As it seems, a diet to lose weight in the belly and on the sides

Flat stomach — the one I dream of # 1, many of the fair sex. Therefore, a diet to lose weight in the belly and on the sides, for women, the menu for the week and it is one of the most popular problems. There are plenty of diets that promise fast results. But, unfortunately, not all of the diet for the belly, and on the side it brings up the expected result. Most of the attention, you will be presented with the most powerful meal plans to lose weight for the data in problem areas, the effectiveness of which, in and of itself has already proven itself for more than a hundred women.

The general characteristics and rules of a diet to shrink the stomach and on the sides

diet for weight loss

Before you begin the process of losing weight it is necessary to be clear about what is in the diet, in order to remove the fat from the stomach and the mouth. As they say, the nutritionists, the weight loss process in the background of the energy is due to the exclusion from the diet of products, and to promote the formation of fat under the skin.

Build up the power for weight loss is required, based on the following:

  • fresh fruits, vegetables, and fruits;
  • grains, and nuts;
  • the egg of the hen;
  • the lean of the milk and milk products;
  • the fruits of the sea.
  • lean meats (beef, veal, lamb, chicken, turkey, and rabbit);
  • vegetable oils, such as olive oil and linseed oil.

As a general rule, the construction of an eating plan based on the recommendations of the product, then you can play with up to 3 kilograms in a 7 days, and without a lot of stress on the body.

What products are you deleting? Here is the list:

  • cake;
  • sweet;
  • smoke;
  • fatty foods;
  • smoke;
  • fast food;
  • food and fast food;
  • the alcohol consumption.

To the weight loss process has been successful, you should learn a framework of how to feed themselves, in order to remove the fat from the stomach and the mouth. The principle of the diet is a small meal. Therefore, you should eat smaller portions, but a lot of the time. The length of time between meals should be 2-3 hours. It is important to remember that hungry, you can't, no way. If your body is not going to get all of the nutrients it needs, it will begin to store fat in the weight loss process, is halted.

In addition to the weight loss process more efficient, it will need to comply with the second principle: the food should be varied. It's not worth to turn a week of the diet, mono-diet, as this could lead to a shutdown of the weight. The recommended every day to enter into the plan of meal of new dishes, and it is not repeated. This will not only help you start the process of weight loss, but also for the sake of pleasing you exactly what's healthy.

It is also important to keep the sequence of the input and output of the diet. To start with the diet, it was not a great deal of stress to the body that it needs to begin to gradually to eliminate from the diet products is prohibited, and the introduction of the necessary. At the end of the diet, in order to secure the desired result, and not to gain extra kilos, nutritionists recommend that you build your daily ration on the basis of the recommended products is at least 50-to 60-percent, or to start practicing a healthy diet.

The diet of the chinese for the weight loss in the belly and on the sides

One of the most popular and most effective diets in order to remove the fat from the belly and to the side is a miniature version of the "international" requirements. This power supply allows you to remove the excess inches from the waist, and then reset of 5 to 10 kg. The chinese diet is calculated for 2 weeks. However, as you say, a nutritionist, in order to be able to go out with the insurance companies and the fixing of the result, you will have to continue to eat according to this principle, more than 1 week.

Effective diet for weight loss in the belly and the sides of the "a" is as follows:


  • breakfast: salad from fresh cabbage — 150 g one cup of liquid, or a bottled water;
  • snack: walnuts — 250 g
  • lunch: cooked rice — 1 cup salad-shredded carrots — 150 g herbs;
  • dinner: corn, cooked fish, 200 grams of vegetables cut 150 grams, a cup of yogurt.


  • breakfast: salad of shredded carrots — 150 grams of toasted the whole grain bread, low-fat, ser — 1 PCs., coffee, without milk or sugar;
  • afternoon snack: fresh fruit — 1 cup;
  • lunch: vegetable broth — 1 plate; freebie — 1 Pc., apple juice;
  • dinner: rice — 100 g of uva — 1 Pc., herbal tea or a glass of water.


