interesting and mysterious product, a popular tool for weight loss, giving discouraged results. Is that true? As you can take them for weight loss and if it is possible to lose weight, and integrating them into your daily diet?

What is berries goji


In China, the plant goji (or goji) takes the name of Ningxia goji. The fruit goji is often called cleft palate berry, although the "true" berry they have no relationship.

Goji is native in northern and central areas of China, Mongolia, Tibet and, most recently, grown in the region of the far east of our country. In the homeland of berries have been traditionally used in folk medicine and cuisine as a seasoning and for decoration of dishes.

As the medicine sun-dried berries use against colds, stimulating and toning tool. Goji helps improve vision, enhance libido, reduce the cholesterol level, normalize blood pressure, improve digestion, the work of the liver, to normalize the quality of sleep and strengthen the immune system.

Berries goji is a true treasure of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed to man.

The mechanism of weight loss


Berries goji, according to the advertising, contribute to rapid weight loss. However, this is not so: the fruit does not burn the extra pounds directly, but, effectively, struggling with two major problems that it helps to control the appetite and feed the energy.

Appetite control

Many products, especially those with a high content of sugar and pastries, which are rich in calories, but do not have enough nutritional value. Its consumption causes the body immediately turns them into glucose. The level of sugar in the blood rises, and the pancreas produces a large amount of insulin in response. Very quickly, the body begins to require more food, because the insulin is designed in abundance, and the level of glucose already recovered.

The rate of conversion of food into sugar is called the glycemic index (GI), which is assigned to each product. That this index is smaller, the slower will be the our body converts some food and the time that comes the sensation of hunger. GUY of glucose is of 100 berries goji — only 29 (for comparison, apple — 38, watermelon — 72).

The content of dietary fibres, which support the normal level of sugar in the blood, the goji is 21%. In addition, the berries are a source of chromium, a facilitator to maintain the muscle mass and speeds the metabolism.

The energy of the food

The nutrients, such as thiamine, L-glutamine, L-arginine, potassium and calcium, contained in large quantity in these exotic fruits, that help transform food into energy and prevent the buildup of inventory in the form of fat. In addition, they improve the thyroid gland, of the pituitary gland, normalizing the production of hormones, strengthens bones and muscles, and contribute to the reduction of the levels of fat in the body.

Transforming the food in clean energy, goji cover the body with strength and endurance: the man becomes more mobile, active, capable of constant and intense physical effort, which, invariably, leads to a rapid reduction of excess weight and acquiring a nice body.

Health benefits for children

Berries goji is recommended for use on babies, because they have essential properties:

  • help strengthen the immune system of the child;
  • contribute to the development of the muscular system;
  • help strengthen the bones;
  • improve working of the digestive system;
  • provide a source of energy.

Goji can be used to normalize the weight of the child, if there is such a need. As well as for the adults, the your include the normal diet as a snack, but recommended for children and amount. On the daily rate of berries ahead.

The feedback from the doctors

Goji are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals, contribute to slow down the aging process. They also help to improve the state and help the work of the internal organs, speed up the metabolism. The professor and Functional, dietician-endocrinologist
Berries goji are really a product with a high content of vitamin. This is why they should be eaten with care, a little bit. They can be a good nutritional support for those who wish to lose weight, but only in conjunction with the sport and the exercises and the diet. The doctor-nutritionist
The use of berries of goji, with the goal of weight loss — it is nothing like the invention of marketing. At the time did not conduct any clinical experiments to prove that the product helped them lose weight. Was not yet invented anything better for the sport and proper nutrition. The practitioner nutritionist Е. Зуева

Contraindications and damage


In the use of the berries of the goji in a food, there are a number of strict contraindications:

  • high temperature and febrile illness;
  • receive oral anticoagulants;
  • idiosyncrasy;
  • the period of gestation and lactation;
  • disturbances of the function GI (when the intake of alcohol tinctures);
  • children up to 5 years;
  • diarrhea;
  • flatulence.

It is not recommended to exceed a dose of fruits: the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients усвоится exactly in the quantity that you want to the body, all the rest can have a negative impact. In particular, the excess of selenium (a substance that is contained in a large number of goji) can have toxic effects on the liver, in violation of its normal operation.

Use unlimited berries can lead to sleep disturbances, insomnia, increased blood pressure, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

Substances contained in goji, they can strengthen or weaken the action of drugs against diabetes and medications to normalize blood pressure, therefore, before connecting to their diet of berries, you should consult your doctor.

The berries dried: normal daily

Goji is very nutritious, and your daily drink, you need to limit yourself. For adults the enough 10-30 g of berries per day (which is 2 ст. л. or 36-50 шт.). In such a quantity of berries contains more vitamin c than, for example, of orange, more iron than meat, and more carotene than carrots. Park standard (for children older than 5 years of age) is 5 g per day (14 to 18 шт.).

Dried berries of goji, it is recommended to consume between as a snack — second breakfast or snack, dividing the day back to normal in 2 times. When used in adults observed sleep disturbances, day rate reduce by half and try to eat the berries in the first half of the day. When insomnia in children, it is recommended to remove goji to the diet.

The decoction and tea: how to drink properly


Of the berries of goji you can prepare a delicious tea in the proportion of: 0,5 liter of boiling water 1 ст. л. berries goji (if brewing in a cup — 5-6 berries), insist on half an hour. Consume the drink during the day, divided into 2-3 reception.

The juice of goji is thus prepared: in 350 ml of water 1 ст. л. berries, boil in low heat for 20 minutes, then to insist 60 minutes. Consume within 3 day of receipt.

Other ways and recipes


How to use as a basis of alcohol tinctures

Of the berries of goji can cook спиртовую dye. For this, it is necessary to 200 ml of vodka add 1 ст. л. the dried berries. Insist on a period of 2 weeks in a dark place, and then take 75 drops 3 times a day.

The addition of goji in ready meals: the proportion and tips

Dry, as well as the berries after brewing tea or you can prepare the broth, you can add yogurt, porridge, cakes, or figure calculation 10-12 berries in a serving (for children of 5 to 6 pieces). The usual dish acquire unusual taste and will be a source of vitamins.


Smoothie for a quick snack

Unusual smoothies can be prepared from 1 ст. л. goji, 200 ml of yogurt, half an apple and a kiwi. All the ingredients, grind in a blender until the state of the cereals. Delicious candy finish.

Air filter for the dessert

Light, air dessert with goji is thus prepared: 10 berries of goji mix in a blender with half a cup of low-fat yogurt, 100 g of cottage cheese and half an apple. Low calorie dessert and smoothies are excellent options for a snack, respecting the diet.


Elena Малышева about berries goji

Today, the internet simply "full of" offers to reveal the secret of a diet based on intake of berries of goji. Photos of the "before" and with an impressive result of the "after" show the action of the product.

Elena Васильевна, nutritionist, and doctor in medical sciences, in one of his television programs dedicated to the health of the liver, talking about the useful properties of berries goji. The uniqueness of the product is that the goji contribute to the elimination of fat from the body, the saturation of its vitamins and nutrients. The result of the abuse of berries is to improve the functions of liver, the total treatment and strengthening of the body.

The diet, on the which indicated Е. Малышева provided on the official website of the doctor, is based on a healthy diet, with the intake of sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals and other substances needed in the human body. Berries goji are considered here as part of a daily diet, useful vitamin product, allowing you to remove the excess fat and weight reduction is achieved through a combination of diet and moderate physical activity.

The Diet Dukan

Its popularity berries of goji are obliged to know Pierre, who described a special diet, which includes several steps. Goji allows you to compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals, prevents the deterioration of hair, skin and nails. In the first phase, it is allowed to use broth or tea of the fruit. In a drink, you can add a piece of lime, lemon, mint leaves or diet sweetener. The second can be consumed dry goji in the days of carb intake.