  • breakfast: oatmeal — 1 cup; fresh fruit salad — 150 g of orange juice;
  • snack: a toast of whole-wheat bread with low-fat cheese;
  • lunch: asparagus, corn, cooked — 250 g salad of pickled cabbage — 150 g of rice, a top-of — the 3-PCs., tea, herbal;
  • dinner: a stew with mushrooms — 250 g potatoes — 1 Pc., yogurt-low-fat — 250 ml.

As part of the exhibition

  • breakfast: oatmeal with dried fruits — 1 cup banana — 1 Pc., coffee-without-cream-of-milk-and sugar;
  • afternoon snack: fresh fruit salad — 150 g;
  • lunch: chicken broth — 1 side dish, corn, cooked asparagus — 300 g / l of the liquid or mineral water — 1 glass;
  • dinner: corn, cooked fish, and 200 g of potato in a uniform — 2 PCs., the herbs in the tea.


  • breakfast: boiled rice — 250 g kefir or yoghurt — 250 ml
  • lunch: zoo biscuits — 100 g.
  • lunch: salad with kale, collard greens, sea and 250 g of the herbal time of day;
  • dinner: cut the vegetables up with the chicken — 250 g of rice, pieces — 2 PCs., clean or mineral water — 1 St.


  • breakfast: whole grain cereal — 1 cup apple juice — 250 ml
  • afternoon snack: fresh fruit — 1 cup;
  • lunch: baked turkey breast — 250 g), salad of vegetables and 150 grams of herb for a tea;
  • dinner: corn, cooked fish 200 g, a toast with low-fat cheese, yogurt — 250 ml.
menu for weight loss


  • breakfast: a salad of pear and kiwi fruit — 250 g of coffee without cream and sugar,
  • afternoon snack: fresh fruit — 1 cup;
  • lunch: brown rice with vegetables — 250 g still mineral water — 250 ml
  • dinner: stew of fish, 250 g; salad of kale, collard greens, navy — 150 grams of herbs for a tea.

In the second week of the simple diet to lose weight in the belly and on the sides it would have been the reverse. So, with a week of the diet, you should get a menu of the resurrection, and the end of the following Monday. In the third week, you should gradually increase the size of the portions, and bring the family for lunch. However, the food is greasy, cold porcelain, highly caloric sweets for some time, you should still refrain from it.

The diet of the week is great to reduce the belly and on the sides

In the case where the need to quickly move a shape in an order of the family, perhaps each and every beforeStavicennia of the fair sex. How do you remove the fat from the belly, and the mouth is in the house for a short period of time, it is interesting to all the girls who want to get a wasp waist in the quickest time possible. The solution to this situation can be the fast diet to lose weight in the belly and on the sides, which are estimated at up to 7 days.

One of the most popular diets that helps clean the mouth and the stomach, and this is the diet, and intertwined. In the context of this plan, from the food to the menu, you should be saying to each other. On the third day, it is recommended to do a day of fasting, on the basis of non-fatty kefir or yogurt. According to the representatives of the fair sex, who are practicing this type of diet, but this eating plan you can lose up to 5 inches in the waist, and up to 2 to 3 kg in a week.

Diet Menu for the week is as follows:

Day 1:

  • breakfast: vegetable-crop, low-fat cheese — 250 g-coffee;
  • lunch: goat's cheese — 100 g;
  • lunch: salad with vegetables — 250 g boiled chicken fillet-100 g of orange juice;
  • snack: dried fruit and nuts — 250 g;
  • dinner: vegetable cutting 250 g of herb.

Day 2:

  • breakfast: one hard-boiled egg - 1 Pc., rice krispies — 2 PCs., cafe
  • lunch: a yoghurt;
  • lunch: vegetable broth, corn, cooked of fish, 250 g apple juice;
  • snacks: fruits, cut - to 150-g.
  • dinner: baked beans — 75 g of wheat, boiled meat, 150 grams orange — 1 Pc., the kefir.

However, it is important to remember that in the weeks of the diet, is effective only when a little extra weight. In the case of a large amount of fat under the skin, it is recommended that you use the most of such a long and serious correction of the diet.

A diet to lose weight in the stomach and on the side of the universal need of the want of a way to do this without a lot of work, and the damage to your health. The fulfillment of the plans presented to the diet can help you to easily get rid of the fat on the belly and on the sides, and to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time. He loves her, and constantly evolving.